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Tunepat Apple Music Converter

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Updated on Feb 16, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
A popular and widely looked ahead music streaming service, Apple Music has been an excellent service for almost every type of entertainment requirement that you may have.

A popular and widely looked ahead music streaming service, Apple Music has been an excellent service for almost every type of entertainment requirement that you may have. The massive subscriber base enjoyed by the service provider makes it one of the most unique and exciting streaming services by almost every count. But are you looking to download the content from Apple Music to preserve it for eternity? The TunePat Apple Music Converter is perhaps one of the best options that you would find quite unique in almost every way.

TunePat Apple Music Converter – Your best bet for downloading Apple music content

One of the professional-grade Apple Music downloaders, the TunePat Apple Music Converter should be your best option for almost all your expectations in getting access to an enhanced experience in terms of high-end Apple Music download requirements.

The software is specifically designed for providing you access to an option to record tracks from Apple Music and convert the titles into any of the standard formats that you may be looking ahead to for offline playback. Once the tracks have been downloaded, they can be played on your MP3 player or even used to burn on a CD. You will also be able to share them with your friends irrespective of whether they are using Apple Music or not.

Some of the prime features that we found extremely useful and practical on the TunePat Apple Music Converter would include

  • Support for host audio formats:

The downloader cum converter does support a wide range of output formats that would include MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. This will make it quite simple and easy to play your titles on any of the compatible devices with ease.

  • Maintains the original audio quality:

The downloader does not deteriorate the audio quality of the downloaded titles. You can be assured of retaining the original quality of the music.

  • You can retain the ID3 tags:

Yet another great option that you would find exciting can be that the ID3 tags and other metadata information of the titles are retained at the time of the downloading and converting your music files. You will get all your metadata details such as Title, Artist Name, Date, Disc Number, and more intact.

  • A faster download capability:

The downloader provides you access to a significantly faster download capability. You can get your downloads at a 10x faster speed. That can be a truly great option to help you save enough time in downloading your favorite videos.

  • Updates and technical support:

The downloader is known for the prompt and frequent updates that tend to be free. In addition, you can also be assured of prompt technical support just in case you happen to run into any issues.

A few Pros and Cons of the Software

Some of the Pros and Cons of the TunePat Apple Music Converter can be summarised as here below.


  • Convert your titles to a wide range of audio formats.
  • Retains the ID3 tags and audio quality
  • A faster download and conversion speed
  • No need to install Apple Music for downloading


  • Download quality is limited to 256 kbps

Do you have any other alternatives better than TunePat Apple Music Converter?

While Tunepat Apple Music converter is known to have a wide range of advanced options and features, it may be noticed that it comes with its own limitations and shortcomings. If you are dealing with multiple music streaming services, you will need to download separate downloaders cum converters for each of the streaming services.

In such a scenario, using a software that can offer all the streaming services – whether audio or video – can be one of the most unique and exciting options in the long run. KeepStreams Downloader definitely doubles up as one of the most unique and excellent streaming services from this context.

Keepstreams Downloader - A Great Alternative to Tunepat Apple Music Converter

A few of the great features that would make the KeepStreams downloader a formidable choice for your Apple Music downloads can be summarised as

  • Support for all services in one tool:

With KeepStreams, you do not need to download individual tools for each of the streaming services that you use. The downloader supports all the streaming services that you can think of in one software. The downloader supports Amazon Prime Music, Hulu, Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify and many other streaming services. This is in sharp contrast to Tunepat, wherein you need to download separate tools for each of the streaming services.

  • High-quality video resolution in your downloads:

KeepStreams video downloader lets you download your videos in a high-quality video resolution. This will let you download your videos in 720p and 108op if you are interested in downloading the videos.

  • Batch download options:

The batch or bulk download capability can be a blessing in disguise as you would be able to download multiple audio or video titles in one go. This can be helpful in saving your time spent in marking each of the titles and then downloading them.

  • Multiple audio tracks:

The audio resolution plays a major role in the quality of your audio or music downloads. The KeepStreams Downloader supports EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 sound channels that make it relatively easy to get the best possible audio experience ever.

  • High-speed downloads:

The lightning speed employed in your downloads should be yet another great feature that you would find quite impressive. Your downloads should be done within minutes.

  • MP4 download options:

If you are into videos, the MP4 download capability should be what would make it a truly pleasurable experience to download your videos. This would ensure that you will be able to play your videos on any platform or device, thanks to the universal compatibility offered by the MP4 file format.

  • The built-in browser:

The built-in browser on the software is one of the most unique options that you would find quite impressive and unique in every right. You do not need to leave the software for any of your tasks that include browsing, watching or downloading your videos or audio titles. All the tasks can be completed from within the built-in browser.

The highly advanced features, the ease of use and an exceptional download quality should be a few features that would make it one of the most unique and exciting options by almost every count. It definitely is the best alternative to the TunePat Apple Music converter with a host of advanced features.

The Concluding Thoughts

Apple Music is definitely something that has redefined the music and entertainment. With more than 90 million songs in its kitty, it can be considered to be one of the most unique services ever that you can ever think of. Along with that, you would also find access to a wide range of 24 hour radio stations that would take your experience further ahead.

In case you have been looking to download the Apple Music titles for offline viewing, one of the prompt choices that would come to your mind may perhaps be the TunePat Apple Music converter. However, if you are looking for a more fulfilling and full-fledged experience in enjoying your titles and preserving them in a very high quality, KeepStreams downloader should definitely double up as one of the most unique and exciting choices that you would ever want to go with. The simple interface, a wide range of outstanding features and a high-quality download should definitely make it a genuinely forward looking software that has a promising future ahead.

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