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How to Stream and Screen Share Amazon Prime on Discord Without a Black Screen?

| Prime Video |
Updated on Jun 05, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will explain how to stream and screen share Amazon Prime on Discord without a black screen.

Discord's game streaming feature not only allows you to share gameplay with friends in voice channels, but it also provides the opportunity to stream videos from platforms like Amazon Prime Video. For those who want to enjoy movie nights with friends without the hassle of physically getting together, this feature offers a convenient solution. In this guide, I will walk you through the process of streaming Amazon Prime on Discord without encountering a black screen, enabling you to easily share your screen.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord and Share Your Screen

By default, Discord is set to recognize games, which means that the Prime Video app may not initially appear as a streaming option. However, you can manually add it to the list. Once added, you can livestream the video you are currently watching, mimicking the experience of playing a game. Your friends can then join a voice channel to watch together.

Below, I will outline the steps for streaming using the Prime Video app. Additionally, I will explain how you can stream or screen share Prime Video on Discord using the web player.

If you are interested in learning how to stream Netflix on Discord, you can find the instructions here.

How to Add Prime Video to Discord

1. Begin by logging in to your Amazon Prime Video account using a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

How to Add Prime Video to Discord-1

2. Open Discord and navigate to the top menu, then select the gear icon.

How to Add Prime Video to Discord-2

3. Choose "Registered Games" and click on "Add it".

How to Add Prime Video to Discord-3

4. From the "Select" menu, opt for "Prime Video for Windows". Then, click on "Add Game" to finalize the channel addition.

How to Add Prime Video to Discord-4

How to Share Prime Video on Discord

Integrating Prime Video into Discord's game library is straightforward, however, sharing videos with others necessitates screen sharing. To enjoy Amazon videos with your friends, follow this detailed guide on how to screen share Prime Video on Discord, complete with illustrative images.

1. Locate the monitor icon adjacent to Prime Video for Windows in the channel list.

How to Screen Share Prime Video on Discord-1

2. Once you have chosen the audio channel, resolution, and frame rate, hit the Go Live button.

How to Screen Share Prime Video on Discord-2

3. Prime Video is now live on Discord's audio channel. Invite your friends to watch together.

How to Screen Share Prime Video on Discord-3

Resolving Black Screen Issues with Amazon Prime on Discord

The process of streaming Amazon Prime on Discord may not be overly complicated, but it may not always function flawlessly. A common issue is encountering a black screen instead of the video. In such cases, attempt to close and reopen Discord. It's possible that Discord requires an update. If that doesn't remedy the issue, try restarting your computer.

Pinpointing the exact cause may prove challenging, but being aware of potential solutions can provide some reassurance. Below are some steps to take if you encounter this problem.

Consider experimenting with different sources. If you're navigating Amazon Prime through the app, you may want to try accessing it via a web browser instead. In the event that you're currently streaming using a web browser, begin by disabling hardware acceleration. If the problem persists, test out an alternative browser. Keep in mind that certain browsers are more compatible with streaming videos on Discord. Updates have the potential to disrupt functions temporarily or completely. If this occurs, transitioning to a different browser typically resolves the issue.

Upgrade Your Discord

Keeping Discord updated is a simple yet effective method for resolving bugs. If a black screen emerges, prioritizing the search for a Discord update should be your initial step in troubleshooting.

Refresh the Cache

Occasionally, Discord may contain corrupted cached data, causing it to crash upon startup and display a black screen. Clearing the cache is the sole solution for eliminating such problematic elements.

Close Background Applications

Background applications can disrupt Discord's startup process. To prevent this issue, it's essential to close unnecessary programs running in the background.

Consider Changing the Source

If you're utilizing the Amazon Prime app, consider using a web browser as an alternative. If you're already streaming from a web browser, begin by disabling hardware acceleration. In case this doesn't resolve the issue, switch to a different browser. Certain web browsers are more efficient for streaming videos on Discord. Furthermore, updates may occasionally halt certain functions temporarily or permanently. In such instances, transitioning to a different browser usually rectifies the problem.

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In this post, I've outlined the steps to stream and screen share Amazon Prime on Discord without encountering a black screen. How did you like the information? With Discord, you can effortlessly enjoy watching shows and movies on Amazon Prime with your friends. If you come across a black screen, there's no need to worry. Simply follow the methods provided above to resolve the issue.

For those who wish to watch Amazon Prime videos offline, consider using KeepStreams for Prime Video!

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