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NoteBurner Review: All You Need to Know about NoteBurner

| Reviews |
Updated on Jun 16, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Do you want to know what is NoteBurner? This article shows you everything you need to know about NoteBurner by NoteBurner Review.

In this article, we are going to talk about the various aspects of NoteBurner, including whether or not it is legal, its features, its downsides, and its price.

This post will not only offer some alternatives to NoteBurner, but it will also provide you the opportunity to evaluate and contrast those options so that you may select the downloader that is most suitable for your requirements.

What Is NoteBurner?


NoteBurner can primarily be used to do two tasks: converting music and downloading videos from the internet. The vast majority of the products are designed with Windows and Mac versions in order to satisfy the download requirements of users. Among the many services that NoteBurner provides, the NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter for Windows and the NoteBurner Netflix Downloader are two of its most popular products.

The overwhelming majority of people who give NoteBurner a shot wind up like it and finding that it serves their needs in some way. On the other hand, a number of users have mentioned that it is complicated to operate and regularly freezes up on them.

In this piece, we'll take a detailed look at the video downloader that comes included with Note Burner and present a comprehensive, objective review with the goal of assisting you in making an educated choice when choosing a video downloader.

What Exactly Are Some of the Distinctive Characteristics of NoteBurner?

The NoteBurner Netflix Downloader and the Note Burner Amazon Video Downloader are two examples of goods in this category.

First, it allows users to download movies and videos from Netflix in high definition, and it even includes additional features that can assist users upscale the quality to 8K.

Second, the software does not contain any viruses and does not have any other components added to it by default. You shouldn't be concerned about your computer becoming infected with a virus if you use it.

Third, there is a broad variety of video and audio quality options that can be downloaded, allowing you to choose the format that suits your needs the most.

One of these three distinct ways of storing subtitles in the cached video might be utilized at your discretion. You'll have a variety of options available to you for the storage of movie subtitles.

Not only does the use of H.265 video coding make video downloads go more quickly, but it also assists customers in reducing their overall bandwidth consumption.

Is There Any Drawbacks of the NoteBurner?

1. No matter which plan you go with, you'll only be able to use Note Burner on a single device at a time when it's activated.

2. There are many individual products offered by NoteBurner. If you download and subscribe to each product, the total cost will be higher if you have multiple needs at the same time because this will increase the amount of work involved.

3. NoteBurner will occasionally prompt you to re-paste the URL after an unsteady download, so keep that in mind.

NoteBurner Comes with a Price Tag Attached, Right?

There is a subscription fee associated with each and every one of NoteBurner's products and services; however, the cost of each plan is different. A monthly membership for a movie downloader, for instance, can cost anywhere from $16.95 to $259.90, depending on what plan you chose.

NoteBurner is more useful because it provides customers with 5-day to 30-day return assurances.

NoterBurner Alternative—Why Should I Choose KeepStreams?

The video downloaders offered by NoterBurner have a strong preference for one particular streaming service. You will be able to download videos from a number of different platforms simultaneously if you download various browsers. This is such a pain in the neck to have to do!

You might be wondering, is there an alternative to NoterBurner that is more suitable? I really recommend that you give it a go. KeepStreams Video Downloader is available here.


  • The KeepStreams video Downloader All-in-one offers a number of advantages to its users. KeepStreams gives you the ability to download videos from over one hundred different video websites, including big streaming providers like Netflix and HBO.
  • It is an excellent tool for downloading a large number of episodes or entire movies all at once.
  • KeepStreams allows users to download high-definition video files at a resolution of 1080p.
  • You are able to save subtitles using the SRT file type when using KeepStreams.
  • When using KeepStreams, you can initiate the downloading of videos at any time by simply entering the URL of the official website for any video-streaming service.
  • KeepStreams provides a free trial as well as a money-back promise for the first week of service.

As a result of this, do you find yourself worrying about the potential cost of utilizing the KeepStreams service? 

It is recommended that you acquire the Biannual or Annual Plan if you are interested in paying a lower price. This Biannual Plan costs $13.99 per month, while Annual Plan costs $7.99 per month, making it a very cost-effective option!

And KeepStreams offers free trial to new users, you can try before buying any plan.

Final Verdict

This article explores the benefits and drawbacks of NoteBurner, particularly NoteBurner Video Downloader. All things considered, though, NoterBurner is something that should at least be tested out.

KeepStreams is an excellent choice to consider if you need an alternative to NoteBurner due of the problems you have experienced with its video downloader.

Alison Warren
Senior Editor
I’m Alison Warren, your expert in video downloading. With 3 years of experience as a Product Manager under my belt, I specialize in providing in-depth product reviews and easy-to-understand software usage guides. My love for catching up with cutting-edge industry developments keeps me on top of my game.
Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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