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(100% Working) 3 Methods to Download Spotify Music on Mac

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Updated on Sep 22, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Want to download Spotify music from Spotify on Mac? This article shows you how to download songs from Spotify on Mac in 3 ways.

Listening to your favorite Spotify playlists is fantastic. But sometimes, the poor Internet connection and device limit may ruin your mood. Have you ever thought of downloading Spotify music on Mac? Or do you want to listen to Spotify songs anytime, anywhere. We will uncover all possible ways to save Spotify music on Mac device.

Method 1: Download Spotify Music on Mac with Spotify Premium

The first method comes into your mind may be using Spotify app if you have a Spotify Premium account. The steps to download Spotify for Mac are as follows.

Step 1: Download Spotify Application on Mac

Acquiring the Spotify application should be your first step. Go to the official Spotify website and locate the download link for the Mac version of the app. Click on it, and the download process will automatically commence. After downloading, proceed to install the app by dragging it into your applications folder. Double-click to open it once the installation is complete.

Step 2: Log in to your Spotify Premium Account

After installation, the Spotify icon will appear on your Mac's home screen. Open the application; the Spotify login page will appear. Input your Premium account credentials (username and password) and sign in. (If you're yet to upgrade to Premium, you can do so on the app’s homepage.)

Step 3: Find the Spotify Playlists and Download

With the app running successfully and your Premium account activated, search for your favorite music. You can either look for individual songs or curated playlists. After identifying the music or playlist, click on the "Download" toggle switch right beneath the playlist or album description. 

Note: The downloading feature is only available for saved playlists or albums. For individual songs, you have to add them to a playlist first then proceed to download the whole playlist. 

Method 2: Download Spotify Music on Mac with KeepBeats Spotify Converter

What if you just want to download Spotify songs on Mac without Premium? Then you need the help of a professional Spotify to MP3 Converter like KeepBeats.

KeepBeats Spotify Converter
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KeepBeats Spotify Converter is a reliable Spotify converter to convert Spotify music to MP3 and FLAC formats on Mac and Windows. It can not only save playlists but also the meta information of Spotify songs.

Step 1. Initialize KeepBeats Converter on Mac

To kickstart the KeepBeats Converter, download the Mac version, install it, and start the application on your Mac.


KeepBeats Spotify Converter

Step 2. Sign into Spotify Account and Initiate Spotify Track 

Enter your Spotify credentials in the Mac-specific KeepBeats Converter to grant the software Spotify music access.

Sign in to Spotify

Always double-check your internet stability. Be mindful with managing your user credentials to prevent any security threats.

Step 3. Choose Output Formats for Spotify Tracks

The choice of output format in KeepBeats Converter impacts the resultant song's compatibility and quality. The software provides options like MP3, M4A, FLAC, and more. Select a suitable format that aligns with your device or requirements.

KeepBeats Spotify songs

Step 4. Commence Conversion of Spotify Tracks on Mac

"Conversion" entails changing tracks from Spotify's unique format into a more universally accepted one (such as MP3) without compromising the sonic fidelity. 

KeepBeats Downloaded Music

Method 3: Download Spotify Music on Mac with SpotifyDown

Another way to download Spotify Music on Mac is to use an online Spotify Music Converter. They are free and easy to use.

Step 1: Select and Copy the Song or Album Link from Spotify

To begin, you need to open your Spotify application and locate the song or album you wish to download. After finding it, tap on the button that appears as "three dots" and choose the "Share" option. In this menu, you'll see the "Copy Link" function. Click this button to successfully copy the link to your selected song or album.

Step 2: Paste and Submit the Link on SpotifyDown

Next, paste the link you have just copied into the corresponding field on SpotifyDown, and then hit the "Submit" button. At this point, SpotifyDown starts to process your request.


Step 3: Wait for Processing to Complete and Download

Once you've submitted the link, the system needs some time to process it. As soon as the process is completed, you can hit the "Download" button, saving the song or album to your personal device. This process may take some time, so please be patient. The duration depends on the size of the content you have chosen to download.

Comparison between 3 Methods of Downloading Songs from Spotify on Mac

We have listed the key factors of these 3 methods of downloading music from Spotify on Mac. And it is concluded that Spotify App suits for users who don't mind the Spotify download limit and have enough budget for Spotify premium subscription.

KeepBeats Spotify Converter is more user-friendly and it suits for anyone who wants to listen to Spotify songs offline as MP3. It provides more flexibility and satisfy diverse needs of users. SpotifyDown, as a online Spotify to MP3 converter, lacks conversion stability but can be an alternative if you have a tight budget.

  Spotify App KeepBeats Spotify Converter SpotifyDown
Success Rate 100% 93% 71%
Availability Only Premium users Free and Premium users Free and Premium users
No Ads ×
Auto Download × ×
Save ID3 Tag Unkown
Download Format OGG MP3, M4V MP3
Download Speed 10X 20X 5X
Downloads Expiration 30 days if you don't sign in Never Never
Prices $10.99 to $16.99 per month $13.99 per month Free
$59.99 per year
$99.99 for Lifetime


Downloading Music from Spotify on Mac is simple with the detailed guide in this article. And KeepBeats Spotify Converter is the most recommended way to do that. You can download Spotify songs on Mac without premium with KeepBeats Spotify to MP3 tool. KeepBeats also offers free trial to new users, you can try before you subscribe!


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