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A comprehensive guide on how to watch TIF! Also explains how to download it!

| Idol |
Published on Sep 28, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article introduces streaming services that allow you to watch programs about TIF. It also explains how to download TIF videos.

TIF (TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL) is a music event that has been held since 2010. As an "idol festival" featuring a wide range of idols from major idols to underground idols, it attracts attention from all over the world, with overseas media and fans visiting every year. This article introduces streaming services that allow you to watch programs related to TIF. It also explains how to download TIF videos.

Detailed status of TIF TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022

A total of 10 groups (Shinshinsha Todoroki, Gekijo no Yoroku. / FES☆TIVE / =LOVE / ≠ME / ≒JOY / AKB48 / SKE48 / HKT48 / NMB48 / STU48) and the grand finale [MC: Neru Nagahama & Yu Hamaguchi, Guests: Nao Asahi & Mine Mukaiji, TIF Idol General Election 2022 Finalists: Appare NanaLand, #BabaBambi] as "TIF2022 SP Selection"!

In addition, we will follow the third group "≒JOY" produced by Rino Sashihara, following =LOVE and ≠ME, and the Hokkaido idol group "Title Undecided" who performed miraculously in the main stage competition, before the event, and present a documentary depicting the behind-the-scenes of their performance as "TIF2022 Close Documentary", which depicts the behind-the-scenes of their performance!

Broadcast and distribution status of TIF2022

TV broadcast information (all broadcasts have been completed)

  • Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Airing on Tuesday, August 23, 25:55-26:55

TOKYO Idol Times" is a newspaper full of the best news in the idol world.

Neru Nagahama will cover the front lines of idols as a "newbie newspaperman"!

TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL, the world's largest idol festival, was held on August 5, 6, and 7 in the Odaiba and Aomi areas of Tokyo, and Neru Nagahama was there to interview many idols over the three days! NERU NAGAHAMA will be reporting on "Nijimasu", the last performer at this year's TIF, and "Masquerade" at 26:00, a traditional art even comedians would be surprised to see. The Shizuoka idol group fishbowl, who were the talk of the town in the June episode of "Neru Reporting," will appear at the open recording! In addition, we will also present various famous scenes from the three days of TIF, including the inspiring Gorie Cheerleading Club, the TIF Idol General Election 2022, and the Main Stage Contest LIVE!

  • CS Fuji Television TWO "TIF2022 SP Selection

Broadcast August 11 (Thursday, national holiday) 17:30-21:30

4 hours of TIF2022 stages and grand finale!

Featuring AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, STU48 / Neru Nagahama, Yu Hamaguchi, etc.

  • CS Fuji Television TWO "TIF2022 Documentary

Airs on Sunday, September 11, 20:00-22:00

Overview In addition to a documentary on the groups that performed at TIF2022 for the first time, we will present all the famous scenes from the three days of TIF!

Stage delivery (all TIF2022 deliveries have been completed)

  • TIF2022's live stage will be streamed on TIF Community!
  • Free streaming on TVer!
  • PPV (Pay Per View) on FOD!
  • Free on SHOWROOM!

Nico Nico Channel "TIF Channel" (distribution ended)

  • TIF2022 On-Site Report SP (August 5)

Broadcast Date August 5 (Fri.)

  • TIF2022 On-Site Report SP(August 6)

Air Date: Saturday, August 6

  • TIF2022 Launching - Rainbow Trout Final SP

Air Date: Sunday, August 7

Streaming service to watch TIF (1) FOD

フジテレビの動画配信サービスFOD|ドラマ アニメ TV番組が見放題

Fuji Television's official video streaming service "FOD"! This service offers free and paid delivery of exclusive titles including popular dramas, variety shows, animations, movies, as well as the latest broadcasts and original programs available only on FOD.

FOD Premium costs 976 yen (including tax) per month to watch as much as you want, and you can also watch content purchased through PPV sales. The download is finished now.

Streaming services to watch TIF (2) TVer

検索 | TVer

All TV shows on TVer are free! TVer is a service that allows you to watch about 200 programs from commercial TV stations completely free of charge.

TVer is a service that allows you to watch about 200 programs from commercial TV stations completely free of charge.

On August 5 (Fri.), 6 (Sat.), and 7 (Sun.), TIF's 2022 was streamed online on tver, but the streaming has now ended.

Streaming service to watch TIF (3) Nico Nico Channel

ニコニコチャンネルのプレスリリース|PR TIMES

Nico Nico Channel is an official video distribution site for anime, movies, music, games, and gravure. Individuals, groups, and companies can each open their own channels on Nico Nico Channel, and users can subscribe to their favorite channels.

Exclusive distribution on TIF's Nico Nico Channel "TIF Channel/TIF Back Channel"! Live performance videos of numerous idols are available throughout the day! TIF2022 was also available on the "TIF Channel/TIF Back Channel", but the distribution has now ended.

In a word, the distribution period of TIF2022 was so short that many people were troubled by the fact that it was already over when they realized it. In order not to forget the distribution of TIF2022 again next year, here is a software that allows you to automatically download the streaming program series.

Download software to make sure you don't miss any TIF streaming

Here we recommend KeepStreams downloader, a professional software for video downloading, which is equipped with advanced technology that allows you to add your favorite program series to your sugegure task and download this program regularly and automatically.

KeepStreams supports streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, tver, FOD, GYAO! KeepStreams is a free service.

How to download videos with KeepStreams (using tver as an example)

1. download the software from the official KeepStreams website or by clicking the button below [100% safe].

2. Launch the downloaded KeepStreams and enter the official TVer website ( in the "Home" address bar.

3. Select the video you wish to download.

4. Go to the playback page, analyze the video URL, and then click "Ready to Download" in the upper left corner.

5. In the window that appears, select the quality [Highest Full HD] you want to save and click "Download Now.

6. Then the video will start downloading, and a 2-hour show will take about 10 minutes to download.


What do you think? If you are worried about missing this year's TIF, make sure you don't miss next year's TIF broadcast again, there is nothing better than downloading videos in advance with KeepStreams Downloader.

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