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[2024] Summary of Chrome extensions that can DL HLS videos!

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Updated on Mar 08, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
Guide to downloading and watching HLS videos offline, made easy with Chrome extensions and KeepStreams.

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is a streaming protocol developed by Apple Inc. and used by many video delivery platforms including Hulu, TVer, AbemaTV,, Nico Nico Douga and Avgel. The technology enables dynamic bitrate adjustment and adapts to different devices and connection speeds to provide users with an optimal viewing experience. hls utilizes m3u8 index files and multiple TS media files for continuous streaming.

On the other hand, there exists a need to watch in situations where there is no Internet connection and to save favorite videos. Therefore, this article introduces a legal and efficient way to download and watch HLS format videos offline. This will give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite content with or without an Internet connection, and if you are interested in downloading HLS videos, we hope you will find this guide useful.

Top 3 Chrome Extensions for Downloading HLS Videos

Downloading HLS streaming videos is very easy for Chrome users with the right tools. In this article, we will introduce threeChrome extensions that offer particularly good features: HLS Downloader, Video Getter, and Stream Recorder.

HLS Downloader

HLS Downloader-1

HLS Downloader " is a Chrome-only extension that allows you to easily download streaming videos in HLS format. After installing this extension, simply visit a website that offers HLS videos, and the video index will be automatically detected and downloaded with a simple click operation.

Download procedure: Step 1

Step 1
Install "HLS Downloader" in Google Chrome.

Download from chrome web store

HLS Downloader-2  Click "Download

Open the web page containing the HLS video you wish to download. When the video plays, the "HLS Downloader" icon will appear in the upper right corner of your browser. Click the icon, and the detected HLS videos will be listed.

HLS Downloader-3  Click on the "HLS Downloader" icon to open the HLS Downloader.

Step 3
Select the video you wish to download and click the arrow button displayed to start downloading.

HLS Downloader-4

After the download is complete, name and save the video file.

HLS Downloader-5

Video Getter

Video getter-1

Video Getter is a Chrome and Firefox compatible extension for downloading videos in FLV andMP4 formats, and more recently in HLS format. With its intuitive interface, this tool can be used by both beginners and advanced users.

Download Procedure : : Download

Step 1
Install "Video Getter" in your browser.

Download from chrome web store

Video Getter-2

Step 2
Open the web page containing the video you wish to download. When the "Video Getter" icon detects a video, the number of videos will be displayed on the icon.

Video Getter-3

Step 3
Click on the icon to open the downloadable HLSA list of videos will be displayed.

Video Getter-4

Step 4
Click the Download button to save the video.
Video Getter-5

Stream Recorder

Stream Recorder-1

Stream Recorder" is a highly functional Chrome extension that allows users to save HLS streaming videos in MP4 format, which are difficult to download. It can also record live streaming videos, making it easy to save videos that other downloaders cannot handle.

Download Procedure : : Download

Install "Stream Recorder".

Download from chrome web store

Stream Recorder-2  Download from chrome web store

Step 2
Open the web page where the video you want to download is located. HLS icon will become active when the video is analyzed.

Stream Recorder-4

Click on the active icon to open the download page.

Stream Recorder-5

Once the video has been analyzed, click on the " Save button will appear. Click it to save the video.

Stream Recorder-6

Ultimate] Best Solution for HLS Video Download

Below is a list of high-performance software that can download streaming videos in HLS format, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, etc. You can easily download many HLS videos by using Chrome extensions, but due to site-specific limitations However, there are some videos that cannot be downloaded due to site restrictions. In such cases, the " KeepStreams " downloader is the perfect solution.

KeepStreams" provides the ability to download content from a wide variety of video services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, U-NEXT, and Fanza. In addition, the software is regularly upgraded to support the latest specifications of video distribution services to ensure an optimal download experience at all times.

In addition, KeepStreams offers a free trial that allows users to download up to three full HD-quality videos to test its performance before purchasing.

About KeepStreams Downloader

KeepStreams: Downloading from streaming services made easy
KeepStreams downloader is fully compatible with major video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, H-Next, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and HBO Max. Movies, dramas, TV shows, animations, as well as social media content such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be easily downloaded with this one powerful tool.
  • Compatible
  • with Windows and Mac OS for use on PCs
  • .
  • Download videos from over 1000 websites.
  • You can download an unlimited number of videos in a variety of resolutions, from 320p to 4K.
  • Downloaded videos are saved in MP4 format and music in MP3 format.
  • A built-in browser eliminates the need to copy and paste URLs.
  • Ads are automatically removed before downloading videos.
For more information >

How to use KeepStreams

1Download KeepStreams and install it on your PC.
2 Launch KeepStreams and search for a video subscription service in the built-in browser or select it from the "VIP Services" list. After logging in, locate the video you wish to download.
How to use KeepStreams-4
3 Click on the video to open the playback page and begin analyzing the video.
How to use KeepStreams-6
4 On the download page, select "Video," "Audio," and "Format," then click "Download Now.
How to use KeepStreams-8
5 Once the download is complete, you can enjoy the video offline.


How was it? We have compiled a list of legal and efficient ways to download and watch HLS format videos offline, and with Chrome extensions such as HLS Downloader, Video Getter, and Stream Recorder, you can easily save your favorite videos.

KeepStreams Downloader also allows you to download videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other video streaming services, so you can enjoy videos anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether you have an Internet connection or not. We hope you will take this opportunity to try these tools.

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