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Streamline Your Video Downloads with KeepStreams One!
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VidPaw Review: Is VidPaw a Safe Video Downloader?

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Updated on Feb 13, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Do you want to get a VidPaw review to know everything about this video downloader? Read on to the guide. It elucidates every positive and negative aspect of this platform.

Many people love to stream content for longer periods on weekends. However, low-speed internet can potentially destroy the experience. Here begins the game of VidPaw. It is one of the favorite video downloaders for movie enthusiasts. It offers outstanding services for a good experience.

Before using it, if you want to know its features and downside, read this VidPaw review. We will also suggest the best alternative, KeepStreams, to keep you going with your content.

VidPaw Review: What are VidPaw and VidPaw Apps?

VidPaw is a free online video downloader that allows users to save content for an offline watch without third-party integration. Now it is bringing its features as an application to facilitate the users. VidPaw app download for PC is a versatile video downloader for Android. It is fully compatible with Mac and Windows.


Anyhow, the online version of VidPaw works fine with all systems, including Mac, iOS, Android, etc. VidPaw supports almost all major video and audio formats for all devices. Apart from downloading the content from various platforms, you can also convert it into MP3 and MP4 formats.

It helps users download an unlimited number of videos by using the URL of the target content. This is an open platform that requires no signup and registration. If you want to compare it to know benefits, you can give TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader Review a read.

VidPaw Review: What is the difference Between VidPaw Hunter and VidPaw Online Video Downloader?

Both are video-downloading applications associated with VidPaw with minor changes. VidPaw online video downloader only allows downloading from YouTube, whereas VidPaw video hunter supports more than 1000 websites, including Instagram, Facebook, etc.

VidPaw Review: Features of VidPaw Video Downloader

These are some notable features of VidPaw free online video downloader:

Unlimited Download

VidPaw downloader allows downloading from more than 100 websites. You can select the audio and video from Facebook, Instagram, or anything for any website. Moreover, the list of their supporting programs consistently updates.

Full HD Quality Support

Content downloading from popular websites is super convenient with VidPaw downloader without re-encoding. It can download content from up to 8k quality to bring a fantastic offline playback experience.

Efficient Downloader

There are many downloaders available that claim to be the best. However, they consume hours to download a few minutes of video. Conversely, VidPaw downloader supports multithreading downloads that help you make the best use of your internet.

Simple and Interactive Interface

The VidPaw downloader has a sleek as well as clear UI design, which makes it beginners friendly. You can copy the URL for the target content and paste it into the search box on the home page to download HD videos without any restrictions.

Batch Download

This is one of the most admirable features of the VidPaw downloader. You can download multiple videos from this platform simultaneously. All your selected videos will be downloaded to your device at the highest possible speed and quality.

Safe and no Ads

Unlike other video downloaders, it ensures a seamless experience. VidPaw helps you download videos from your favorite website without interruption by any third-party advertisements. No third-party advertisement means no malware and adware that can potentially harm the computer.

These are all astonishing features that you can enjoy with VidPaw. It is a small application that will not consume much space to stress it. However, if you want to consider other platforms, you can check FlixiCam Netflix Video Downloader Review.

VidPaw Review: How to Use VidPaw Video Downloader?

As the VidPaw MP4 downloader has a simple interface, it follows simple steps and takes a few minutes to download content.

VidPaw Video Downloader

Follow the below-mentioned steps to make your content available for offline watching.

Step 1: First, navigate to the official website of VidPaw. Select your system, such as Mac or Windows, and complete the installation.

Step 2: After completing the installation, launch it to download the content.

Step 3: Copy the URL of the target video and paste it into the search bar available on the homepage of VidPaw downloader.

Step 4: Set the Output format such as MP4, MP3, and more. You can also select the quality of output. Select all other necessary options and hit the download button.

After hitting the download button, you need to wait for a while. Soon you will be able to open the file and enjoy the content in offline mode.

