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Is the Download Function of Still Available?

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Updated on Jun 05, 2023 | 10 Minutes Reading
Well, here’s something you probably don’t know still- has now moved to KeepStreams, with more additional features to facilitate downloading from various websites and streaming platforms.

When one thinks about downloading videos from websites and streaming platforms, they refer to Keepvid. But, after Keepvid had shut down, people are now looking for alternatives they can use to keep downloading their desired videos from different OTT platforms and social media websites.

Well, here’s something you probably don’t know still- has now moved to KeepStreams, with more additional features to facilitate downloading from various websites and streaming platforms.

Want to know more regarding KeepStreams? Well then, continue reading this article., as we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Keepvid, what happened to the old Keepvid, as well as the new Keepvid downloading software- KeepStreams.

Is Downloader Still Available?

For all those who are wondering whether the downloader is still available, then let us tell you that it currently isn’t.

For years, has been providing users all over the world an easy way of downloading various kinds of videos from YouTube streaming websites. This way, people could easily download all their desired videos and enjoy them totally offline, that too in very high video and audio quality.

Not only this, but users enjoyed high-quality downloads online.

But, has suddenly shut down its services.

Keepvid users were confused and were skeptical about Keepvid’s fate. But, Keepvid soon posted itself on Facebook that it is discontinuing its services, which meant that users can no longer use this software to download their favorite videos for offline viewing. This also included the Keepvid Pro version.

Now, instead of providing audio and video downloading features to users, Keepvid now provides tips and tricks for video downloading, instead of being a downloading video site itself.

But, if you’re wondering about the reason behind Keepvid shutting down, no one is sure as yet…

But, what you most probably don’t know is that Keepvid has now shifted to KeepStreams Video Downloader.

What is KeepStreams Video Downloader and what all will it include?

Keep reading as we tell you all about KeepStreams, and why you must consider signing up for it!

Why Should I Download KeepStreams Video Downloader?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, has now shifted to KeepStreams Video Downloader.

In short, users will have an even more enhanced downloading experience on KeepStreams Video Downloader.

On KeepStreams, users will not only be able to download high-quality videos from the YouTube streaming service but all major OTT streaming platforms as well. This includes OTT streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Paramount Plus, HBO, Disney Plus, Tubi, Amazon Prime, and so on. This also includes videos from social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others.

So, this means, users will now be able to enjoy all their desired movies, shows, seasons, episodes, documentaries, soaps, and Anime from their desired streaming service platforms for offline viewing.

Not only this… users can now also download live TV channels, as well as live streams, so they never have to miss out on their favorite channels or live streams.

So, in short, KeepStreams Video Downloader is going to be your ultimate all-in-one solution for all your downloading needs, for not one, but numerous websites and streaming platforms.

With KeepStreams, you will be able to enjoy all your downloaded videos offline, especially never having to worry about the internet. So, no matter where you are, whether you’re traveling, on the go, or on a remote island where there are no internet signals, KeepStreams Video Downloader will let you enjoy tons of amazing movies and shows for offline viewing.

There’s also an in-built browser so that you can easily search and browse through various movies and TV shows from different websites and OTT streaming platforms. Plus, you will also have metadata of all your downloaded videos, so you can manage and organize your media library better. This includes titles, covers, and so on.

Let’s now dive into all the features.

Here are all the features of KeepStreams Video Downloader that Keepvid users can now enjoy:


● User-friendly software

● Clean User Interface

● High video and audio quality

● Download videos from OTT streaming platforms, like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc

● Download from live tv channels and live streams

● Easy and secure installation

● Batch Mode Feature for bulk downloading

● Fast downloading speed

● Video Manager

● Numerous subtitles available

● Auto-download metadata (titles, covers, cast information, etc.)

● Transfer videos to numerous devices, such as iOS devices, Android devices, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and so on

● High-Speed Downloads

● Built-in Browser for better searching and browsing

● Country-specific Support

● Numerous compatible file formats to choose from

● 100% safe and secure to use

How to use:

1. Download and install KeepStream

2. Launch software when it has finished downloading

3. Go to any website or streaming platform you want to download your videos from

4. Choose any video you wish to download, and click on it

5. Press Download

Do I Need to Sign Up for a New KeepStreams Account?

Yes, we know what you’re wondering - will you need to sign up for a new KeepStreams account?

Well, considering the enhancement of Keepvid into KeepStreams Video Downloader, with so many features included in this single software, you will not need a totally new account.

But, signing up for KeepStreams Video Downloader is pretty simple, and you get to choose any of the three subscription plans that best suit your needs.

Below are the available subscription options for KeepStreams, using KeepStreams for Hulu as an illustration:

  Monthly Plan

Biannual Plan

Annual Plan
KeepStreams for Hulu $23.99/month $6.67/month $5.00/month
KeepStreams Video One $49.99/month $13.99/month $7.99/month
KeepStreams Music & Video One $59.99/month $23.33/month $18.33/month

KeepStreams for Hulu exclusively downloads videos from the Hulu streaming service. KeepStreams Video One offers a broader range of features and can be used with over 600 streaming services, including Hulu. For users who enjoy downloading both music and video content, KeepStreams Music & Video One is a great option.

In terms of cost and platform compatibility, the Annual Plan for KeepStreams Video One is the most affordable choice. To access any of these plans, you will need to provide your personal information to sign up for KeepStreams.

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Final Wrap up

This is all for this article. In this article, we told you everything you need to know about Keepvid, and KeepStreams Video Downloader, which is basically a newer and improved version of Keepvid.

We listed all the features of KeepStreams Video Downloader, as well as why you must sign up for this downloading software now.

Then, we introduce you to TunePat, which is another downloading software you can use for downloading your desired videos for offline viewing.

But, if it were up to us to choose, we would definitely pick KeepStreams over TunePat. This is because KeepStreams Video Downloader has numerous more features in store for users to use, especially allowing downloading from countless OTT streaming platforms and websites. In short, KeepStreams is an all-in-one solution for all your downloading needs.Time to grab your subscription NOW!

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