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Popular band SUMIKA's latest album "For." released! Detailed explanation of the songs and member senses!

| Idol |
Published on Sep 23, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we would like to talk about SUMIKA's latest album "For." The songs from the 4th full album "For.", as well as the senses of the members are collected and explained through interviews with Music Natalie and others.

sumika released their 4th full album "For." on September 21🎆🎆🎆.

Wow, released already? Haven't heard Kataoka Kenta sing in a while! I missed it!"

I'm sure many of you are thinking, "I haven't heard Kenta Kataoka's voice in a long time! In this article, I would like to talk about SUMIKA's latest album "For.

I will explain the songs from the 4th full album "For.", as well as the senses of the members gathered from interviews with Music Natalie and other sources.

Who is SUMIKA?

SUMIKA is a four-piece band formed by Kenta Kataoka (Vo, G), Tomoyuki Arai (Dr, Cho), Junnosuke Kuroda (G, Cho), and Takayuki Ogawa (Key, Cho). 2017 saw the release of the band's first full album "Familia," which reached the highest Oricon Ranking It reached No. 5 on the Oricon chart. The band has songs tied up with hit movies "Kimi no Pancreas wo Tabetai" and "Bokono Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising," and has gained a lot of popularity.

Sumika's 4th full-length album "For.

For." is Sumika's 4th full album, released only 1 year and 6 months after their last album "MUSIC", the shortest time for Sumika to release a full album.

For." was released in three forms: Limited First Edition A, Limited First Edition B, and Normal Edition, and each Limited First Edition comes with a Blu-ray. The limited first edition A includes the live video "Sumika Film #11 - Special Live "Little Crown 2022"".

The Limited First Edition B includes the live video "sumika Film #12 sumika FANCLUB LIVE TOUR 2022 'Enkai' 2022.5.17 at Zepp Haneda(TOKYO)" which was held on May 17, 2010.

Songs from Sumika's 4th full album "For.

First Limited Edition A / First Limited Edition B / Normal Edition Common

1. New World

2. glitter

3. what you are

4. flare

5. simple

6. ritardando


8. transparent

9. words and heart

10. Jasmine


12. chocolates

Shake & Shake

Lost Found.

Limited First Edition A Special BD

〜Special Live "Little Crown 2022

1. 10 o'clock

2. screaming serenade

Shake & Shake

4. equal


6. glider slider


8. spring, summer, fall, winter

9. glitter

10. sense of wonder

Limited First Edition B Special BD

sumika FANCLUB LIVE TOUR 2022 "Enkai" 2022.5.17 at Zepp Haneda(TOKYO)

1. akaneiro no gunsei

2. my name is

3. inazuma

4. soda

5. enn

6. the magic word of failure

7. lila

8. fanfare

Shake & Shake

10. comet

11. dust

12. 10 o'clock

13. transparent

Sumika's 4th full-length album "For.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Sumika's formation in 2022, each member has his/her own feeling about the release of the 4th full-length album "For.

When asked if he did anything he had never done before while preparing for his 4th full-length album "For. Tomoyuki Arai (Dr., Cho) I think we have been gradually expanding the variations of songs, the ways of expression, and how wide the range is within the line of Sumika, and how much we can show up to this line. I have responded. Junnosuke Kuroda (G, Cho) I have the impression that we went into the production process with a stronger sense than usual of who was thinking about what. He said

Takayuki Ogawa (Key, Cho) I think this is the most complete work to date, both as a whole and in terms of the individual songs. I think it's the most complete work to date, both as a whole and in terms of the individual songs.

Kenta Kataoka (Vo, G) The title "For." was chosen because this is the fourth album by the four members of Sumika, and I first thought of the meaning of "four" (FOUR), and as I kept thinking about it, the word "For. I kept thinking about it, and the word 'For.

Sounds good, doesn't it! So far, I have described Sumika's 4th full-length album "For. If you want to get more information about Sumika, join "Sumika ATTiC ROOM"!


ATTiC ROOM" is Sumika's official fan club based on the concept of "Attic Room".

By registering as a member (440 yen/month (tax included)), you will be able to receive special benefits such as advance registration for live concerts and special continuing privileges depending on how long you have been a member.

You can also enjoy various contents such as web radio and videos only available here.

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