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The current situation of Buhidoh! An overview of free erotic manga sites like Buhidoh.

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Updated on May 27, 2024 | 10 Minutes Reading
Do not use "buhidoh" for the following reasons. Instead, we will introduce you to the official site as an alternative, so please check it out until the end.

Buhidoh is considered the largest erotic doujin site in Japan, where many people utilize it for free access to erotic manga. However, Buhidoh is an illegal site that uploads manga without permission, similar to Manga-Mura. It has not yet been shut down, but using it can lead to various issues, so we do not recommend it.

We will explain the reasons why you should not use Buhidoh, and introduce alternative legitimate sites to check out till the end.

What is the current situation of Buhidoh? Has it been closed down?

Buhidoh, recognized as the largest erotic doujin site in Japan, is widely used by many due to its abundant lineup of doujinshi and daily uploads of carefully selected content. Its lively comment section provides a great platform for erotic doujinshi enthusiasts to meet stress-free and find good doujinshi or communities, which is a significant feature of Buhidoh.

Moreover, Buhidoh allows users to read images one by one and has a bulk reading feature by default, eliminating the need to tap each time. Additionally, users can download their favorite works in ZIP or PDF format, making it user-friendly and enabling users to enjoy doujinshi even more. Therefore, it is likely that many people have continued to use it for these reasons.

However, because Buhidoh, like Manga-Mura, illegally uploads data, we do not recommend using it. Currently, it is still operating without being shut down. You can still access it through the following link.


Reasons why you should not use Buhidoh

In summary, Buhidoh is an illegal site.

Buhidoh, a site that hosts free erotic manga doujin works, is actually in violation of copyright by uploading manga without permission, similar to Manga-Mura. Some may think, "Buhidoh is not illegal because it hasn't been shut down like Manga-Mura," but both the operators and users may currently face the possibility of arrest, so we recommend refraining from using it.

Next, we will explain in detail the reasons why you should not use Buhidoh.

・Leakage of personal information - There is a possibility that the information registered on Buhidoh may leak to third parties.

・Virus infection - Clicking on advertisements on Buhidoh may lead to falling victim to phishing scams.

・Mining damage - Accessing Buhidoh may result in damage to your device.

・Risk of arrest - Downloading works from Buhidoh may lead to facing legal consequences.

Leakage of personal information - There is a possibility that the information registered on Buhidoh may leak to third parties.

Illegal sites like Buhidoh are essentially operated for the sake of advertising revenue. Although they claim to provide free access to erotic manga, the site is filled with numerous advertisements that are hard to avoid. Furthermore, membership registration may hide some advertisements or may encourage registration by stating that one can download manga for free.

However, unlike legitimate companies, illegal sites like Buhidoh do not protect personal information. The operators of illegal sites may sell it to third parties or demand money. Therefore, please refrain from using Buhidoh at all costs.

Clicking on advertisements for "buhidoh" may lead to falling victim to phishing scams

As mentioned above, illegal sites like "buhidoh" often display advertisements, placed in locations where users may mistakenly tap on them. These ads typically contain viruses. Pop-ups that may contain malicious malware, programs designed to extract personal information, or phishing scams disguised as warnings - the malicious advertisements on such sites are varied.

Accidentally tapping on these ads can result in the device becoming infected with a virus, leading to the theft of personal information or financial harm.

Moreover, since "buhidoh" offers free access to erotic manga, it allows for downloads. Once the erotic manga is downloaded and saved as a file, it can be viewed offline. However, downloading can also result in viruses entering the device. If a virus infects the device through a download, it may cause the device to slow down, display strange ads each time it is used, or worst of all, disrupt the system entirely. To prevent such consequences, it is strongly advised to refrain from using "buhidoh."

Risks of Mining: Accessing "buhidoh" may lead to device damage

Illegal sites like "buhidoh" often embed mining scripts. These mining scripts automatically utilize a user's device to mine cryptocurrencies, causing the device to slow down, not start up, drain the battery rapidly, consume large amounts of data, or worst case scenario, result in device failure that may incur expensive repair costs.

Therefore, it is imperative not to use illegal sites like "buhidoh" offering access to erotic manga.

Potential Arrest: Downloading content from "buhidoh" may lead to criminal penalties

"buhidoh" illegally uploads erotic manga without authorization, violating copyright laws. The operators of illegal sites like "buhidoh" have already been arrested. While some users may think "if it's an illegal site, only the operators will be held accountable, not the users," this is a common misconception.

Starting from January 1, 2020, an amended Copyright Law has been in effect, making downloading copyrighted content illegally an offense punishable by imprisonment of up to 2 years, a fine of up to 2 million yen, or both.

