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Is the Aladdin TV Series on Disney Plus? Where to Watch It?

| Disney Plus |
Updated on Apr 29, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
Aladdin TV Series has been one of the popular series, and both kids and young adults love the show. Let’s see if it is available on Disney Plus and if we can download it

The Aladdin series was a treat to watch. It was an amazing show that ran in early 1994 in February. It was a spin-off of the legendary film Aladdin. Disney roped in Aladdin for quite a while and the show is a testament to the entirety of How beautiful can a film look from the outset. The voicing of the characters was the same, it’s the same set of people who worked and provided the voice on the film. Aladdin was one of those shows that had hit the nail on the coffin in terms of providing a very mesmerizing and awe-bound experience. The entire generation of the 90s who are in their 30s now remembers what a great animated show Aladdin was.

What Is the Aladdin TV Series?

Aladdin TV series was a beautiful put-together series of 1994, which was a spinoff launched on the 6th of February 1994. The show ran till November 1995. It has been a rage since then. It was produced by a great band of directors Alan Zaslove and Tad stones. Both of them were quite renowned for some great animation produced during that time including, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck. The series was released right after the last edition of the Aladdin movie, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, released in 1996.

Who Is in the Aladdin TV Series?

Multiple characters have played roles in the Aladdin TV series. Characters include the ones that carried the story and also real-life people that lent their voices to the characters. Here is the list of all of them:

  • Genie voiced by Dan Castellaneta is a hilarious character. He was freed by Alladin. Genie lost a portion of his powers when he was freed. As of now, Genie’s powers are semi powerful. He helps Aladdin to protect his kingdom Agrabah.
  • Aladdin voiced by Scott Weinger was a street thief who was making ends meet to survive. His fate changed when he met the lovely princess of Agrabah, Jasmine. He loved her a lot, and as a future Sultan, he made it his life’s mission to protect Agrabah from all dangers.
  • Jasmine voiced by Linda Larkin is another piece of the puzzle, she loves being independent, she loves to dare and defy authority. Her father tried to force her to marry someone. But she left her kingdom and experienced pure independence with her prince charming, Aladdin.
  • Iago voiced by Gilbert Gottfried the funny parrot is kind of in a mixed gray area as a character. He is greedy and cares about himself. But he leads Aladdin and the gang to look out for treasures. He can imitate people’s voices impressively.
  • Abu, voiced by Frank Welker, is Aladdin's friend and he has been impressive with his help. He has always been watching Aladdin’s back right from the time he was his aid indulging in theft to pet their stomach.
  • Magic Carpet has all the fun with Genie. But he is the mode of transportation for the entire gang.
  • The Sultan voiced by Val Bettin is Jasmine’s father who allowed Jasmine and Aladdin’s marriage at last.

What Are the Episodes of the Aladdin TV Series?

So, the episodes of the Aladdin series are mainly focused on Aladdin and his expeditions, treasure hunts, and going to faraway places in search of wealth, sometimes to ward off evil. So, all the episodes of the Aladdin TV series could be found on VHS tapes. One can simply play the tapes and see for themselves the wide range of episodes available. Usually, the VHS names that were found were Aladdin’s Arabian Adventures and Jasmine’s enchanted tales. Here is the list of episodes and releases of Aladdin TV series in US:

Aladdin’s Arabian Adventures Episode List and Release Dates

What Is the Plot of the Aladdin TV Series?

The plot of the Aladdin TV series is pretty simple. Aladdin and Jasmine tour the world together after they are married. It takes place exactly one year after their marriage. The setting is portrayed perfectly.

Is the Aladdin TV Series on Disney Plus?

Many people would bawl their eyes out and many are even disappointed that the Aladdin TV series is not on Disney Plus. There is no specific reason why this fantastic show has not been on Disney Plus. But the fans of this show are disappointed. The Aladdin TV series was one of the few series that really carved out a space for movies transitioning into series without having to suffer a blowout.

Where to Watch the Aladdin TV Series Online?

Aladdin was such a great watch even the older generation in today’s time will remember How great a show it is? Well, Aladdin isn’t available on any major streaming service, it’s a sad fate for this show.

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Especially, since Disney’s show isn’t available on its platform. That’s a bizarre coincidence. However, you can stream all the episodes on YouTube. You can also rent the video on major platforms including Prime Video. You can rent it with your cordless streaming or even cable service. Watch and enjoy!

How to Download Aladding TV Series from Disney Plus?

Downloading Aladding TV Series from Disney Plus may be the wish of many but the platform doesn’t allow it. But, there is tool that can download movies and shows from Disney Plus. That tools is KeepStream for Disney Plus that boasts features like fast HD quality download along with Subtitles download. It has browser integrated with a media player to play videos from Disney Plus.

You just have to download and launch the software. Go to Streaming Services then go to Disney+ and find Aladdin from there, and click Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Aladdin is such a great watch. Anyone can watch this series to their heart's content. It is loving and caring and it shows affection for you. Kids in the 90s who were just introduced to Television at that time liked Aladdin so much. It gave them a new experience of viewing shows and television. They gave a lot of intent to enjoy some great animation at that time. It created a path for better-animated films.

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