VidPaw Review: Pros and Cons of VidPaw Downloader

Every software has some strong points and some weak points. However, check VidPaw’s one by one to check if it is worth the investment or not.


  • It is a versatile platform that is designed for almost all devices. You can access it from iOS, Android, and personal computers.
  • VidPaw supports a wide range of popular formats, including MP4, MP3, WAV, etc.
  • You can use it on your Android device in the form of an intuitive application.
  • It works as an excellent converter. You can conveniently convert a video to MP4 format.
  • You can download an unlimited number of titles. There is no downloading limit.
  • This platform supports high-quality output ranging from 4p to 8k videos.


  • The search mechanism has space for improvement.

VidPaw Review: How to Deal with VidPaw Not Working?

When it comes to video downloading, VidPaw is a bright name. The seamless integration makes it an effective tool for the movie, series or show lovers. Regardless of success, there are some development issues in VidPaw. That is why many users complain that the VidPaw video downloader is not working.

  1. In case you face this issue, here are some possible solutions to resolve the issue.
  2. If VidPaw is not downloading the content in your selected format, try to download the video with recommended options such as 720p and MP4.
  3. Refresh the page. It will possibly solve all issues.
  4. Clear your browsing history or try to use incognito mode to download the video.
  5. If the issue does not resolve, keep changing the formats to check if certain formats are messing up the whole process.
  6. Try downloading different videos to check if the issue is related to a video.

VidPaw Review: Is there a Better Video Downloader Than VidPaw?

Despite all the advantages, some people still look for better alternatives due to high prices. Indeed, VidPaw is a considerable downloader, but not available for Android and iOS in the Application form. Therefore, many people consider it a bank-breaking platform with restrictions. In this case, we suggest you refer to a better option, such as KeepStreams Video Downloader.

KeepStreams Video Downloader: Best Alternative Application of VidPaw


KeepStreams is an excellent and versatile downloader that allows downloading content in different formats. Apart from downloading, you can also convert the content from one format to another. Moreover, it is an affordable option that is available to use on all devices.

Features of KeepStreams Video Downloader

Here are some notable Key Features of KeepStreams video downloader, making it the number one choice from the plethora of options.

Save Metadata of Files

The KeepStreams video downloader allows you to download the content along with metadata. This information includes episode names, series, cast, episodes, and release dates. With this information, you can better organize your library and even track your changing interests.

User-friendly Interface

Unlike traditional downloaders, which support complex interfaces, KeepStreams has kept it simple and informative. Even beginners can download the content without assistance and guidance.

Download in Different formats.

KeepStreams supports all formats of video and audio. You can set the output format at the time of download. It supports AC3, EAC, and many more. for videos you can select from MP4, MKV, WAV etc.

Efficient Downloader

KeepStreams video downloader values your time. Therefore, as soon as you select the videos, it makes them available for offline watching. It will take time according to the length of your queue, but on average, it can download a full movie in a few minutes.

High Compatibility

KeepStreams video downloader is designed for all devices. It means whether you have a Mac or Windows, you can download the application and save as many videos and audio as you want without restriction.

How to Download Content with KeepStreams

Follow this step-by-step guide to download content in one go without professional assistance.

  • Connect your device to high-speed internet and download KeepStreams from the official website.
  • Complete installation and launch the application.
  • Navigate to VIP services to select the desired platform and log in with your credentials. You can also directly paste the URL of the video into the navigation bar.
  • Select the video, set output settings, and click on the download button.

Now you need to wait for some time to enjoy your show without the internet, advertisement, and buffering.


VidPaw video downloader is a viable option when it comes to downloading content. However, you do not have an app available on mobile. Many people take it as a bank braking option.

If you want to break the barrier of limited devices, you can select KeepStreams. It is a better and more effective alternative to the VidPaw Video downloader. This platform allows you to download the content of high quality at high speed. You can also download multiple videos at a time while staying in one place.

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