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Explanation of how to download & record anime from|PC, smartphones, etc.

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Updated on Dec 06, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article will detail each of the ways to download anime from depending on your device. This is a must for anime fans! is a free video streaming site that offers a large selection of Japanese anime, allowing you to play the latest popular and well-known anime. However, does not have a download function, so what if you want to play offline? This article will explain in detail how to download anime from, which is a must for anime fans!

Download videos from free trial!

The most recommended software to download anime from on your PC

KeepStreams Video Downloader is a software that allows you to easily download embedded videos, HLS format videos from streaming video sites like, and download videos in MP4 or MKV format. And it can download videos up to Full HD (1080P).

Below we will explain how to download videos using KeepStreams Video Downloader.

1. KeepStreams installation and initial setup

First, KeepStream One downloader's official page or click the button below to choose the version of KeepStream One downloader you want to install, depending on your computer OS (Windows or MAC).

After installation, click KeepStreams to launch it. On the screen that appears, you can check the number of valid downloads remaining for the free trial. Click "Close" to continue.

Specifically, you can download 3 videos for each of the 40 services for free, for a total of over 120 videos.

Click on the "≡" button in the upper right corner of the main screen to open the settings menu.

KeepStreams U-next Downloader Usage Instructions

Go in order to "General" > "Language" and select your preferred language.

If you would like to set the output format such as MP4/MKV, please go to "YouTube Website" > "Video Format" and select MP4/MKV.

KeepStreams Amazon Download Method1

2. Flow of downloading videos

Return to the main screen of the KeepStreams client and enter the Aniworld website link "" or in the address bar. This will open the Aniworld site in the built-in browser.

Select the video you wish to download and go to the detailed information screen.

On the details screen, select one of the channels to play and go to the playback screen.

The downloader will then automatically analyze the data for that work. Once the analysis is complete, a settings screen will appear with information about that work. Here, you can select the resolution, up to Full HD, and click "Download Now" to start downloading the video.

Clicking on the item "Downloading" on the left side of the main screen of the KeepStreams client allows you to check the progress of the videos that have started downloading. Here you can control "Start All," "Pause All," etc.

3. How to check Aniworld videos that have already been downloaded

Videos that have been downloaded can be viewed in the "Downloads" section on the left side of the main screen of the KeepStreams client. Click on the video cover to play it directly.

If you want to check the sub-filter of the video, you can easily open it by clicking on the file icon on the side of the video. Videos are saved in MP4 format. This makes it easy to watch Aniworld not only on your PC, but also for offline playback on other devices.

You can also watch the video offline using ordinary players.

Tool to record animations from on your PC

Wondershare DemoCreator is a software dedicated to recording screens. With this software, you can easily record and save videos from popular websites. Simply select a specified area and the recording will continue even if the window is closed.Here is how to record the screen of with Wondershare DemoCreator

Step 1 Launch DemoCreator and click the "PC Screen Recording" icon on the home screen. Switch to the video recording screen.

Step 2 Open the video page you wish to record in your browser and drag & drop the screen area.

Step 3 Click the red REC button to start recording video.

Step4 When recording is complete, the editing tool will launch and the recorded video will be imported into the editing tool. Directly select "Export" in the upper right corner to create a video file in a format such as Mp4 that can be saved to your PC.

How to record screen on your smartphone (iPhone and Android)

Step 1: Open the URL in your iPhone or Android smartphone browser.

Step 2: Select the animation you want to watch and play it.

Step3: Scroll down the screen to find the screen record button and record.

Once the recording is complete, it will automatically be saved to an album on your smartphone. This allows you to watch the animation off-run.


That's how to download animations from What do you think? Here, we recommend KeepStreams Video Downloader the most. Because,

  • You can download not only, but also other HLS videos
  • With a free trial, you can download videos from subscription services
  • Save as MP4/MKV so you can transfer them to your smartphone or TV
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