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Use spotify music as background music for insta-stories!

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Updated on Sep 08, 2023 | 3 Minutes Reading
"A detailed explanation of how to use Spotify music as background music for your Insta stories, leveraging Spotify and Insta to make your stories even more engaging."

Instagram is a very popular social media platform, especially among young people, and is always referred to as Insta. Insta also offers a variety of filters and editing tools that allow users to create in-style content. In addition to this, Insta also offers features that set it apart from other perspective media platforms, such as the Story feature. Temporary photos and videos posted using the Story feature have a viewing period and disappear 24 hours after posting. This feature is very popular with users and the quality of the stories posted is getting better and better. Many people have matched their videos with appropriate music. In addition to music easily available on the web, people want to add spotify music as background music to their stories. The following article will detail how to use spotify music as background music for Insta Stories.

Downloading Spotify music and adding it to your story in a video editing app

Spotify's download feature is a limited feature, and the only way to use Spotify's download feature is to purchase Spotify premium. In addition to this, music downloaded by Spotify is in drm-protected format and cannot be imported and used in audio or video editing software. Here, we recommend using KeepBeats Spotify Converter to convert Spotify music to mp3 format for download. Once you import the downloaded music and the video you want to upload into your video editing software, you can use Spotify music as background music for your installations.

KeepBeats Usage Procedure

  • Download and install KeepBeats on the official KeepBeats website.
  • Select Spotify for KeepBeats.

  • Select your favorite music.

  • Select the sound quality in the pop-up window.

Insta Story. Recording while Play music from spotify music while to

The insta story feature captures the sound being played on the phone's speaker. Therefore, it is possible to capture spotify music directly and apply it to your insta.

  • First, open Spotify and play the song you want to use as background music.
  • Drag it to the part of the progress bar where you want to start using it.
  • Open instagram and select add new story.
  • Return to spotify.
  • Click the Play button.
  • Return to instagram and press and hold the record button to record the story.

Spotify 录制音乐并添加到 Instam

This way, the story can use spotify music as background music. spotify as well as music from other music apps can be added to the insta-story this way, but there is a drawback to this method, because when the microphone records sound, it also records environmental sounds along with the music The resulting story is likely to have a very noisy ambient sound. It is very difficult to completely separate the music from the ambient sounds. Therefore, if you want to clean up the background sound in your story, we still recommend downloading the music and using audio/video editing software to add Spotify music to your video.


In this article, we will discuss two ways to add Spotify music as background music for ins. The most perfect way is to download the music beforehand and add it to your video. If you need to, try the KeepBeats Spotify Converter recommended in this article. During the trial period, you can download three Spotify music files for free, with no loss of sound quality whatsoever!

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