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An Insight into the FlixGrab Free App: Features, User Guide, and More

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Updated on Jun 25, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Curious to know is FlixGrab free to use, stay tuned to learn everything about FlixGrab free with its exclusive features, user guide, and much more. 

We often resort to virtual entertainment to take a much-needed break from our stressful and busy life. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to watch your beloved videos at your convenience? Well, the FlixGrab app seems to understand its users pretty well to offer them intriguing and exciting videos from renowned platforms offline at their comfort. 

If you are new to this platform, a much-asked query clouding your mind can be: Is FlixGrab free to use?

So this article tackles all your concerns regarding FlixGrab free, a user guide for FlixGrab, and much more. So sit back and relax to go through an exciting read ahead quickly.

A Brief Introduction to FlixGrab

Targeting Windows users, FreeGrabApp released FlixGrab version recently on November 20, 2022. FlixGrab is a resourceful and multi-skilled freeware to download streaming videos from various platforms. But is FlixGrab free to use? Keep reading to know the answers ahead.


Aiming the major OTT players like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, Disney Plus, HBO, etc., and online video websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others, FlixGrab brings you the best video downloading experience. 

So now let us check the reasons behind the growing popularity of the FlixGrab free app and know is FlixGrab free to use. 

What makes FlixGrab a Popular Platform 

FlixGrab free is a premium downloading software offering downloads from a wide range of websites and streaming services. Some of its notable highlights worth a mention are:

  • FlixGrab free has a simple and user-friendly interface 
  • Enables to download videos in 1080p HD quality 
  • Watch or listen to music, movies, TV shows, and videos without an internet connection
  • Download videos from various OTT platforms and online streaming services 
  • Assists you in downloading short videos and full-length TV series and movies equally well
  • You can automatically select the optimal voice quality and video language
  • Supports great sound by downloading videos in Dolby Digital Surround Audio 5.1
  • Download various videos at the same time with FlixGrab
  • It lets you control your downloads through its pause, resume, and stop functions

After having insights into its prime features, you must be thinking of using it. But is FlixGrab free to use? Stay tuned to uncover the much-hyped question right away.

Talking about the goodness of streaming videos and audio, check the Audials One 2022 to see if it is better than its previous version. 

Is FlixGrab Free to Use?

FlixGrab is a host to multiple platforms that lets you grab exciting audio and video content for an offline watch. Well, despite FlixGrab offering innumerable benefits, the most awaited question that lies ahead is: Is FlixGrab free to use? 

So, is Flixgrab free to use in real? Well, FlixGrab free is a unique and powerful application that allows you to download and save videos and music files fast and for free. 

Raising the curtains to your query Is FlixGrab free to use? It is absolutely free software. Yes! You heard us right. Adding to the benefits, the greatness of the FlixGrab free app is yet to be unveiled, as it doesn’t contain any adware, spyware, other unwanted software, or registration formalities. Fortunately, using it for personal use and needs is absolutely legal and draws no penalties.

However, with the free version, you might need to compromise with specific functions, including high video quality. So instead, you must upgrade to the FlixGrab Premium version to enjoy the video and music downloads at your own preferences. But to avail of it, you must pay $44.99 to fetch a one-year license for one PC.

So, now that you have the answers to your much talked-of concern: is FlixGrab free to use, stay tuned to check its efficient functioning. 

User Guide for FlixGrab

After clearing your concerns on, is FlixGrab free to use, you must download your treasured video titles for a joyous offline watching experience. To avail of the seamless support of FlixGrab free, you must first install and launch it on your Windows PC. After that, you must proceed to download your chosen TV shows, movies, and other videos.

Step 1: Open the app on your Windows PC.



  • Step 2: Select the movie or video you need to download and copy its link.

copy its link


  • Step 3: Now paste the copied link in the Paste section and proceed to customize your video selecting its video quality. Additionally, select the subtitle language in the dropdown menu.


  • Step 4: Next, click the Download button.

Download button.


  • Step 5: Finally, wait for the download to complete and watch your downloaded media file offline anytime. 

Note: To download all the videos with subtitles, you must enable them first. Visit the Settings tab, and select the subtitle language in the dropdown menu. The FlixGrab free app will update your settings in the background. 

FlixGrab video downloader is undoubtedly a boon in today’s era, where the market is flooded with compelling content and influential players. But unfortunately, FlixGrab free app is only available to deliver its functions on Windows PCs with versions seven and up. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Mac, Linux, or Android operating systems. 

Additionally, the free version lacks to give the desired quality entertainment. So instead, you must check the KeepStreams Downloader that can be your best alternative to FlixGrab. So let us dive deep to look at its efficient working and know more about it. 

KeepStreams Downloader: Go to Alternative to FlixGrab App


KeepStreams downloader can be your best-chosen alternative to the FlixGrab free app. With the professional aid of KeepStreams downloader, you can download and save unlimited videos offline from more than 200 websites with its built-in browser. 

Additionally, KeepStreams lets you save metadata information with your favorite videos to build a video library and manage your offline videos efficiently. It allows you to manage your downloads and transfer them to any device you choose, like tablets, TV screens, mobile phones, and more.

KeepStreams is, undoubtedly, the most simple, reliable, and convenient video downloader. Also, don’t forget to check the Kigo review for its versatile features and high-tech functionality.

Exclusive Features and Benefits

  • Unlike FlixGrab free, KeepStreams downloader supports over 25 OTT services and 200 websites
  • Downloads high-quality videos at 1080p full HD resolution
  • Download and save unlimited TV shows, series, episodes, movies, animes, dramas, social media, and much more 
  • Download ad-free videos for an indefinite time
  • Enjoy live streams and broadcasting
  • Save playlists and videos from social networks 
  • Allows download MP4 videos in bulk at an accelerated speed 
  • Automatically downloads the scheduled newly-released and latest series and episodes 
  • Download videos in quality sound audio track of EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0

Steps to Download Videos from KeepStreams Downloader

Follow the below-given steps to launch KeepStreams Downloader and download your best-loved movies, TV shows, and video titles for an unlimited offline watch:

Step 1: Install and launch KeepStreams downloader

Download and launch the KeepStreams downloader to proceed with your uninterrupted virtual entertainment process. 

Step 2: Search and log in to your chosen platform

Now search for an OTT platform or website in the Streaming services section using its built-in browser, and log in to your account.

Step 3: Search for your treasured video title

Search for your desired TV show, movie, documentary, anime, or any video you wish to download and save to watch offline.

Step 4: Play and customize the video

Play your selected TV show, documentary, or media file and customize its output settings like picture quality, audio format, and subtitles language. 

Step 5: Download your video

Finally, click the Download button to initiate the video downloading and save it to your local storage. 

Concluding Thoughts 

FlixGrab free is a fantastic video downloader to download and save your treasured videos and movies for a free offline watch. We have cleared the air around your query, is FlixGrab free to use and provided you with the user Guide for FlixGrab.

However, owing to the various limitations of the FlixGrab app, you must opt for the streaming goodness of the KeepStreams downloader. It works equally well on Windows and Mac PCs and enables you to transfer your saved videos to other devices. Additionally, it lets you download and save unlimited high-quality audio and video files for a limitless period. 

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