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FreeGrabApp License Key – What It Is and How to Use It

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Updated on Jan 14, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Are you looking for detailed information about the FreeGrabApp license key? Here in this article, we have gathered all that you should know about the FreeGrabApp key.

FreeGrabApp is an amazing app that takes you to the experience of high-speed downloading from streaming platforms of your own choice and in your preferred language. You can download your favorite TV shows, episodes, and videos from online streaming networks, like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Twitch, MySpass, Amazon Prime, and Vimeo.

The best thing about this downloading software is that even after the file title is extracted from your computer's library, the OTT content remains on your device.


In this article, you will get to know more about FreeGrabApp downloading app as we have elaborated the topics, like the FreeGrabApp license key, FreeGrabApp key, FreeGrabApp key premium, and FreeGrabApp activation key. Let’s dive in!

Brief Introduction to FreeGrabApp

FreeGrabApp allows downloading of videos from Netflix and many other online streaming networks. As the internet sometimes loses its connectivity, we do not really need to wait for it to get back and continue watching TV shows or Movies because FreeGrabApp saves the content into our preferred device. That content can be accessed later, anytime, and anywhere.

Key Features of FreeGrabApp

  • You can always easily pause or even stop the installation process with the FreeGrabApp activated via license key or FreeGrabApp key premium.
  • You can save the content on your PC or any other device and watch it any time and place if you have a FreeGrabApp license key.
  • You do not especially require an internet connection for streaming the downloaded content.
  • It has the amazing ability to choose an appropriate format and the best possible quality for different files.
  • The default settings are just a click away with the FreeGrabApp license key.
  • FreeGrabApp allows you to select the audio option and change the audio format accordingly.
  • FreeGrabApp key premium is a key to an easy and simple interface that is not hard to handle.

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FreeGrabApp Premium

Although FreeGrabApp has a free version available, it's deprived of several special features. To get access to them, you have to get the FreeGrabApp Premium and activate it via the FreeGrabApp license key. Here are the features that FreeGrabApp Premium comes with.

  • It supports downloading the subtitles along with the videos in the TTL formats.
  • It can download videos with Dolby Digital Surround Audio 5.1.
  • With it, you can download Netflix videos in HD quality. You get to choose between 240p to 1080p or 720p.
  • It can download multiple videos simultaneously with its fast multi-stream downloading feature.

How Does FreeGrabApp Premium Work?

Here is a step-by-step guide on using FreeGrabApp Premium to download your favorite videos.

  • Click to open the FreeGrabApp on your device.
  • Choose the videos you wish to save to your devices, and copy the link of that specific video or video.
  • Paste the link you copied into the application by clicking the paste button.
  • Click to download the video.
  • You will need to wait for a while for the download to begin and be finished. Now that the video is saved into your device, you can enjoy watching it offline anywhere, anytime.

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What is FreeGrabApp License Key?

FreeGrabApp is one of the most powerful applications that is used to download and convert online streaming videos. With the FreeGrabApp key premium or FreeGrabApp activation key, everything becomes way easier than you could even imagine. After entering the FreeGrabApp activation key, it is not required to add any kind of unsolicited software, spyware, or any other kind of adware registration.

How to Get and Use FreeGrabApp License Key?

The FreeGrabApp license key is used for the activation of FreeGrabApp Premium. You can get it from the FreeGapApp official website. If you didn't get the activation key within 24 hours after payment, contact the FreeGrabApp team via Bug Reporting with your payment details.

Refer to the guidelines below to learn how to use the FreeGrabApp license key to activate your Premium version.

  • Choose the FreeGrabApp you want to download and download it from the official website.
  • Once the app is downloaded, install and launch it.
  • Navigate to the tab “Get Premium”. Here insert your FreeGrabApp license key and E-mail, and hit Activate.

Note: Have you lost your FreeGrabApp license key? Contact the Support Team via Bug Reporting. If the team finds any key for your E-mail, they will surely resend you that key to the same E-mail.

