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Enhance Your Prime Video Experience with KeepStreams!
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Y2Mate amazon downloader explains how to download videos from amazon prime

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Updated on Aug 07, 2023 | 3 Minutes Reading
this article explains the Y2Mate amazon downloader, how to download amazon prime video videos, and how to make cosmetic purchases one by one.

Streamfab Amazon Downloader is one of Streamfab's products, a downloader specialized in downloading videos from Amazon Prime. In this article, we will explain Streamfab Amazon Downloader one by one, how to download Amazon Prime Video videos, and also how to purchase it cost-effectively.

What is Streamfab Amazon Downloader?

Y2Mate developed Amazon Downloader to download videos from any Amazon website, including Amazon Japan, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, etc. If you are having trouble downloading Amazon Prime videos due to DRM limitations If you are suffering from this problem, we recommend Streamfab Amazon Downloader. You can easily get rid of DRM restrictions and download videos.

Advantages of Streamfab Amazon Downloader

Amazon Prime Video can be downloaded in both H.264 and H.265

Both H.264 and H.265 can be downloaded using the Streamfab Amazon Downloader. Both high quality audio formats EAC3 (5.1ch) and MP3 audio AAC2.0 can be saved with Streamfab.

Amazon Prime Video commercials are also removed.

In fact, downloading Amazon Prime Video with Streamfab Amazon Downloader allows you to skip the commercials; downloading Amazon Prime Video without commercials may help you avoid ad-blocking software and browser plug-ins! ...

Subtitles can be transferred in SRT format

Subtitle files with ".srt" extension are written in text format, which is currently the most common subtitle file format to save subtitles of Amazon Prime videos.

How to use Streamfab Amazon Downloader

STEP1 Launch the program and select "Amazon" from the menu.

To start using the software, double-click the Y2Mate icon on your desktop. Select "VIP Service" in the Menu Options column on the left side, then select the Amazon logo.

STEP2 Start watching the video you want to save on your computer with Amazon Prime Video.

Once Amazon Prime Video is available, sign in using your account information. Start watching the video you want to save to your device.

STEP3 Download the video from Amazon Prime Video

As soon as you play the video, the analysis process will begin and a pop-up window will appear offering to download the video. After selecting video quality, subtitles, etc., begin downloading.

Streamfab Amazon Downloader Price

Once you purchase Streamfab's product Streamfab Amazon Downloader, there are three subscription plans. Each of them are

  • One-month plan: ¥5520/month
  • One-year plan: 9660 yen/year
  • Indefinite version: 12420 yen (perpetual)

However, as one of Streamfab's products sold is not cosmetic, and this price is too high. In fact, Streamfab has a more economical plan.

If you buy the Streamfab All-in-One (indefinite version), it costs just 33,600 yen; you can use it on 5 PCs at the same time with one account. You can also download videos from hundreds of services including Netflix, Disney+, U-next, Fanza, MGS, as well as Amazon Prime.

If you think buying the all-in-one version is too extravagant, how about buying Streamfab MyCombo (indefinite version), which allows you to choose at least two of Y2Mate's products to purchase together. The lowest price is 17,500 yen.

The best download tool capable of eliminating DRM--KeepStreams downloader

Next, instead of Streamfab Amazon Downloader, we recommend KeepStreams Downloader, which, like Streamfab, is an all-in-one software. Unlike Streamfab, there are monthly, half-yearly, and yearly plans. If you want to use a downloader for a short period of time, buy KeepStreams.

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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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