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FreeGrabApp Review: Is FreeGrabApp Really Free?

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Updated on May 26, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article explains everything you need to know about FreeGrabApp review, including but not limited to its pros and cons.

If you want to download offline videos from Netflix and other platforms, you may have seen FreeGrabApp when you search for downloaders in your browser. But you may just skip the page because you don't understand it.

Actually, FreeGrabApp is a good helper for video downloading, despite it has disadvantages. This article will make a FreeGrabApp review objectively, and take you to understand all aspects of FreeGrabApp, for example, Is FreeGrabApp Really Free? Let's get started!

What Does FreeGrabApp Offer and Is It Great?

FreeGrabApp, as the name indicates, is a technology provider that helps you grab videos from some popular sites, including Netflix and Disney Plus. FreeGrabApp has developed different video downloaders for different video platforms, such as Free Netflix Downloader, and Free HBO downloader. And the products of FreeGrabApp are ideal for binge-viewers and people who want to watch videos without the restriction of the Internet.


Functions of FreeGrabApp

What are the features of FreeGrabApp's video downloader?

The customized sound quality of the downloaded video. FreeGrabApp can choose to download videos with a resolution up to 1080P, and you can choose to download SD or HD videos according to your own situation.

Supporting batch download. This feature is currently available on FreeGrabApp Free Disney Plus Downloader, helping you download your favorite Disney Plus shows and movies more time-saving.

Downloading subtitles. This function is very friendly for users who want to watch foreign movies.

Easy download management. With just one click in FreeGrabApp, you can pause or restart the downloading video, which is very convenient.

Downsides of FreeGrabApp

Of course, FreeGrabApp also has some shortcomings.

1. There are too many apps for a single product. If users want to download videos from different platforms, they have to download multiple apps.

2. Currently FreeGrabApp does not support the Mac system, only supports Windows 7 SP1 and later. This means that many Mac users cannot use FreeGrabApp.

3. Multiple device logins are not supported. No matter what package you choose to purchase, a license key can only be used on one device.

Is FreeGrabApp Really Free?

From the name, FreeGrabApp is free, but Is FreeGrabApp really free? The answer is Yes but no.

When you download FreeGrabApp, you can use it for free, but you are only allowed to download 240P videos at this time. The 240p video quality is too terrible, and it is better not to download it. That is far from a good free experience.

If you want to get higher-quality downloads, you need to purchase an "Activation Key". In that sense, it's not free. Taking FreeGrabApp Free Netflix Downloader as an example, the Activation Key for one year is $59.99.


Although the price is not expensive, if you want to use FreeGrabApp Free Hulu Downloader or other products, you need to purchase an Activation Key respectively. If you add all those costs, it seems to be expensive.

And a bigger problem is that the name of the software is somewhat misleading to users. Users may download because of "Free", but the free experience after downloading is not friendly, and an Activation Key is required to obtain the advantages it advertises.

The good news is that now you can take part in an official activity to get a free FreeGrabApp key.

Learn More:

Can I Get a Free FreeGrabApp Key?

Yes, you still have a chance to get a free FreeGrabApp key. FreeGrabApp currently has an activity that encourages users to write their experience of using FreeGrabApp on social media and other platforms. If they meet the requirements, they will have the opportunity to get a free FreeGrabApp key.

The specific requirements are as follows:

You have to write an objective FreeGrabApp Review. There must be a product image and a link in your review, and the minimum character count is 1000. Trustpilot, (if you have more than 500 followers), and other similar websites are good places to submit these types of articles for critique. The free key form feedback link must then be sent.

If you want to use FreeGrabApp for free, you can try to participate in this activity. Good luck!

How to Use FreeGrabApp?

If you are new to FreeGrabApp, don't miss this step-by-step guide on how to use FreeGrabApp.

Step 1: You first need to go to the official website of FreeGrabApp, find the FreeGrabApp software you want to download, click download and install, and the first step is completed.

Step 2: You need to switch the page, find the URL of the video you want to download and copy the URL address.

Step 3: Enter the page of FreeGrabApp, and paste the link into the search bar.

Step 4: When the link is recognized by FreeGrabApp, click the download button.

Obviously, the secret to using FreeGrabApp is to determine the URL of the video and paste it exactly.

Any Awesome FreeGrabApp Alternative?

KeepStreams is the ideal FreeGrabApp alternative based on the following advantages:

One for all. If you want to download both Netflix and HBO videos, you need to download two downloaders when using FreeGrabApp. But KeepStreams can meet your needs of watching videos on different platforms offline. You can directly use KeepStreams to download videos from more than 300 video sites, including but not limited to Netflix, Disney+, Tubi, and Amazon Prime.

KeepStreams Video Downloader
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Strong compatibility. KeepStreams supports both Mac and Windows computers, so you don't have to worry about the problem of not being able to install it smoothly.

No ads. Online advertisements are difficult to skip and can easily interrupt your viewing rhythm. But if you download the video with KeepStreams, you don't have to suffer from these ads anymore.

More convenient downloading process. Unlike FreeGrabApp, KeepStreams does not require you to open a new webpage to go to the official website of the video to find the URL of the video. You can directly enter the official website of Netflix and other streaming media smoothly in the software of KeepStreams, and then log in to your account and select the video you want. Downloaded video.

Download the 1080P video. You may ask, can KeepStreams support downloading 1080p videos like FreeGrabApp? Yes, KeepStreams supports downloading high-definition videos at most, making your offline viewing smoother.

And you can easily enjoy these advantages by clicking the button below!


This article introduces the video download software FreeGrabApp and brings you a FreeGrabApp review. If the full score is 10, FreeGrabApp can score 7 points, and you can give it a try overall.

But because FreeGrabApp is not an all-in-one video downloader, it is not cost-effective. KeepStreams Video Downloader, as a FreeGrabApp Alternative, is a more ideal choice.

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