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How to Stream Netflix on Discord Without a Black Screen? [2024]

| Netflix |
Updated on Jun 05, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
How to stream Netflix on Discord is concerning for Discord users. This article solves this enigma and also teaches you how to screen share Netflix on Discord.

Discord is a feature-rich online platform. With Discord, you can do almost everything chilling with your friend, including playing games, chitchatting with friends and even building an online community. Streaming Netflix on Discord goes viral these days. Many are wondering how to join their friends to see Netflix series online. In this article, we're going to walk you through all the aspects of streaming Netflix on Discord.

For those who are not familiar with how to stream Netflix on your Discord, encountering a black screen can be really frustrating in the middle of your Netflix watching. Don't worry, we get you covered. You will be able to sort out the issue and have fun with your friends on Discord! But first things first, you need to know the key strengths of streaming Netflix on Discord.

Why Choose to Stream Netflix on Discord?

What Are the Advantages of Streaming Netflix on Discord?-1

You can easily stream Netflix and screen share Netflix on Discord at the same time. Discord is an outstanding platform for Netflix for various reasons below.

  1. Discord allows you to share your Netflix streamings with your friends or watch and chat simultaneously.
  2. Discord provides a better server infrastructure than other streaming platforms. It helps you watch Netflix without buffering or lag issues.
  3. Discord can be your escape if you have a limited data plan.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord?

A five-minute tutorial will teach you all the important steps of how to stream Netflix on Discord. How to screen share Netflix on Discord is also easy once you know the initials of pairing Netflix and Discord.

  • Open the browser on the desktop and search Netflix. Sign into your account and load your favorite movie or TV show.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord?-1

  • When it's done, minimize the Netflix tab and open your Discord app on the desktop. Move to the User Settings icon on Discord’s home page in the lower left corner.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord?-2

  • Move to "Registered Games" under the "Activity Settings" heading on the next window.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord?-3

  • The next page holds importance in learning how to stream Netflix on Discord. This window allows you to add your preferences. Click on the "Add it!" option here.
  • A drop-down menu will appear soon after you click on the “Add it!” text. It will show a list of currently active apps. Look for your browser name that is running Netflix in the background and select it.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord?-4

  • Click on the “Add Game” option after selecting your browser. It will add the browser to Discord’s now playing list.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord?-5

Adding the tab of Google Chrome or any other browser running Netflix will solve the query of how to stream Netflix on Discord. The next move to learn is how to screen share Netflix on Discord.

How to Screen Share Netflix on Discord?

Adding your Netflix to Discord’s list is easy; however, it is of no use if you do not know how to screen share Netflix on Discord.

  • Select the “Stream Google Chrome” icon just in front of Google Chrome from the list of server apps.

How to Screen Share Netflix on Discord?-1

  • Adjust the streaming settings like resolution, frame rate, and stream quality. Click on the blue icon saying "Go Live."

How to Screen Share Netflix on Discord?-2

  • A streaming window will appear showing Netflix shows on Discord. Remember that you must also open the Netflix tab on your browser.

Why We Face Discord Stream Black Screen Trouble?

Streaming Netflix on Discord without a black screen is another issue that arises after you untangle the knot of how to stream Netflix on Discord using a desktop.

A black screen can pop up during Netflix streaming very often. However, contrary to what many people think, a black screen is not necessarily a techy issue you can do nothing about. Most black screen problems can be nipped in the bud before they ruin your streaming experience. Here is the checklist of what you should pay attention to.

  • Your browser may be inactive and out of focus.
  • The option of hardware acceleration is turned on in your browser.
  • Your browser may be outdated.
  • Discord app’s cache is full and occupies plenty of space.
  • Too many browser extensions could be a snag in your perfect Netflix streaming.

Doublechecking the abovementioned point on a regular basis will prevent a black screen from popping up in most cases. Find a possible solution to each of the above problems, and you are all set!

How to Stream Netflix on Discord Without a Black Screen?

First, you will need to rule out the causes that are causing glitches in your Discord functions. Most are simple and require easy solutions like updating your Discord app or browser. But you will need modern solutions if the problem persists.

Clear Discord Cache

Clear Discord Cache-1

The Discord stream black screen issue can disappear after you clear its cache folder. Open the command box on your desktop and enter the command "%appdata%." Now open the Discord folder, look for the cache folder and delete it.

Update Display Driver

Update Display Driver-1

An old version graphic card is one reason for Discord streams a black screen. Update your Windows display driver to the most recent version to keep streaming without any interruption.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Can you stream Netflix on Discord with your browser's hardware accelerator on? The answer is no. It would be best if you disabled it first. The following steps will help you do it in Google Chrome:

  • Open your browser, click the three dots icon on the top-right corner and move down to "Settings."

Disable Hardware Acceleration-1

  • Open the System tab. There you will see the option of "Use hardware acceleration when available." Please turn it off and then stream Netflix on Discord again.

Disable Hardware Acceleration-2

Fix Netflix Account

Many people ask how to watch Netflix on Discord with an interrupted Netflix account. Well, you cannot do that unless you fix your Netflix account.

Learn to change regions on your Netflix account if you have regional restrictions on Netflix. Your Netflix may be showing errors, and it could be a big reason for black screens on Discord while running Netflix. Fixing Netflix error code UI-800-3 can also solve your problem.

What's more, you can always record Netflix using PlayOn if none of the above solutions work on your query of how to watch Netflix on Discord without having a black screen.

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KeepStreams for Netflix

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Final Words

Discord and Netflix could be a perfect match if you know how to stream Netflix on Discord. In just a few steps Netflix series and movies will be available on Discord. You can chitchat with your friends and stream Netflix simultaneously.

A few hurdles can always appear in your peaceful streaming. But remember, no problem comes without a solution. Updating your browser or the Discord app can clear your issues. Look into your Netflix app if you are still having trouble.

Come and enjoy yourselves after resolving these issues!

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