All You Need to Know About StreamFab VS AnyStream

| Published on Dec 20, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Let’s see who wins the StreamFab VS AnyStream battle for downloading supremacy! Is it StreamFab all-in-one or its alternatives? Read this article to learn more.
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All You Need to Know About StreamFab VS AnyStream
5 Minutes Reading
Let’s see who wins the StreamFab VS AnyStream battle for downloading supremacy! Is it StreamFab all-in-one or its alternatives? Read this article to learn more.

There are many streaming downloaders available with StreamFab and AnyStream being one of the best to download media content, but which one should you choose?

Why should you choose StreamFab all-in-one? Or is best StreamFab alternative, AnyStream? Worry not, as today we are putting them against each other and see which of StreamFab VS Anystream comes out on top.

StreamFab VS Anystream

We will do this by mentioning the features, pros and cons of each media downloader, and then make a detailed comparison to give you a clear picture which one you should opt. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Brief Intro to StreamFab and AnyStream

Before taking StreamFab VS AnyStream out against each other, let's go over what each service is best known for and the best features. Let's begin with StreamFab all-in-one first.

What is StreamFab Downloader?

StreamFab all-in-one is one of the most comprehensive online downloading tools that can swiftly download your favorite media in MP4 format for offline viewing on any device. It is not for a few streaming services like Amazon Plus or Netflix but can download media from more than 1,000 websites.

Now you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issues that arise due to geo location with any platform. Let's look at the best features of StreamFab all-in-one.

StreamFab Downloader

StreamFab Features

  • Download all your media in 1080p quality and the videos downloaded at blazing-fast speeds.
  • The Streamfab all-in-one tool subtitle files along with the video and movies through both paid and free versions.
  • You can easily preselect the SRT file language and audio. It supports many languages such as German, English, Chinese, Japanese, and French.
  • Can save meta information for later use and allows batch download
  • Top-of-the-line OTT solutions and now supporting 8k quality.
  • 100+ million app downloads and more than 80+ million users around the world.
  • Huge updates each year, which was 50+ this year alone.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, 100% safe to use, and best tech support free of cost.

StreamFab All-in-One Pros

  • The best thing about StreamFab is that for all media you download, the ads will be deleted automatically.
  • You can choose a season you want to binge, and Streamfab all-in-one allows you to download all of its episode together in a batch.
  • You can save the meta info of all the media you want to download, and after you are done selecting, just press download and all will be downloaded in a batch.
  • StreamFab has multiple pricing models for different regions.

StreamFab All-in-one Cons

  • Has a problem working with IDM
  • Pricing can be confusing for new users

What are the Platforms Supported by StreamFab Downloader?

It supports the most popular streaming websites such as Netflix, HBO, etc., and any other media-playing website as it covers 10,000 websites from where it can download videos and movies.

What Do You Use StreamFab Downloader for?

It depends on your preferences, but it supports most media like music, videos, shows, and movies for offline viewing. So, choose which one you enjoy the most and download away.

Are There any Tutorials and Guides for StreamFab?

Yes, it supports blogs and YouTube videos that clearly explain how to use this tool to download the best video content.

Is There any StreamFab API Available?

Yes, there is you can contact their sales team to learn more about using this API to download online video content and add it to your website or tool.

Are There Any Download Restrictions in StreamFab?

In the previous versions of StreamFab, users abused the trial version to download a massive amount of content which caused the team to add download restrictions. Now you can only download max first-time downloads of 10 for the whole 21 trial days. 

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What is AnyStream?

AnyStream is also a downloading tool that allows you to download your favorite shows that you can watch later at your leisure or when you are out of your home.


With AnyStream, you can also download all the expired content from streaming websites. It enables you to download in MP4 unprotected so you can watch on any device from websites like Netflix, HBO, Disney plus, and so many more supported.

With the recent update they have added Video conversion tool that can further enhance your projects as you can easily convert files to any format your device supports. Furthermore, now you can select preemptively the streaming languages, so you don’t have to go through each setting every time you want to select a video. The best thing is that you can do all that with support for Dolby Surround Sound.

