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HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Review 2023

| Spotify |
Published on Mar 24, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
This HitPaw Spotiy Music Converter review explains the prices, usage and pros and cons of HitPaw. If you wan to know more about it, keep reading!

Spotify means joy and entertainment. However, if you are not a Spotify premium user, it is impossible for you to download Spotify music and listen to your favorite songs and albums from Spotify anytime and anywhere. 

But do not worry, a useful Spotify Music Converter like HitPaw Spotify Music Converter is what you need! It allows you to download Spotify music even if you have a free Spotify account.

And this article will make a complete HitPaw Spotify Music Converter review for anyone who has an interest in it. Let's get started!

What is HitPaw Spotify Music Converter?

HitPaw Spotify Music Converter is one of the key services of HitPaw Video Converter, which is aimed to provide an all-round video and audio downloading solution to users. HitPaw Spotify Music Converter makes you break the limitation of your free Spotify account, and you can enjoy Spotify playlists with a simple and easy click. 

HitPaw Spotify Music

What are the system requirements of HitPaw Spotify? It works on Windows 7,8,10,11 and MacOS10.13 and above. Most people can easily download and use HitPaw Spotify Music Converter. The UI design of HitPaw is fashionable and easy to use. With HitPaw Spotify Music Converter, converting Spotify music to M4V or MP3 format is as easy as a pie.

The Pros and Cons of HitPaw Spotify Music Converter

Before you try HitPaw Spotify Music Converter, you should not miss its pros and cons. 


Pros of  HitPaw Spotify Music Converter

1. Fast converting speed. One of the defining factors in choosing a converter is its conversion speed. HitPaw Spotify Music Converter has a 120x faster conversion speed, which is one of the major reasons why HitPaw stands out from other converters.

2.Lossless Spotify to MP3, M4A, and WAV conversion. Unlike other converters, HitPaw Spotify Music Converter reduces quality loss during the conversion process with its advanced technology. Almost no quality loss happens. You can try and test this point!

3. Save Metadata from Spotify Music. Just downloading Spotify music is not enough to satisfy users' personal needs. But the ID3 tag saving of HitPaw Spotify Music Converter can make you effortlessly know the information of the downloaded audio. That is awesome, isn't it?

4. Batch Downloading. Fast downloading is just one aspect of the HitPaw Spotify  Music Converter. Another key to improving user experience is that HitPaw supports batch downloading. That is to say, you can get a dozen of Spotify music quickly.

 Cons of HitPaw Spotify Music Converter

The successful conversion rate needs to be improved. In most cases, conversion is smooth. But HitPaw fails to download some Spotify songs and playlists.

No multiple device support. The HitPaw license key you buy can only be used on one PC. If you want to remove your downloaded Spotify songs, you have to convert them again.

HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Prices

If you can tolerate the benefits and limits of HitPaw Spotify Music Converter, the next thing you should know is how much does Spotify cost?

It provides a free trial for new users. But you can only enjoy limited features and download 1 file in HitPaw Spotify Music Converter free trial period. So if you want to enjoy all the features of HitPaw Spotify, subscribing to it is a must.

HitPaw provides three subscription plans, the 1-year Plan is the most recommended.

  • Monthly Plan:$19.95
  • 1-year Plan:$39.95
  • Lifetime Plan:$79.95

You can cancel HitPaw Monthly and 1-year Plans at any time, which is user-friendly. 

How to Use Spotify Music Converter?

The usage of Spotify Music Converter is not complex. With 4 steps, you can know how to convert Spotify songs with HitPaw.

Step 1: Download HitPaw Video Converter. (This is where you'll find the HitPaw Spotify service.)

Step 2: Launch HitPaw Video Converter to get things started. You can convert Spotify music by going to the main menu in Spotify and selecting the Convert Spotify Music option.


Step 3: You may easily drop the Spotify music link into the search field by copying and pasting it.


Step 4: After the software has finished its examination, you will be able to start the conversion process by selecting the Convert All option.

Any HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Alternative?

KeepStreams Spotify Converter is an amazing HitPaw Spotify Music Converter alternative. KeepStreams not only allows you to download and convert Spotify Music but also enables you to download the lyrics of your favorite song. And this lyrics function is hard to obtain if you use other Spotify Music Converters.

Other features like batch downloading and fast conversion are also available with KeepStreams Spotify Music Converter. 

But the key is that KeepStreams is more affordable than HitPaw! The KeepStreams Spotify Monthly Plan only costs you $13.99 and the 1-year Plan is just $59.99.

By using KeepStreams as a HitPaw Spotify Music Converter alternative, you can get the same quality with less pay

KeepStreams also gives new users a free trial. You can have a try by clicking the links below.

KeepStreams Spotify Converter
Keep Your Spotify Songs and Playlists Offline with KeepStreams in batch!
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Is HitPaw Safe?

Many beginners of HiPaw don't know whether HitPaw is safe. After personal use and searching information on the Internet, it is fair to say that HitPaw is safe to use.

The whole process of downloading and using the HitPaw Spotify Converter is risk-free. And your personal information is protected by the company. The payment process is also secure since HitPaw supports many payment channels and SSL technology.

After knowing this information, you do not have to worry about a question like  "Is HitPaw safe".

Is HitPaw Legal?

Some users wonder whether HitPaw is legal or not since HitPaw Spotify Music Converter is a third-party music converter. Is HitPaw legal? That is an excellent question.

The answer is that HitPaw is legal when you use it for personal use. Any commercial use of the HitPaw Spotify Converter is prohibited. It is a downloading and conversion tool, which means HitPaw has no direct relations with Spotify. 

But the overall service of HitPaw Spotify Music Converter is leagal and safe to use.

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Jessie Smith
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