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How to Fix HBO Max Error Code 100 in Easy Steps?

| HBO |
Published on Oct 10, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
HBO Max users often encounter HBO Max error code 100 during streaming. This article helps you eliminate this error and resolve HBO Max not working.

HBO Max is home to many popular shows. However, like any other service, it is prone to errors like HBO Max error code 100. Want an answer to why is HBO Max not working? This article will be your ultimate guide.

HBO Max issues keep appearing on your screen in the form of error codes. If you face the trouble of the HBO Max app not working, it may be due to error code 100. HBO Max error code 100 Chromecast is also commonly faced by HBO users.

The reasons for error code 100 HBO Max can be variable. Keep reading to solve the mystery of why is my HBO Max not working.

What Is Error Code 100 on HBO Max?

HBO Max is a trending name among streaming services. It comes with exquisite offers and features. People also wish to know about is Westworld season 4 coming to HBO.

Before asking why is my HBO Max not working, keep in mind that HBO Max issues, like error code 100, can occur to anyone, at any time, without warning.

HBO Max error code 100 is a functional deficit. When it appears on your screen, it tells you that your HBO Max won't play any title until and unless the issue is solved. This issue could be anywhere in your system. Error code 100 HBO Max can also cause the HBO Max app not working.

Your device, internet connection, and HBO Max account make the triad responsible for HBO Max error code 100. You can also experience HBO Max error code 100 Chromecast issues if you are using it to cast HBO on your device.

Possible Reasons for HBO Max Error Code 100

Want to know why is HBO Max not working? HBO Max error code 100 can be the culprit. Solving each cause will let you get rid of HBO Max issues involving HBO Max error code 100.

An Outdated HBO Max App

If you face the hurdle of the HBO Max app not working on your phones or Smart TVs, the possible reason is an old version HBO Max app. Outdated apps may work for some time but will keep irritating you with HBO Max error code 100.

A Weak Internet Connection

Want to know why is HBO Max so slow? Look into your connectivity. A weak internet connection leads to weak streaming and is a possible culprit for HBO Max error code 100 and other HBO Max issues.

Using a VPN

If you are streaming HBO Max with a VPN on your device, you can face error code 100 HBO Max issues. HBO Max won’t play shows with a VPN running on your device.

Want to know why is HBO Max not working on a device with VPN? Well, hiding your location can create suspicion leading the officials to bring down your account.

Issues in Server

People frequently ask why HBO Max is so slow. Well, the issue could be anywhere. However, if your internet is stable and you are still facing this HBO Max error, maybe the server is down.

It becomes easy to look for solutions once you know what does error code 100 mean on HBO Max and all the common causes of why HBO Max is not working.

Practical Solutions to HBO Max Error Code 100

Knowing all about what is error 100 on HBO Max and what its causes are, let's move to its solutions.

Can you watch HBO Max on MacBook? Get your answer to this question and enjoy your favorite shows on any device.

Get a Strong Internet Connection

Your internet speed should be at least 5Mbps to run HD videos. If your connection does not meet this demand, you will end up with error code 100. To get rid of it, make your internet connection strong. Perform a speed test or restart your modem.

Update Your HBO Max App

Error code 100 can also be a common reason for your HBO Max app not working. When it comes to the app, the possible reason could be an outdated one.

Updating your app is the best solution for this enigma. It will help refresh the content and upgrade many features enabling errorless streaming.

  • On your device, go to Apps > Settings > Updates. Now look for the HBO Max app and click on the update option.
  • For Android and iOS, go to the Play store or App store and update from there.

Check for HBO Max Server

A fault in the server can be the answer to why is HBO Max not working. There is nothing you can do about a down server other than to wait. Go to your browser and type in "is HBO Max down" to get your answer.

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache on your browser and streaming devices can free up some space and eliminate the error code 100.

  • For a Smart TV, go to Settings and then Apps. Look for the HBO Max app, select it and choose the clear cache option.
  • For Smartphones, go to Settings > Apps > HBO Max. Look for the option of Clear Cache and Storage > Clear cache.

Turn Off VPN

Using a VPN can lead to a permanent ban on your account. Hiding your location through a VPN or a proxy server can lead to repeated error code 100. Turn off your VPN from settings and then load HBO Max.

How to Download HBO Max Videos Without Error Codes?

It is important to have an answer to what does error code 100 mean on HBO Max. At the same time, you may wish never to encounter this error. The easy escape is to watch HBO Max offline by downloading its content.

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KeepStreams for HBO

KeepStreams for HBO provides you with vast downloading options. Its features make it a better choice for HBO fans who wish to watch their shows without any interruption.

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KeepStreams offers an ad-free download with a variety of subtitles and video quality. You can also benefit from the option of batch download. Only a three-step process will make KeepStreams up and going for you.

  1. Download KeepStreams for your device.
  2. Locate HBO Max from the streaming services and search for your shows.
  3. Click download and access them from the downloading list.


HBO Max error code 100 is extremely irritating if it pops up during your favorite shows. However, no need to worry. It is very easy to get rid of this issue if you know the answers to what is error code 100 on HBO Max.

Getting stable internet, restarting your HBO Max app, and turning off a VPN are easy steps you can adapt to solve HBO Max issues.

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