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How to record Spotify music with speed, no degradation, and no conversion required|The secret to recording Spotify music

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Updated on Sep 18, 2023 | 10 Minutes Reading
With the recording trick we will introduce here, you can record and convert Spotify music in lossless sound quality and save it in a single operation, so it can be played offline whether you are a premium or free member.

I downloaded music from Spotify, can't I play it in other apps? Yes.

Can I record Spotify music on my smartphone for easy playback? ' "Is it possible to record Spotify music on my smartphone so that I can play it back easily?

I find Spotify music recording to be slow, the sound quality is low, and I don't think it's possible to record without degradation."

However, there is actually software that allows you to record music at high speed, with no degradation and the best sound quality, and without the need for time-consuming conversion. In this article, we will explain how to record Spotify music in good quality, which is not well known but practically possible.

A behind-the-scenes way to record Spotify music that you should know about.

Spotify's official download feature is only for premium members, and downloaded songs can only be played on the app. Also, if you play them on other players, you have to record them, convert them to a highly versatile format, and save them.

With the recording trick introduced here, you can record, convert, and save Spotify music in a single step with lossless sound quality, so you can play it offline whether you are a premium or free member.

Recording Techniques that Compete with the Download Feature

Currently, there are some music and podcasts that are not available for download on Spotify, so it doesn't hurt to know the techniques introduced in this article.

By recording your favorite songs and podcasts and storing them permanently, you can not only easily play them on any device, but also create your own background music. Enhance your music experience by easily acquiring music and podcasts.

If many people are recording, music storage will be slower than the download feature. In fact, one of the benefits of this technique is its speed and efficiency: you can record 3 minutes of music in about 5 seconds and download songs from a playlist in one go. Let's take a look at how to record Spotify music.

How to record Spotify music - encrypted Spotify music

Let's first investigate why Spotify only plays downloaded music in the app.

Playback outside of the Spotify app is basically impossible.

You can sync and listen to Spotify music online, but off-run playback would be beneficial if you are looking to curb communication costs. Basically, Spotify music downloaded on one device cannot be played on any other player or device.

This is because Spotify encrypts almost all music with a technology called "DRM".

What is DRM?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a technology or approach to preventing unauthorized use of digital content (movies, music, books, etc.) and maintaining encryption of the content. It serves to prevent unauthorized copying and reuse by restricting the original data so that it can only be played on specific software or hardware.

With this technology, songs and potcasts played on Spotify are subject to such prevention techniques, which means that downloaded content cannot be played outside of the app.

How to break Spotify encryption

In response to the encrypted Spotify anti-piracy technology, a specific item allows you to record and download Spotify music and save it as a variety of highly versatile formats.

This article will detail the recording download method that provides this specific item.

How to Record Spotify Music Behind the Scenes - What are the essential tools?

In this section, we will discuss what you need to prepare before recording and downloading Spotify music. To record, you will need acomputer (Windows or Mac), an available Internet connection, a Spotify account, and other basic necessities.

The Essential Tool - Recording Software

To record Spotify music fast, losslessly, and without conversion, you need a recording software called " KeepBeats Spotify Converter ".

With this behind-the-scenes tool, you can You will realize the following benefits You will be able to

  • ✅Record music that does not support Spotify's download feature for offline playback.
  • ✅Save music in formats such as Mp3/m4a/opus/flac/ogg/wav, transfer to other devices, and import into editing software
  • ✅ Download and save Spotify music with up to 320 kbps sound quality and no degradation
  • ✅Download lyrics and ID3 tags for easy management of your music library
  • ✅Record, convert, and save your music in 1/20 of the music length

Is $2,000 a month expensive? Only $700 per month if you purchase a yearly subscription!

At first glance, the price of a monthly plan for "KeepBeats Spotify Converter" may seem expensive at ¥2,000. However, now that Spotify music is available for free, this plan is very worth considering.

If you take advantage of this plan now, while Spotify music is available for free, and download all of your favorite songs and potcasts, you can skip songs at your leisure and use them unlimited even overseas. From this point of view, would this be a great financial benefit? And since KeepBeats is free to use, you can try it out first with a free trial.

