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PlayOn Review: Is PlayOn Worth It?

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Published on Sep 22, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
Let's find out how well is PlayOn, and how well it offers downloading from streaming websites. Also, we will check out the alternatives.

The streaming mediums and platforms have been constantly changing and updating themselves. There is no single streaming medium that we subscribe to. Countless streaming platforms provide us with seamless access to the best type of content that we want to access. Similarly, many third-party apps have also emerged that help us to alter the type of content we want to watch, download and even watch as per our terms.

PlayOn provides multiple access to streaming platforms in its app. You also have recording facilities available in the platform wherein you can record all your HD content and sync them in a common cloud-based platform. Many people have not heard about this streaming service and hence are not so sure about How the platform works? So, here in this piece, we will discuss if Playon is worth it? Is it worth your time?

PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Home

Both PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Home are excellent streaming platforms just like other streamers off of PlayOn. They make sure to provide you with an excellent streaming service. PlayOn Cloud is used on Android phones. On the other hand, PlayOn Home is used on Windows computer desktops. So How exactly is Playon different when we compare it to other streamer platforms? Well, PlayOn is not practically a streamer as much as it’s a common streaming platform?

The distinction itself lies in the semantics of How we say a website is different from a webpage. Even if it essentially means the same. So, PlayOn has the interface off of a common streaming platform and you have a lot of these streaming apps packed in one spot. The transfer of content is rather seamless and does not hamper any existing process. Lastly, the interface looks like a hard drive page of a conventional computer.

Content in PlayOn

PlayOn exists on both Android and desktop streaming platforms. The PlayOn Android version for instance is the Playon Cloud. Well, as far as the desktop version is concerned PlayOn Home is available for you to download. The type of content that you get with PlayOn is mostly the same but cloud facilities you do not get with Playon Home. So PlayOn does have a good list of movies especially ‘Hurt Locker’ which was an intense Oscar-winning drama movie.

But PlayOn does play to the sides of more talk but lacks the delivery at the basal level. The desktop application seems to be more on telling what lies with them as opposed to providing you with any substantial access. Lots of TV content is available on PlayOn but mostly it caters to the free content like the likes of CW and CBS website content which is generally available to people. So, yes Playon does punch above its weight here. The free trial only lasts for a week and you do get five attempts of free recording of your content off of the streaming apps. When asked what PlayOn does differently, In the FAQ, they mentioned they provide recording options.

Know More About PlayOn TV

So, PlayOn TV comes off with their word and says that they do provide a lot of options for download. But they also said unlike the conventional supporting apps that they have in the market which are Playon Cloud and Playon Home, PlayOn TV most likely will be supported on other platforms as well. They work well on Chromecast, Roku and other smart TVs. They also claim that they also nicely work on other consoles like Xbox and Playstation. And if some issues refrain you from app access, the authorities have requested to drop an email which will invariably be dealt with by their support staff. The email is [email protected].

PlayOn Price

The price however with PlayOn is very different when you compare it to other traditional streaming services. So PlayOn as of now has a yearly plan for its viewers and also a monthly plan. Playon also has two versions one, PlayOn Home and the other Playon Cloud.

So, the yearly plan will cost you around $39.99 while the monthly plan is $4.99/month for PlayOn Home. In PlayOn Cloud the monthly plan will cost you $2.99/month. But you do get 30 recordings with the plan. As opposed to Playon Home’s unlimited recordings. When talked about PlayOn Home You will get 7 free recording options available after initial sign up.

You will get 7 free recording sessions. Once you are done with your free trial, you will be charged as usual the same price. It’s usually $2.99/record session. And as usual, PlayOn Cloud does provide some bundled up recording credits from the viewer. Below lies some credits that they offer to the viewer.

Is PlayOn Free?

Many people do have the question and frankly speaking, it's kind of a legitimate question. Every streaming platform does provide something in their service other than just chasing money. PlayOn also has its perks. Is it free before Playon subscriptions empty your wallet? How much will PLayOn downloads cost you? Well, Plain is different for both its desktop and android apps. PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Home.

So PlayOn does provide you with a free trial, you get 7 free sessions of recordings spanning over a week on PlayOn Cloud. But you will most likely be charged $2.99 after your free stint at recording, you will get 30 free recordings. In general, PlayOn does come with recording sessions bundled in a pack. You can choose how many credits/recording sessions you can attain for yourself. You usually get 50 credits for $7.50, similarly 250 credits for $35 and 500 credits for $65. And you can try your hands at the bumper $100, 850 credit offer.

PlayOn Settings

PlayOn settings usually play a very important role in maintaining all important information related to your Playon account. It shows you the best available quality in which you can stream your content. It also shows you ad-free options. And also shows you your recording credits and subscription validity. It offers you all the tools to monitor your content in the best possible manner.

PlayOn Support

Support teams play a very important role in helping you in times of need. You need assistance as technical glitches when updated can occur. PlayOn does lag behind this segment as it does not have any subject centric help. Nor does the help is instantaneous. They do reply to you, but without subject centric help, that can be a problem in the long run.

Best Alternative to PlayOn - KeepStreams Downloader

Although PlayOn is great, there is a good alternative to it which is KeepStreams Downloader which can also download movies and shows from streaming websites such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

How to Download Movies Using KeepStreams Downloader?

Step 1: Download and install KeepStreams Downloader on your PC.

Step 2: Launch the downloader, and from the Streaming Services option, choose the streaming service. For example, Netflix. Login using your credentials.

Step 3: Now, you will be able to see movies and shows on Netflix there. Click the movie you want to download. And, now click “Download”. Your movie will be downloaded in some time.

Best Features of KeepStreams Downloader

  1. Batch Download at fast speed.
  2. Downloads content in MP4 for best compatibility.
  3. Downloaded videos are ads-free.
  4. Download video in HD quality and support various sound channels such as EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0.
  5. Subtitles Download
  6. Meta Data download
  7. Built-in Browser enables you to browse any streaming site within the software.

Final Words

PlayOn is an excellent common streaming platform and it helps you record and stream content. This piece explicitly answers all of your questions, Is Playon lifetime a real app? PlayOn Cloud is Playon android. But on a whole, it gives you close encounters of How Playon’s recording stent has made the app earn its name distinctly.

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Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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