Currently, users of "buhidoh" may not be considered to be engaging in illegal activities. However, within the "buhidoh" site, there may be buttons to download PDFs or ZIP files. Accidentally clicking on these buttons can constitute illegal activity, potentially leading to arrest. It is strongly recommended to refrain from such actions.

Alternative Illegal Erotic Manga Sites to "buhidoh"

While there are other illegal erotic manga sites that serve as alternatives to "buhidoh," some have been shut down while others remain operational. Please refer to the table below. As all these sites are illegal, refrain from indulging in their use.


Operational Status


My Erotic Books




Two-Dimensional Pocket


Daily Erotic Manga


Erotic Manga Night


Erotic Manga Time




Doujin Free




Moe Moe Anime Log


Doujin Library




Erotic Book Covers Network






Painful Erotic Manga


Erotic Manga Project


Doujin Antenna






4. Alternative Legitimate Sites to ぶひどう(buhidoh)

The idea that "free erotic manga sites = piracy sites" is strong, but in fact, there are many legal erotic manga sites, among which there are many sites where you can read for free. So, I have compiled three safe and reliable sites where you can read erotic manga for free. Please be sure to check them out.

Manga Dokuhatsu! - Approximately 3,800 Free Erotic Manga Works

Launched in 2013, Manga Dokuhatsu! is a service that allows users to enjoy manga for free by returning advertising revenue posted on the site and app to authors and publishers. The manga app of Manga Dokuhatsu! has even achieved first place in the Book ranking of the App Store, proving its track record and reliability.

There are over 15,000 manga works available for free, covering various genres from erotic manga to popular manga serialized in manga magazines, trendy web manga, heart-pounding TL・BL, and ladies' comics.

There are approximately 3,800 free erotic manga works available for unlimited reading on the adult page. You can easily find your favorite works with genre categorization and tagging.

Moreover, there are events where you can get points for free and campaigns where you can read paid manga for free, so if you love manga, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to read your favorite manga for free.

Check out Manga Dokuhatsu! here → Manga Dokuhatsu!

Comic Cmoa - Approximately 9,000 Erotic Manga Works

Celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, Comic Cmoa boasts over 1 million titles and is the largest e-book store in Japan. With genres such as "shonen/youth," "shojo/girls," and "BL," there is also a genre called "adults" for those over 18. By tapping on the tab labeled "adults" at the top right of the site, you can read erotic manga.

There are approximately 9,000 erotic manga works available, with a special section where you can read over 400 titles of manga for free on a daily basis on a rotating basis. Additionally, there is a campaign where new free members can receive a 70% off coupon without fail.

Furthermore, if the erotic manga you want to read is paid, Comic Cmoa offers a monthly service called "Full Unlimited Reading," which allows you to use it for free for 7 days from registration.

To read free erotic manga on Comic Cmoa now, click here → Comic Cmoa

FANZA Books Unlimited Reading (DMM.R18) - Approximately 50,000 Erotic Manga Works (2 Weeks Free)

Opened in 2020, FANZA (formerly DMM.R18), which updates 10-12 works per day, is an erotic manga site that any perverted man would know. It offers over 50,000 erotic manga works. The monthly fee is 1,480 yen, but there is a 2-week trial period, allowing you to read erotic manga for free within a 14-day period.

The variety of manga available for unlimited reading services includes not only single stories, but also full-length volumes. Additionally, you can read magazines such as "Comic Anthurium," "Men's Heaven," and "Neighbor's Wife." Furthermore, the range of genres covered is extensive, with full-color works, beautiful girls, creampie, and married women characters all well represented.

Purchasing and reading erotic manga that you have never read before requires courage, but with the unlimited reading service of FANZA Books, you can easily read your favorite works at your leisure. Therefore, if you are interested in reading erotic manga during the trial period, please do not hesitate to use it.

For more information on FANZA Books' unlimited reading service, click here → FANZA Books Unlimited Reading

How to Download Adult Videos

I would like to introduce a highly functional method to download adult videos that is extremely convenient for porn enthusiasts. I recommend using KeepStreams - Adult Downloader.

KeepStreams - Adult Downloader is compatible with free adult sites such as Pornhub, XNXX, Xhamster, MissAV, and 7MMtv, rather than PPV sales services like FANZA, H-NEXT, MGS, and


As the largest adult doujin site in Japan, "buhidoh" is considered an illegal site due to the unauthorized posting of manga. Accessing "buhidoh" may result in virus infection, leakage of personal information, falling victim to phishing scams, or device malfunction due to mining damage, so it should be avoided. Moreover, downloading works from "buhidoh" is considered illegal and there is a possibility of arrest, so it is best to refrain from using it.

We have introduced legitimate sites where you can read free manga as an alternative, so please feel free to try them out.

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