Limitations of FreeGrabApp and FreeGrabApp License Key

A FreeGrabApp license key covers a whole year's subscription for a single device. FreeGrabApp is compatible with only windows 7 SP1 and the upcoming versions. For some other specific content, for some of the OTT downloads, and for the premium versions, you will have to save the package to gain the benefits of the full version of FreeGrabApp software.

However, the version of the application that is free of cost has some limitations that may be a hurdle in your way to downloading a larger set of series and other sorts of multimedia content. For that, you will need to get FreeGrabApp key premium.

The Best Alternative of FreeGrabApp to Download Online Streaming Content

If you are fed up with FreeGrabApp and FreeGrabApp license key limitations, there is a unique online video downloading platform called KeepStream Video Downloader. It allows users to download and save music videos, movies, and TV series from a number of platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and many more.

The best thing about KeepStreams is that it supports an easy interface, and the users can operate the app effortlessly. There are many more key features KeepStreams Video Downloader has to offer.

KeepStreams Video Downloader
Keep Your Netflix Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with KeepStreams.
  • Download Netflix movies, TVs and shows from multiple regions and countries.
  • Download videos in up to 1080p to view offline.
  • Ads-free with KeepStreams.
  • Save subtitles as external SRT files.
  • Free trial and free update.
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The Key Features of KeepStreams Video Downloader

KeepStreams comes equipped with bundles of features, here we have listed a few. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Batch Downloading – With this amazing feature, you can download a bunch of videos within a single click. It has made downloading a TV show's multiple sets of episodes easier.
  • Advanced Technology and Timely Updates – KeepStreams provide users with timely updates. Your application remains up to date and keeps you safe from any errors or bugs.
  • High-Quality Audio Tracks – It enables you to download videos with several audio tracks, including AC3 5.1, AAC 2.0, etc.
  • Auto Ads Removal – KeepStreams Video Downloader automatically removes the ads from the downloaded videos. Your videos are never loaded with any sort of ads.
  • Data Transfer – Using KeepStreams, you can transfer any data from one device to another. This allows you to access offline streaming anywhere anytime.
  • Fast Download – The downloading speed of KeepStreams is super-fast; you can download multiple videos in a relatively short span of time. The saving process is super convenient and takes a few moments of wait.
  • Download Live Content – You can also download live content and broadcasting from Twitch and ESPN Plus.
  • Supports Regional Websites – It gives complete support for any regional websites, eliminating the need to work with the limitations of streaming.
  • Auto Download – New episodes can be downloaded automatically with the help of auto download the newly released episodes option. Any freshly released episode will be automatically saved into your device with KeepStreams.
  • Built-in Browser – You can search and play your favorite online videos for saving and downloading with the help of KeepStreams.

How to Download Online Videos with KeepStreams?

The downloading procedure of KeepStreams is very simple and can be done by even beginners.

  • Download and install KeepStreams Video Downloader on your device from the official website.
  • When you are done with installing KeepStreams, launch it.
  • Go to the VIP Services section in the left bar and choose the online streaming platform you want to save and download the content.
  • After choosing your preferred online platform, enter the URL of the video you want to download. Proceed with adjusting the audio and video settings according to your choice.


  • Click to download the video. Your download will begin instantly, you will surely be impressed with the blistering downloading speed of KeepStreams.
  • Keep in mind that the batch downloading would take a few minutes to save the bunch of your requested videos.
  • Want to check the progress of your downloading videos? Go to the Downloading menu in the left bar.


Many of the famous streaming platforms do not own downloading buttons that help you download any of the online content directly. Yet downloading the videos from online platforms is possible with the help of Video Downloaders, opening the opportunity to enable downloading the videos for movie freaks!

Although FreeGrabApp can be your best bet, it faces errors, and the activation process might be complicated. For that reason, switching to KeepStreams is undoubtedly a better option.

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