Even during free use, you can choosethe sound quality as much as you want, with quality settings ranging from 64 kbps to 320 kbps and output formats of mp4, flac, opus, mp3, and wav. We recommend that you try the free trial to get a feel for the actual use of the software before considering purchase.

If you think 2,000 yen is not cost-effective, we recommend you purchase an annual subscription plan. If you think 2,000 yen is not economical, we recommend you purchase an annual subscription plan.

How to Record Spotify Music - Step-by-step instructions for recording Spotify music.

Now, here are the instructions for recording and downloading Spotify music.

Install KeepBeats Spotify Converter

First of all Go to the official KeepBeats website and click the button below to install the recording software "KeepBeats Spotify Converter" on your computer.

Click "Free Trial" to download the installer.

The secret to recording Spotify music - KeepBeats Spotify Converter

Check the save location and download the installer named "KeepBeats_Spotify_Converter_1004.exe".

Install KeepBeats - Download the installer1

After downloading, open this file.

Install KeepBeats - Download the installer2

Follow the installer's instructions to operate the installation. After selecting a destination, click "Click Install" to continue.

Install KeepBeats - Download the installer3

Also, wait 5 minutes for the program file to download.

Install KeepBeats - Download the installer4

After downloading, open the program. Please wait a few moments for it to complete loading.

Install KeepBeats - Launch the program

Click "Start KeepBeats" in the pop-up window to finally operate the music recording.

KeepBeats Installation - Launching the Program2

Recording Download Settings

KeepBeats UI is available in more than 30 languages, including English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Below is an explanation of language settings and recording settings.

Access the program and click on "Settings" in the upper right corner.

Recording download settings1

Then, select "Japanese" from the "General" -> "Language" options.

Recording Download Settings - Language Settings

And if you want to set up Spotify music recording in advance, you can go to "VIP Service" -> "Spotify Settings" to set the output format. Suddenly, you can also set the sound quality, output format, etc. of Spotify music in the process of recording Spotify music later.

Recording Download Settings - Output Settings

Start recording Spotify music

Return to the KeepBeats homepage and under VIP Services, select the "Spotify" icon.

Recording Spotify music - select the Spotify icon

Go to the official Spotify website and first log in to your Spotify account. Then select the single song you want to download, as well as your preferred album or pre-list.

Without a Spotify account, you will not be able to listen to Spotify music and record KeepBeats.

Recording Spotify Music - Select Spotify Music

Then, after selecting "Format" and "Quality," etc., click "Download Now" to start recording your music.

Recording Spotify Music - Select Sound Quality

If you click "Add to Queue," you can add songs to other queues later, or click "Start All" in the "Downloading" section to record all songs at once.

Start all Spotify music recordings-downloads

You can also check the download progress in the "Downloading" section.

Spotify music recording - confirmed during download

Songs that have been recorded and downloaded can be viewed in the "Downloading" operation item on the left side of the screen.

Spotify music recording - confirmed by download

Click on the folder icon to the right of the recorded song to browse to the specific location of the downloaded Spotify music file.

Spotify music recordings - saved in destination

How to record Spotify music behind the scenes - how to purchase and authorize a plan

KeepBeats Spotify Converter is a paid software, but there is a free trial, so please consider purchasing this software after your free trial.

You can record only 3 Spotify songs, but you can also record music from other music services, so you can fully test the software's performance, but if you want to continue using it, you will need to purchase a paid subscription plan. Then you will be able to continue to record and download Spotify music easily and efficiently.

KeepBeats Spotify Converter has launched different membership plans to meet different needs. Moreover, there are many promotional sales and you can get it at a reasonable price.

How to Purchase and Authorize Plans - Rate Plans

By the way, if you purchase the KeepBeats One all-in-one product, you can easily record and download music from over 10 services, from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, etc. For about $35,000, you get lifetime access.

How to purchase and activate your plan - KeepBeats One

This section will explain how to purchase or activate a Spotify music membership plan.

Purchasing a Spotify music membership plan

First, go to the official KeepBeats Spotify Converter website and click on "View Pricing".

Buy Spotify Music Membership Plans - See Pricing

Then, select the product and choose the OS and plan that fits you best, and click "Continue" to move to the next step.

