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Where to save Spotify downloads? How to change to an easy-to-use SD card

| Spotify |
Updated on Sep 17, 2023 | 3 Minutes Reading
This section explains how to view your spotify saves on your PC or phone and how to change your save location. If you want to enjoy spotify freely, KeepBeats is the best choice.

Spotify Downloading music from Spotify is a great way to save on communication data, but where are those downloaded songs stored? How can you see where they are stored? And how do you store downloaded music on an SD card?

In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to check where the music is stored and how to save the downloaded music to an SD card. and how to check the location where the music is stored, and how to change the download and how to change the download destination.

Spotify on your PC

How to check and change

  • Launch Spotify and enter the settings screen.

  • Scroll down to find "Storage" and a red box will indicate where you want to store them.

  • Select "Change Region" to change where your Spotify music downloads are stored.

Removable storage

If you change the location of the download, the retrieved file is just a cached file. If you examine its storage location, you will not find the actual music data. Therefore, even if you change the storage location to a removable device such as a USB flash drive or SD card, it is impossible to play the music on a device without the Spotify application. We recommend KeepBeats Spotify Converter. With this conversion tool, you can connect to Spotify and access your songs directly with the tool's built-in browser, without having to download Spotify. There is no need for a complicated conversion process from cache files to actual music files. With a single click, you can download and convert music directly from the Spotify page.

How to use KeepBeats Spotify Converter

KeepStreams Spotify Converter
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  • Save as MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC or FLAC format!
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How to use KeepBeats

  • Download and install KeepBeats on the official KeepBeats website.
  • Select Spotify for KeepBeats.

  • Select your favorite music.

  • Select the sound quality in the pop-up window.

Spotify on your phone

How to check and change

  • Open to the Settings screen in the upper right corner.

  • Under "Storage" you will see the destination.

  • You can change the destination to "SD card" in Storage.

Remember that an SD card reader is not necessary to change the storage arrangement of a mobile device. Android, by virtue of its card slot, recognizes SD cards and makes them available for use as external storage. However, only android smartphones can change the memory location to an SD card, as Apple smartphones cannot use external storage.


This memo explains how to view your spotify storage location on your PC or smartphone and how to change your storage location. If you want to enjoy spotify freely, KeepBeats is the best choice.

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