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Can I save twitter videos for free?

| Social Networks |
Updated on Nov 09, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
This paper describes how to save twitter videos for each of the following devices: PC, iPhone, and Android. All of them are free of charge.

Twitter, which has the highest diffusion power among social networking services and gathers a lot of real-time information, is used by users of all ages, especially young people.

Twitter offers the advantage of being able to quickly find related tweets when you casually search for your hobbies and interests, but have you ever experienced that images and videos you like are set to not be saved, so even if you want to download them, you cannot realize it because there is no function to save them on that screen?

In this paper, we will explain how to save twitter videos for each of PC, iPhone, and Android devices. All of them are free to use.

How to save twitter videos - 3 steps

STEP 1: Get the link to the tweet that contains the video.

STEP 2. install the dedicated application on your phone (on a PC, access the web tool).

STEP 3. paste the obtained link and save the video from the preview screen.

While a long press on an image or text on twitter will bring up the "save" menu, a long press on a video will not save it. So, once you have downloaded the twitter video, you will need an external tool.

To use such external software or application, you must prepare the link of the twitter video you want to download in advance. We will explain how to get the link first.

How to get a link to a Twitter video

To obtain the link to a video from the Twitter timeline, simply tap (or click) the "Copy Link" button on the Share button of the Twitter browser or Twitter application (iPhone or Android). The operation screen for each is as follows.

iPhone] Twitter application

Android] Twitter App

PC] Browser version of Twitter

STEP 2. and STEP 3. are explained in detail for each of PC, iPhone, and Android devices.

How to save twitter videos on PC

To save Twitter videos on PC, it is common to use external web tools. There are several ways to do this, but we will focus mainly on "TwiDropper" and "Syncer" here.

TwiDropper - for all iPhone/Android/PC

TwiDropper is a free web tool for downloading Twitter videos and can be used on iPhone and Android phones as well as PCs. You can save them to your device's storage as well as to Dropbox, a cloud storage service that saves storage space.

If you log in to your Twitter account, you can save videos, GIFs, and images sent to you via private account (key account) or direct message (DM). You can also choose from three levels of image quality (HD/high quality, SD/medium quality, and LD/low quality).

Each destination is set as standard in the following places. (except to Dropbox)

PC: The folder set as the download destination in the browser.

iPhone: The "Downloads" folder in the "iCloud Drive" folder in the "File" app. Or Photo Library.

Android: "Download" folder in "Google Photos" or "Files" app.

Below are detailed instructions using a PC web browser as an example.

(The operation is basically the same for the combination of iPhone and Safari, and Android and Chrome.)

[1] Refer to STEP 1. above and copy the link to the tweet of the video you wish to download.

[2] Enter the TwiDropper site, paste the link you copied, and click the "View" button.

[3] Select your desired quality from HD/SD/LD quality and click "Download. You can also save to Dropbox by tapping "Dropbox" on the right side of "Download" and logging in.

[3]'For iPhone, tap "Share" on the right side of "Download" and select "Save Video" to save it to your photo library.

Click here to access the TwiDropper. ↓↓


Syncer -URL converter for saving Twitter videos

Syncer Syncer is a word coined from SYNC and ER, meaning "a blog that synchronizes knowledge and inspiration. It is also said to express the desire to evolve (sync) together with everyone.

Syncer is a blog run by a blogger named Arayu, and is a URL converter for saving twitter videos and gif animations. At the moment, you can download videos directly using Syncer on PC and Android, but it is not working well on iPhone.

Of course, Syncer "URL Converter" also allows you to select from three levels of image quality.

Below are detailed instructions using a PC web browser as an example.

(The operation for Android and Chrome combination is basically the same.)

[1] Referring to STEP 1. above , copy the link of the tweet of the video you want to download.

[2] Go to the Syncer "URL converter" website and paste the link you copied into the input field marked "@twitter".

[3] Select the link for the image quality you wish to download from the comprehensive file and click to enter the screen to play the image.

[4] In the video playback screen, click the "Download" button on the right to save the video.

Click here to access Syncer "URL Converter". ↓↓

  Syncer "URL Converter

To KeepStreams users] - You can download twitter videos as well as streaming services.

If you are a member of KeepStreams, you can not only download videos from NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Disney+, TVer, u-next, and other video distribution services, but also download SNS videos.

KeepStreams is a downloader for Windows and MAC designed to save streaming videos, meaning "keep" the "streams". As mentioned above, KeepStreams can download videos from major video streaming services or social networking video sharing sites, including adult video sites, totaling more than 1,000 services.

When downloading videos from KeepStreams, you can choose from a variety of video qualities ranging from 320P to 1080P.

Below are the detailed steps to download twitter videos using KeepStreams on your PC.

[1] First, visit the KeepStreams homepage in your web browser. Install this video downloading software on your PC.

[2] Run KeepStreams, and when you find the "Twitter" icon on the homepage, click on it.

[3] You can visit Twitter directly with KeepStreams' built-in browser. When you find a video of your choice, go to the details page of this tweet.