Purchase a Spotify music membership plan - select a price plan

Check the list of included services on the right to see which service you want to purchase. And here you can purchase Amazon Music Converter as a bundle and save 10% off. Click "Continue" to move to the next step.

Purchase a Spotify music membership plan - see what services are included

In the next step, enter the email address where the verification email will be delivered to, review the "Terms of Use," "Terms of Purchase," and "Refund Terms," then click "Continue" to move to the next step.

Purchase a Spotify music membership plan - enter your email address

Then, choose PayPal or credit card payment method and enter the code if you have a voucher. After entering your personal information such as card number, validity period, and security code, make your payment.

Purchase a Spotify music membership plan - choose a payment method

Then, when "Attention Complete" is displayed, your purchase is complete. You will receive an email confirmation of the order completion with your purchase email address.

Purchase a Spotify music membership plan - order complete

Verify your license.

After purchasing a membership plan, there is one last step left before unlimited use. The next step is to activate your membership license.

Creating an Account

First, create a KeepStreams & KeepBeats account by going to the KeepBeats sign-up page and entering your pre-purchase email address.

Activate your license - Create an account

Then look for your KeepStreams verification email in your email inbox and click on "Activate Account".

Activate your license - Activity your account

Then, set up your password. After setting it, you can start activating your license.

Authenticate your license - set your password

License Activation Process

First, open the program, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner, and then click on "Activate".

Activate the license - Authentication

Here, log in using the account you created earlier. Then click "Authentication.

Activate your license - log in and click on Activate

Wait a moment. When you see "This computer has been activated! is displayed, your license has been activated.

Activate the license - Activation complete

How to record Spotify music behind the scenes - How to listen to recorded Spotify songs

Now that your Spotify music recordings have been saved in a highly versatile format, you can move them to a variety of media players and devices for playback. Below are instructions on how to play your Spotify recordings on your computer or iPhone.

Playing on Windows media players is recommended.

If you use Windows, a free media player can easily play Spotify music. Here, we recommend the Windows Media Player, which is generally available without installation.

You can easily play the recorded Spotify music file by right-clicking on it and selecting "Open from Programs" -> "Windows Media Player".

How to listen to recorded Spotify songs - Windows Media Player

MAC If you transfer to iPhone again, iTunes is most recommended.

The biggest advantage of iTunes is the convenience of synchronizing and transferring data to and from the iPhone. It is also convenient to manage your music library with features such as ID3 data and song categorization. It is also easy to use.

Install and launch Itunes. iTunes home screen, click "Files" in the upper left corner and select "Add Files to Library. Next, open the location where your converted Spotify music files are stored and select the songs you want to import.

iTunes supports only three formats, MP3, M4A, and WAV, so other formats cannot be imported.

How to listen to recorded Spotify songs - iTunes

You can transfer recorded music to your iPhone for playback via iTunes. Please check the following article for specific instructions.

How to import & sync Spotify music to iTunes and playback|How to convert Spotify to MP3 for permanent storage.

How to record Spotify music behind the scenes - Summary

If you have long thought that Spotify music can only be downloaded and played on the app, this article has helped you understand how you can record Spotify music and save it in various formats. We hope you will try to record your favorite Spotify music with the software we have introduced here.

How to record Spotify music - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to record Spotify music?

When a copyrighted work can be freely used as stipulated in the Copyright Law According to the Reproduction for Private Use (Article 30),

A work may be reproduced for use in the home for purposes other than work. For the same purpose, translation, arrangement, transformation, or adaptation may also be made. It is legal for individuals to record content for their own private use.

In other words, it is not illegal to record and play Spotify music for enjoyment with friends and family in the home.

However, it is illegal to distribute or use stored Prime Video content for commercial purposes.

Please note that exceeding the scope of personal use may violate copyright laws.

The penalty is " imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine of not more than 3 million yen (or both).

Will I be caught recording Spotify music?

Recording Spotify music can be done without notification or warning from Spotify. Therefore, the risk of being caught recording is very low.

In fact, recording music from a music subscription service does not reveal that you recorded it or any personal information. This is because our personal information is properly protected by privacy laws.

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