How to download GYAO!'s videos in PC and phone?

| Published on Jun 23, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article thoroughly explains how to save GYAO!
How to download GYAO!'s videos in PC and phone?
5 Minutes Reading
This article thoroughly explains how to save GYAO!

What is GYAO!

GYAO! is Yahoo! JAPAN's streaming service, operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation in cooperation with GYAO Inc. GYAO!'s greatest feature is that you can enjoy the hottest titles, from original programs to blockbuster movies, without the need to register as a member. For this reason, GYAO! is popular among numerous video streaming services, and many people use it.

Let us first explain the advantages of GYAO!

What are the advantages of GYAO!

  • You can watch as many anime, movies, music, and Korean dramas as you want without registration and completely free of charge.
  • (Fuji TV, NTV (Nittele), TV Asahi (Teletext), TBS, TV Tokyo , and other local stations are also supported.)
  • Playback is possible on smart TVs such as Chromecast and Android TV
  • A renewal calendar will be provided to show renewal titles for each day of the week.
  • Communication cost can be saved by lowering the picture quality, eliminating gigabyte shortages
  • Playback can be doubled in 6 steps from 0.7x to 2x speed

But why do so many people want to download and record videos from GYAO!

Disadvantages of GYAO!

  1. GYAO does not have an archive function, so you will not be able to download your favorite GYAO videos during the free viewing period or right before the video distribution ends.
  2. GYAO does not have an offline playback function. You cannot download videos in advance to save communication costs by not having an Internet connection when you are out, such as during your commute.
  3. You can watch videos distributed on GYAO for free, but you have to pay to watch videos distributed on the GYAO Store. Since they are rental works, you cannot watch them after the rental period is over.
  4. Rental movies use DRM, a recording prevention technology, so general recording apps cannot record them.

Next, we recommend KeepStreams, a downloader with a nice design and functions.

How to download GYAO!

What is KeepStreams?

KeepStreams is a video downloader that supports various vods such as Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, etc. With KeepStreams, you can download GYAO! GYAO! KeepStreams is very intuitive to use. Especially for GYAO! Store rentals, KeepStreams makes it easy to download the complete collection. This is what makes KeepStreams stand out from other apps.

KeepStreams' outstanding features

  • Download GYAO! videos in up to 4k resolution
  • Download videos in MP4 or MKV format
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously at high speed with one click
  • Ads can be automatically detected and removed during download
  • Metadata is saved for your favorite videos to help you build your multimedia library
  • Find what you like with KeepStreams' built-in browser.

Steps to download GYAO! videos using KeepStreams

  1. Download [for free] different versions of the application for your OS (Windows, Mac) from KeepStreams' official website.

>> KeepStreams official website

  1. Go to the official GYAO!
  2. Go to the viewing page and copy the URL of the film.

  1. Start the KeepStreams app, click [Paste URL], and paste the URL you just copied.
  2. Select the format and quality in the pop-up window, then click [Downloader].

Now that we have explained how to download GYAO! videos to your computer, we will explain how to record GYAO!

How to download GYAO! videos to your smartphone

How to save GYAO! videos for iOS

To screen record GYAO! videos on your iPhone, you can use the standard screen recording function. Specifically as follows: 1.

  1. Download the GYAO! app and open the GYAO!
  2. Control Center] and tap [Screen Recording symbol].
  3. Then recording will start after a 3-second countdown
  4. When the video playback is finished, stop recording and you are done.
  5. The video file will be automatically saved in the Photos app.

How to save GYAO! video for Android

Android phones do not have a screen recording feature like the iPhone, so if you save GYAO videos on your Android phone, you will need a third-party GYAO recording app. How to use it varies from one recording app to another, but it's almost as easy as using your own!


Q: Is it illegal to download videos from GYAO!

A: Secondary distribution of downloaded videos is not allowed.

Secondary distribution of downloaded content from Nico Nico Douga for profit is "illegal. Selling or reselling downloaded content is also considered copyright infringement under the law. Secondary distribution is absolutely prohibited because it is a major violation of the copyright owner's interests.

 Downloading for personal use is legal.

However, it is not illegal to download videos from Nico Nico Nico for personal use. Downloading content for your own personal viewing is not "illegal" because it constitutes "reproduction for private use" as allowed by Article 30 of the Copyright Law. Please rest assured.

It is not illegal to share your videos with your friends as long as you do not use them for commercial purposes.


So far, we have thoroughly explained how to save GYAO! What do you think? Please use it depending on your device. But from my own experience, I can say that KeepStreams is the most useful app out there! If you can, you should try it too.

Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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