[4] KeepStreams will then automatically analyze the url of the video. When you are ready to download the video, click the blue button in the upper left corner of the page.

[5] Then, after selecting the video quality in the window that pops up, click "Download Now" to start downloading. Of course, you can also download just the audio.

Click here to access KeepStreams Downloader. ↓↓

KeepStreams Downloader

How to save twitter videos on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, we recommend the applications "Clipbox+", "Dropbox", and "Twiclip" for saving twitter videos, all of which are basically free and without login.

Here, we will mainly focus on "Clipbox+".

Clipbox+ - a viewer app that works on the iPhone

Clipbox+ is a viewer application that allows users to search for videos and watch saved videos, etc. It can be used to view documents such as PDFs as well as files in various formats. It is a great feature. It can also be used on android devices, so if you are an android user, you may want to install it.

The following is a detailed explanation of the procedure using "Clipbox+" for iPhone as an example.

(Android users can also follow the same procedure to download the software.)

[1] Referring to STEP 1. above, copy the link in the tweet of the video you want to download.

[2] Install the "Clipbox+" application.

[3] Launch "Clipbox+" and tap "Browser" from the search screen.

[4] The Google search screen will appear. Paste the copied URL into the address bar at the top and tap the search keyboard button at the bottom.

[5] Tap the video to play, then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "+" in the menu.

[6] Tap "Are you ok?" followed by "Really?

[7] Enter a name for the file and then select "OK" to complete saving the video in the application.

*Saving may fail. In that case, utilize Syncer "URL converter" introduced above and copy the converted URL in the "Integrated File" to Clipbox+.

*Saved videos can be played from "My Collection".

Return to the top page of the Clipbox+ application and tap "My Collection" to see the videos that have been sail damaged. Tap a video to play the video even when offline.

*In addition, videos saved in the Clipbox+ app can be saved to the camera roll of the device itself.

Tap "Action" in the upper right corner of the "My Collection" screen where videos are displayed as shown above. Check the videos you want to save to the device's camera roll, swipe the menu displayed below to the right, and tap "Camera Roll" from the menu that appears. The video will then be saved to your device.

3. How to save twitter videos on Android

TwiDropper", "Syncer - URL converter for saving Twitter videos", and "Clipbox+" are all available for Android devices. There are many other apps for saving twitter videos. The three I use most often are "Fubon", "TottoPen", and "Twitter Video Saves (TwiTake)". Each has its own features, but the one we recommend the most here is "Twitter Video Saver (TwiTake)".

Twitter Video Storing Machine (TwiTake)" - 100% free application

Twitter Video Saver (TwiTake), an app for Android that allows you to save and manage videos, photos, etc., you can easily save twitter videos on your device without having to use an external URL conversion tool or log into your Twitter account.

In the Google Play Store, the name is "Twitter Video Saved Machine," but once installed on your smartphone, the application will appear on the Android home screen under the name "TwiTake. Operation is simple, and you can choose from three levels of quality for the videos you want to save. Note that videos posted from private accounts cannot be saved.

The following is a detailed description of the operation procedure on Android.

[1] Open Twitter and select "TwiTake" from the Share menu on the Tweet screen of the video you wish to save.

[2] When "TwiTake" starts up, you will suddenly enter the download screen. Tap the "Download" button.

[3] The video will be saved to a file in the app or in the device, and you are done. If it is in the device, the destination is the Photos (Albums) app, so check it here.

It is very easy to operate, and you can also add captions and tags and re-post the video, so please try it out.

Notes on saving twitter videos

If you download twitter videos using external tools or apps, you can watch them offline at any time. While there is no problem in principle to enjoy them privately, it is possible to violate the law depending on how you handle them, so please be careful.

Uploading saved videos without the contributor's permission is dangerous. It is an infringement of copyright and may result in criminal penalties. It is also dangerous to make a new video from a saved video.

In 2021, the scope of illegal downloading was expanded to include not only videos, but also comics and books.


What do you think? In this article, we introduced how to save twitter videos on PC, Android, and iPhone devices for free.

For PC operation, we recommend TwiDropper, Syncer (URL converter), and KeepStreams downloader. You can download videos by copying and pasting links from tweets with videos, or you can use KeepStreams to visit Twitter directly and download videos in your preferred quality.

For iPhone users, the best way to download videos is from a pure app called Clipbox+, which allows you to save twitter videos directly to the "Camera Roll" of the phone itself.

If you are an Android user, try using "Twitter Video Storing Machine (TwiTake)". You can save the videos you want directly to the device itself and download them immediately without having to go through an external application or log in to your twitter account.

Saving twitter videos is not a problem as long as they are for personal enjoyment, but depending on how you use them, it may be illegal, so please be careful.

Hyo Kobayashi
I have a passion for everything, from IT to DVDs, novels, and comics. With over two years of expertise, I excel in DVD copying and IT. I keep up-to-date with the latest trends and enjoy engaging in discussions about technology and hobbies. Feel free to join in!
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