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A comprehensive explanation of how to save economic videos from teletext biz (teletext biz) to your PC.

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Updated on Oct 28, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
Is it very good and significant to acquire various knowledge at the level of economy, society, international, etc. through Teletext biz? In this article, we will summarize and explain how to save economic videos from teletext biz to your PC. A must for anyone who wants to save Teletext economic videos!

For students in the economics department, it's standard practice to watch Teletext biz every day!"

Recently, there are many original programs on politics and economics on Teletext biz!

"If I record the news on Teletext Biz for study purposes, I can study anywhere and anytime without Wi-Fi..."

Teleto biz (Teleto biz) is one of Teleto's on-demand services, which provides TV programs on economics and politics, and is updated daily with economic news and original programs, with research focused on various social and international issues!

Surely, through Teletext biz, you can acquire a variety of knowledge on the economic, social, and international levels, which is of great significance? In this article, we will summarize and explain how to save economic videos from Teletext biz (Teletext biz) to your PC. You must be the one who wants to save the economic videos from teletext biz!

How to record teletext biz videos using VideoProc Converter

VideoProc has both free and premium versions. The free and premium versions are very different from each other. When using the free version to record video, the "VideoProc-Recorder" watermark logo will appear on the recording screen. Purchasing the paid version removes that necessary branding.

When trying to record teletext biz with VideoProc, it is essential to keep in mind that some videos have DRM, a system that prevents recording, and you may not be able to record all of them.

1. open a browser and go to the VideoProc homepage to download the program. 

2. launch the program. After launching, select "Next" and you will see the hardware details as shown in the figure below. 

3.Select the "Record" button on the VideoProc screen. 

4.You will be taken to the Recording screen. Click "Crop" to specify the recording area.

5. Once you have specified the area you wish to record, click the green check button. 

6. Click "REC" to start recording.

7.Select "STOP" to end recording. The video will be saved immediately.

Here we have explained how to record videos from teletext biz using VideoProc Converter. Streaming videos take longer to record, so VideoProc Converter is not recommended once they are saved.

How to download videos from teletext biz with KeepStreams Downloader

Next, we recommend KeepStreams, a downloader rather than a traditional recording program, as a tool for saving teletext biz videos. keepStreams is the best choice for downloading videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, TVer, gyao, and hundreds of other Given that it supports streaming services, you may be wondering how it is possible to capture the screen of a televisual.

In fact, KeepStreams can download videos in up to full HD resolution and Dolby Audio AAC 2.0, so you can watch the best live streaming offline as often as you like. (Please note that the maximum quality and sound quality may vary depending on the video.) You can download and save Teletubbies programs from KeepStreams by following the steps below.

1. Official website of KeepStreamsto download and install the software. 2.

2. launch KeepStreams and enter "" in the address bar above Home to access the teletext biz website.

3. after logging in, go to the teletext business page and find the video you want to download (you do not have to log in, as some content is available for free).

4. go to the playback page, select the video quality in the pop-up box, and click "Download Now." If the window does not appear, click "M3U8" in the upper left corner and it will appear.

Unlike recording programs that allow you to record videos while they are playing, KeepStreams allows you to download videos as soon as you select the ones you want to save. The waiting time is greatly reduced and downloading takes only a few minutes. This is where KeepStreams excels. If you want to save economic videos from Teletext biz (TVer biz) to your PC, we recommend KeepStreams.

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