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How to Download and Watch ATRESplayer Series Offline?

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Updated on Dec 09, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
This article will demonstrate how to download the ATRESplayer series in simple steps.

ATRESplayer is an online video platform that may be viewed on a wide variety of devices, including computers, tablets, mobile devices, Android TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and LG Smart TVs. However, if you want to use an external device, such as a Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire Stick, to access ATRESplayer, ATRESplayer PREMIUM is required. 

ATRESplayer PREMIUM is a membership that allows access to high-quality ATRESplayer content for €4.99 per month or €49.99 per year. With ATRESplayer PREMIUM, you may even download your favorite ATRESplayer series to watch offline.

While ATRESplayer does have a download option, the two methods outlined below may be preferable due to their lower overall cost and greater ease of use.

Download ATRESplayer Series Using KeepStreams

KeepStreams is a video downloader that lets users download high-quality streaming videos from thousands of streaming providers, which includes Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime VideoHBO Max, etc.

KeepStreams Video Downloader
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  • Download Movies and TV Shows from ATRESplayer
  • Download ATRESplayer Series in High Resolution
  • Batch Download ATRESplayer Free Videos
  • Automatically Download Newly Released Episodes
  • Get the Best Audio Tracks for Your Device
  • Stream Ad-Free ATRESplayer Downloads
  • Keep Metadata with Your Favorite Videos
  • Manage and Transfer All the Downloads
  • Enjoy the Fastest Possible Download Speed
  • Explore and Play with the Built-in Browser
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Using KeepStreams Video Downloader, you can easily download any video from ATRESplayer onto your own computer with only a few clicks.

Step 1. To acquire KeepStreams, go to its official website or just click the download link above.

Step 2. As soon as you open KeepStreams, you'll be taken to the Home screen which also functions as a browser. To visit the ATRESplayer website from there, type into the address bar and press the Enter key.

Step 3. Whenever you start playing an ATRESplayer video in KeepStreams, the analyzing process begins instantly. When the analysis is done, a download page will appear. Start the ATRESplayer movie's download immediately by clicking the Download Now button; otherwise, add it to your download queue by selecting the Add to Queue option.

Record ATRESplayer Series Using Bandicam

Bandicam is a lightweight Windows screen recorder that can capture everything on your computer screen as a high-quality video. This recorder also enables the recording of a specific region of a PC screen or the capture of a game that use the DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technology.

The video-recording capabilities of Bandicam are enhanced by the following features:

  • Real-Time Drawing: Draw and outline on your video or screenshot in real-time.
  • Scheduled Recording: Start recording at a specific time on a daily or weekly schedule.
  • Audio Only Recording: Record only the audio without recording the computer screen.
  • Your Own Voice Mixing: Record the system audio and your voice at the same time.

Follow the following instructions to record ATRESplayer streams on your PC using Bandicam.

Step 1. After launching Bandicam, choose the Screen Reocrding Mode by clicking on the menu button in the top left. You may choose to record the whole screen, or just a specific section.

Step 2. You may also configure the software's fundamental settings by selecting General and Video options.

Step 3. Click the REC button to begin recording the screen. You may terminate the procedure at any moment.

Step 4. After recording, you may play, edit, upload, or delete your videos by selecting the Videos option from the Home screen.

The Final Thought

Although Bandicam is an all-in-one solution for screen recording, the tool is restricted in other ways. Consequently, KeepStreams is the optimal method for resolving this problem and downloading videos from streaming sites, which has so many useful features that we can't recommend it enough.

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