What is Mediable? How to use it? How can I download videos from Mediable?

| Published on Aug 10, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will explain about Mediable and how to use it. At the end, we will also show you how to download videos from social networking sites!

Mediable is a subscriber video platform that enables creators to gather core fans from various social networking sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and realize monetization through video posting and live-streaming. This article describes Mediable, with specific instructions on how to use it. At the end, we'll also reveal how you can download videos from social networking sites!

What is Mediable?

Mediable's slogan is "Create an era in which each and every one of us can play an active role as a media. With this kind of philosophy, Mediable was created as a new subscriber video platform.

Specifically, anyone can open their own channel for free and freely post videos of their choice. In addition, supporters can directly pay for subscriptions and monetize their media.

Supporters can also meet creators they follow on other social networking sites and get closer to them by purchasing a ticket to watch their live stream.

What is the current status of Mediable?

After only a year and a half since the release of the beta version of mediable in September 2020, the number of users of mediable has exceeded 35,000, and the total number of creators has also gathered to 1,500. In addition, we have several creators who earn more than 3 million yen per month.

Now, after briefly understanding about Mediable, we will go on to introduce how to use mediable.

How to use Mediable

In short, there are three ways to use Mediable.

  • Posting videos
  • Posting text and photos
  • Live Streaming

In addition to the main functions such as the following, Mediable also comes with functions that make it easier to operate subscriptions and "free support for management".

Video submissions, text and photo submissions are almost like a separate subscriber platform, and after creators upload their created videos to Mediable, they are judged by AI, and if there are no problems, the submission will be successful.

The next section will detail how to use the live feed.

Mediable's profit-maximizing feature, Ticket Live

Ticket Live is a feature that anyone can easily use from mediable studio.

To use it, please refer to the following steps. On the creator's side

Preparation for pre-setting

Select "Ticket Live" from "Live" in the menu on the left side of mediable studio.

Before starting the live streaming, you can set basic items.

1) Set "Thumbnail" for live streaming.

2. write "title" and "video content

2. how to set ticket purchase price and supporter discount

Next, set the ticket price and discount price.

By setting a discount for supporters for the monthly fee, you may be able to increase the number of subscribers if you advertise "Subscribe and save on ticket prices at the same time.

(Example) ¥1,000: ¥700 ticket live subscription + ¥300/month (combined price)

¥1,000: Ticket to watch live streaming only (purchase ticket only)

①Set the price of single ticket

②Set the discount price for the plan

  Recommendation: Discount the amount of ticket price and set it so that supporters get the monthly plan. You may be able to have more fans.

If you are not sure about the ticket price and how much you should set the discount amount, feel free to discuss with mediable management.

3. distribution reservation and ticket promotion

Once you have set the purchase price of the ticket, you can reserve the ticket for distribution.

Please note that you will not be able to change the ticket purchase price once you have reserved the delivery.

Once the reservation for live distribution is completed, the scheduled live distribution will be displayed in the list of live distribution in "Live" on the left side of "My page" of mediable studio.

Once you have completed the reservation, you can "Promote Tickets".

You can copy the link to the ticket purchase page by clicking "Share" of the live concert you want to sell, and paste the link on Twitter, YouTube, and other places where the most fans will see it.

Next, we will show you how to download videos from Mediable.

How to download videos from Mediable|KeepStreams

As a supporter, what should you do if you find a video you like on Mediable (Mediable) and want to download it? Here we would like to introduce an external download software KeepStreams.

KeepStreams is a software that allows you to download videos from various SNS video platforms, including hit videos from social networking sites such as instagram and twitter, adult content from myfan and onlyfans, or videos from Mediable and ZAIKO. ZAIKO, or creative content from the creators of Mediable and ZAIKO, you can easily download them all through KeepStreams.

The following is a step-by-step guide to downloading videos from Mediable.

Steps to download videos from Mediable

(1) Go to the official website of Keep Streams and download KeepStreams to your computer for free.

(2) Open KeepStreams and enter Mediable's website URL (https://mediable.jp/) in the address bar.

(3) Go to the Mediable website and search for the video you want to download.

(4) Enter the video's playback page, select the desired screen in the window that appears, and click "Download Now.

Summary of downloading videos from Mediable

We have explained the procedure for downloading videos from Mediable. How is it? In addition, this article also introduced the current status and usage of Mediable. If you are interested in Mediable's live ticket streaming, please give it a try. If you have other streaming services you are using, you should definitely try KeepStreams.

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