How to Change Language on Disney Plus?

| Published on Apr 15, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
I have just received my first Disney subscription and I was wondering if it is possible to change the language of the Disney Plus app on my phone?

We don't speak the same language, you might choose to enjoy Disney Plus's various episodes and movies in a language other than English. On many of the streamer's content, you can choose from a variety of languages. What's on there now is owing to Star on Disney Plus, which is now available on the streaming service. Thanks to the rush of new Disney+ Star content, you now have a lot more to watch. But if you want to view any of it in another language, such as French or Spanish, we've got you covered.

How to Change Language on Disney Plus?

Thankfully, the procedure is straightforward, and it won't take long for you to complete. First and foremost, here's how to change the language of specific shows and movies:

  • To view a movie or program, either open the Disney Plus app or go to the website, then go to the movie or show you wish to watch.
  • When it begins to play, press pause and then pick settings in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You will see a screen with two sides: language on the left and subtitles on the right.
  • Choose your preferred language, then return to what you were watching and it will now be playing in your preferred language!

Simply follow these simple steps to change the language on your profile:

  • To view a movie or program, either open the Disney Plus app or go to the website, then go to the movie or show you wish to watch.
  • In the top right-hand corner, click my profile (bottom right if you are in the app)
  • Select 'Edit Profiles' from the drop-down menu.
  • Each of your profiles will have a pencil symbol next to it. Choose the one you want to change.
  • 'App Language' will appear at the bottom of the screen, where you can select your preferred language.
  • Now press the blue Save button to complete the process.

How to Change language on Disney plus Apple TV

  • Open the Disney Plus app on Apple TV.
  • Choose a movie to watch.
  • Choose "Audio and Subtitle options" in the top right corner of the video player.
  • From the audio section, select your preferred language.
  • Start watching Disney Plus is a new language on Apple TV.

How to Change language on Disney Plus Roku

  • Go to Disney and select a movie to watch.
  • To access the "Audio" menu, press the Star button (*) on the remote.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Continue watching Disney Plus in a different language on Roku.

How to Change Subtitles on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus dominated the streaming sector from the start. Given the breadth and variety of the included content, as well as the fact that it all came at a reasonable price, this move was unsurprising. There's not much you can't do with Disney Plus in terms of customizing. This article delves into the intricacies of subtitles and offers advice on how to tailor them to your viewing tastes. On Disney Plus, changing subtitles is a breeze. The sections below provide a quick reference for a variety of devices, including smartphones.

Changing Disney Subtitles on a Roku Device

  • You begin by choosing the content you want to watch. Then go to the content description page and select Options or Audio & Subtitles from the drop-down menu. Of course, you may use the Roku remote to navigate, or you can use the desktop client or app to click on the appropriate icon.
  • Select Subtitles On or Off, then click the back button to return.
  • You may also manage your subtitles for all apps from the Roku Settings menu, as shown here.
  • Scroll down the Roku site and select Settings.
  • After that, go to the Settings menu and select Accessibility.
  • You can select Captions mode, Captions preferred language and caption style from this menu.
  • To manage subtitles, for example, go to Captions Mode and select Off, On Always, or On Replay.
  • You can also choose your desired subtitle language and appearance from the other two options.
  • Because there are so many possibilities, it's a good idea to spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the menu.

Changing Disney Subtitles on an Android or iPhone

  • Tap on the device's display while watching a movie or a show. This procedure applies to all Android and iOS devices, including iPads.
  • Following that, Android users should notice a menu icon on the left side of the screen. A variety of icons can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen for iOS users.

Changing Disney Subtitles on a PC

This approach implies you're using a browser to access Disney Plus. If that's the case, the streaming service's interface is the same no matter what operating system or computer you're using.

To enable or disable the subtitles, go to the menu icon in the upper right corner of the main window and select subtitles. You'll be taken to the Audio & Subtitles menu, where you can also select your favorite language.

If you want to off the subtitles, go to Subtitles and choose the option.

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It's as simple as that. Whether or not subtitles are required for persons who have difficulties hearing. Alternatively, if you want to know what a character in the show is saying. Whether you like or dislike subtitles, knowing how to toggle them on and off on your favorite streaming apps and across all of your devices is essential. That way, whether they're off and you need them or they're on and you don't, you can just make a few clicks and keep watching whatever you're viewing. Regardless of the platform, managing subtitles on Disney Plus is a breeze.

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