AnyStream Features 

  • Easy to navigate UI and interface for a Browser-based interface that is easy to use and navigate.
  • Support for embedded text and images allows perfect functionality when using SRT and TTML formats.
  • You can control your download speed so other things can function properly.
  • You can download up to 1080p HD quality easily on multiple devices without Ads which are removed automatically when downloading.
  • Adding movies and entire seasons in the download queue is also possible in the plus version of this StreamFab alternative and you can batch download in AnyStream Plus.

Anystream Pros

  • More streaming services are added regularly
  • Excellent ad removal tool that removes all the boring ads from platforms such as Twitch

Anystream Cons

  • A lot of great features, such as batch download, are only available in the paid version

Is My Login Info Secure When Using AnyStream?

All the information and credentials are shared with servers in an encrypted channel, so there is no chance of leaking information.

What Algorithm Does AnyStream Use to Secure Login Information?

Using one way SHA-512 algorithm, the users' login information is encrypted as it protects itself by using 256-bit collision resistance. This makes communication unbreakable.

Can AnyStream Read or Intercept My Information, Even if Encrypted?

No, it cannot read any such or other information, and that's why AnyStream prides itself on supporting privacy.

You can visit the page to learn how to download AnyStream Hulu videos for more information.

StreamFab VS AnyStream: A Comprehensive Comparison

Now that you know a lot about both StreamFab VS Anystream, let's see how they fare.

Supported Platforms – While both the StreamFab VS. AnyStream support a lot of streaming platforms, StreamFab all-in-one can download media from over 1,000 websites, which is a massive plus over AnyStream.

Quality and Resolutions – AnyStream can download in many different qualities and resolutions, which isn't as much supported in StreamFab.

Video Converter – AnyStream has an inbuilt video converter, but StreamFab only supports MP4.

Batch Downloader – AnyStream has a batch downloader in the premium sub, but StreamFab gives you that for free.

Supported Addons – Both still don’t support the Xfinity and Vudu add-ons, among many others.

Favorites Feature – Both don't come with a favorite sub-feature, but only AnyStream can download automatically when a new episode arrives.

Queue Feature – While StreamFab has queuing feature when downloading, AnyStream still doesn’t have that.

Streaming – Both the service in battle, StreamFab VS. AnyStream, don't have the option of streaming media.

Downloading Limits – StreamFab allows for only 50 modules per day, while AnyStream allows for tokens across services

OS – StreamFab has a separate subscription for Windows and Mac, meaning you have to buy on both. This isn’t the case with AnyStream.

Pricing – AnyStream has only three payment models, while StreamFab has so many that new users can't discern which one to buy

StreamFab Alternative: KeepStreams Downloader

KeepStreams Video Downloader is the ultimate downloader to download streaming videos. With the help of KeepStreams, you can download content from Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, etc. It is the best StreamFab alternative on the market. You can download movies, social media content, shows, TV dramas, and all the Anime you can watch.

KeepStreams Video Downloader
Keep Your Netflix Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with KeepStreams in 1080p.
Learn More

We know you have read this article about StreamFab VS Anystream but is StreamFab all-in-one and AnyStream worth it? Let’s find out why KeepStreams Video Downloader is one of the best.

  • Supports most of the OTT Platforms and many streaming services
  • Best place for watching movies and shows from Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu, Twitch TV, and many more
  • No need to get into the discussion of StreamFab VS Anystream as this service has it all and is the best StreamFab alternative out there
  • The OTT service makes the process of downloading your favorite content the best download experience
  • Watch your favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere with support for most streaming TV services.
  • KeepStreams is the best place to watch Anime from the fantastic support for FUNimation and Crunchyroll services


In this article, you learned about the purpose of StreamFab VS Anystream and why these two apps are that good. We discussed the pros and cons of StreamFab all-in-one and the best StreamFab alternative, AnyStream. In the end, we compared these two apps and explained why KeepStreams is so good.

Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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