Is Uniconverter free to use? Learn more about the differences between the free and paid versions!

| Published on Nov 04, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article describes the features of the free version of Uniconverter and how it differs from and replaces the paid version.

Uniconverter is a program that specializes in video changing and downloading.

It is available in two versions: a free version and a paid version.

What is the difference between the free version and the paid version?

What features are available in the free version of Uniconverter?

"Can I download videos from other video distribution services besides social networking sites?"

In this article, we will explain the features of the free version of Uniconverter, the differences between the paid version and the free version, and alternatives to the paid version.

Free Uniconverter Features

The following is a summary of the methods available in the free version of Uniconverter.

Functions available in the free version of Uniconverter

  • Video Download: When you download a video with the Uniconverter free version, you can download only one file at most.
  • Video Editing: You can use the "Edit Video" feature, but you can only save one-third of the edited video
  • VR conversion: If you convert a video to VR with Uniconverter free version, you can only convert one-third of the video.
  • Screen Recording: You can use the "Screen Recording" feature, but you can record up to one minute of your video.
  • Image Conversion: The converted video has a watermark.
  • GIF Maker & File Transfer: Up to 5 files can be processed
  • Player: Watch videos saved to your PC for free.

The free version of Uniconverter has many features, but there are some limitations that may make it inconvenient. If you want unlimited access to these features, you need to purchase the paid version. The following is a list of features that are completely unavailable in the free version of Uniconverter.

Features not available in the free version of Uniconverter

  • File Merging: The Uniconverter Trial version does not have the ability to merge two or more files.
  • DVD Burning: Uniconverter Trial Version is not able to burn videos to DVD.
  • Remove AI Watermark: Uniconverter Trial version removes transparency with AI technology.

Difference between Uniconverter Free Version and Paid Version

The above section summarizes the features that the free version of Uniconverter can and cannot use. Next, we will show you the differences between the free and paid versions of Uniconverter.

Please check the chart below.

Video Conversion


Free Version

Paid Version

Convert video to more than 1000 formats

Save 1/3 of converted videos

Complete preservation

Batch merge multiple files

Not available


VR conversion

1/3 of converted video can be saved

Complete preservation

Video Download


Free version

Paid Version

Download videos from 1000+ video sites like YouTube

Download only one video

Unlimited downloads

Download subtitles and thumbnails

Not available


Save Youtube videos to MP3 with one click

Not available


Download multiple tasks at once

Not available


Uniconverter paid version can download videos by url from SNS video sharing sites like YouTub, but cannot get video url from subscription-based distribution services like NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.

Video Editing


Free version

Paid version

Add subtitles such as .srt, .ass, .ssa to videos

Save 1/3 of edited video

Complete saving

Add watermark to video for property protection

Will be added

Will not be added

Screen Recording


Free version

Paid Version

Record Facetime and other videos

1 minute

No restrictions

Screen recordings of guides, tutorials, courses, etc.

1 minute only

No limit

DVD creation


Free Version

Paid Version

High quality burning to DVD/ISO in various formats

Not Available


Burn video to Blu-ray or DVD with high quality

Not available


These are the differences between the free and paid versions of Uniconverter in terms of video conversion, video downloading, video editing, screen recording, and DVD creation. What do you think? For your information, there are two price plans for the paid version of Uniconverter.

  • 1-year plan: 5,380 yen (including tax)
  • Permanent license: 8280 yen (including tax)

Introducing alternatives to Uniconverter

Uniconverter's download function allows you to download videos from social networking video sharing sites such as YouTube, but it does not allow you to download videos from subscription services such as NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.

Once you save videos from these subscription services, you must use Uniconverter's recording function.

However, since many video subscription services implement DRM (a technology that prevents unauthorized infringement of copyrights and other rights of digital content), the playback screen often turns black when you record a video.

Therefore, once you save videos from video distribution services such as NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Paravi, and U-NEXT, you need a way to remove DRM and save videos.

But does such software exist?

Here, we recommend KeepStreams Download er.

KeepStreams downloader can not only download videos from social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, insgram

NETFLIX, Disney+, Amazon Prime Bidde, Huhu, HBO MAX, and other subscription-based distribution services.

You can also download videos from free adult-oriented sites such as Pornhub, xnxx, MissAV, etc.

Or, KeepStreams Downloader can download videos in HD, Full HD, and 4K quality, and can store audio in 320 kbps audio quality.

KeepStreams downloader is the same as Uniconverter, with free and paid versions, but KeepStreams has a trial that allows you to download 3 videos. Moreover, it supports downloading any video, regardless of video streaming service, quality, or time.

KeepStreams is priced as follows

■Monthly plan: $19.99

Semi-annual plan:41.94$.

Annual plan: $59.9

Lifetime Plan: $139.9

Standard: $139.9 (available for 3 PCs)

Premium: $219.9 <Use with 5 PCs

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