How to Fix PlayOn Not Recording?

| Published on Mar 10, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Stuck with PlayOn not recording and wondering how you can fix it? You are at the right place! Hop inside this article and find out all about the PlayOn streaming issues and their fixes.
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How to Fix PlayOn Not Recording?
5 Minutes Reading
Stuck with PlayOn not recording and wondering how you can fix it? You are at the right place! Hop inside this article and find out all about the PlayOn streaming issues and their fixes.

PlayOn is an amazing app manufacturing platform mainly focused on making offline streaming accessible and enhancing offline streaming experiences. Currently, PlayOn is offering two apps, i.e., PlayOn Home and PlayOn Cloud. Both are outstanding for recording and downloading streaming videos.

Like all the other apps, PlayOn also faces errors or streaming issues. Playon not working is common, especially PlayOn not recording. This can be due to several reasons, the main one being a slow internet connection if you are curious to know more about the PlayOn not working and other PlayOn streaming issues. You have landed in the right place!


In this article, we have summarized all the information about PlayOn streaming issues that PlayOn users can expect to encounter. We will highlight the best ad-free alternative to the PlayOn to make you have a backup application when PlayOn not working. Without further delays, let’s get started!

Different PlayOn Streaming Issues

PlayOn can face multiple streaming issues like PlayOn not recording, recording subscriptions being failed, and more. Here we have explained why they cause PlayOn not working and the fix tips that will help you; let's dive in!

PlayOn Recording Subscription Failed

The major reason behind this PlayOn not working is that PlayOn cannot communicate with the source website when the downloading is scheduled. This, in turn, might be due to any PC software blocking the connection or the to-be-downloaded video's location on the provider's website being changed.

To fix it, refresh by navigating to the Subscription section and clicking on the red dot present next to Subscription. Try again; if failed, check if you can stream that specific video via PlayOn. Proceed with re-creating the subscription to let PlayOn access the updated video location you want to download.

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PlayOn Unable to Find my Casting Device

When it comes to PlayOn unable to find my casting device, the first thing is that your PC and the device you want to cast your streaming are connected to the same network. Some routers have a guest network or separate traffic between the wireless and wired devices. The WAN IP address of your PC and device must be same. Here is how you can check the WAN IP Address of your PC.

  • Launch your browser and visit
  • Now, go to the Open Network and Internet Settings by right-clicking on the Network icon in the lower right corner.

In the next popping window, select Properties and scroll to find the LAN IP address listed right next to the IPv4 address.

To check your device's WAN IP address, you have to refer to the user guide for that particular device. If you are sure that both the addresses are similar and the devices are connected to the same internet, proceed to Settings, then to General Tab to stop and restart the PlayOn server. By doing so, you can fix PlayOn not working.

PlayOn Recording Being out of Sync with Videos

If your recording pauses, shutters, or is out of sync with the audio, this section is for you! Most of the time, it's because your CPU has maxed out a hundred percent utilization, and PlayOn is waiting for the PC to catch up to continue video processing.

  • To verify this, launch the Task Manager on your PC. CTRL + SHIFT+ ESC is the shortcut for opening Task Manager. Now, try recording again with the Task Manager Window open in the background.
  • Now, watch the CPU section of your Task Manager to determine the extent to which the CPU is utilized during video recording with PlayOn.
  • If the CPU is maxing out 100% utilization continuously, you must wait a while to record your video until your CPU catches up.
  • Close all unnecessary applications open in the background for less CPU utilization.
  • If it also doesn't help, navigate to the PlayOn Settings by clicking on the Settings icon (Gear icon) on the Dash Board's bottom left.
  • Here, lower the video performance in the Video Performance box of the General Tab section.

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PlayOn Off-peak Scheduled Recording Failed

As for this PlayOn not working problem, there can be two reasons leading to failure of the off-peak recording.

  • Length of the recording window is smaller than the length of the video.
  • Your PC is asleep at the set time of recording.

To get it resolved, go to the off-peak recording scheduling settings and check the length of the window to make sure it's long enough to record the entire length of the video.

How to Fix PlayOn Not Recording Easily?

Sometimes you face PlayOn not recording due to PlayOn being unable to browse for the particular video you want to download. Keep in mind that you won't be able to record a video if the video does not play in your browser. This can happen because of the below mentioned reasons.


1. Slow Internet Connection

First, check if the video you are trying to record is playing correctly. To do so, go to Google on your PC and hop on the source website of the video. If the video is playing fine there, a slow internet connection might be the hurdle restricting PlayOn from recording or playing that specific video.

2. Problem on Provider's Edge

Another reason can be an issue on the provider's edge. If that's the case, try playing the video after some time. If the problem persists or any error message generates, contact the Support of the relevant platform.

3. Security Software Restriction

If the video is playing fine, yet PlayOn not recording, it might be due to any security software installed on your PC. Such software restricts PlayOn from accessing the internet via a firewall. However, to check if the security software is the reason behind the PlayOn not recording, you can temporarily disable them and again try to record and check if PlayOn not recording issue is resolved.

If it gets resolved, then refer to your Firewall and internet security software for getting specific instructions on how you can make this configuration.

Can I Use PlayOn with VPN?

Proxies and VPNs create discovery issues, and as many streaming platforms are capable of detecting them, they may block their streams. This way, both the VPN and proxy may interfere with the working of PlayOn. However, as the developer of PlayOn doesn’t support these two, we suggest disabling them when using PlayOn on your Windows device, either PC or laptop, which may avoid PlayOn not working.

Best PlayOn Alternative: KeepStreams

Want to avoid facing PlayOn glitches? Shift to PlayOn’s best alternative, i.e., KeepStreams Video Downloader. KeepStreams allows you to download content from over 100 websites and enjoy streaming it offline without errors, ads, or internet connection issues. Moreover, no issues have been reported yet about KeepStreams not recording! KeepStreams is what you can trust!

Key Features of KeepStreams


Let’s have a look at some of the convincing noteworthy features of KeepStreams!


Whether you want to stream offline movies and shows, content from TV streaming services, anime, live streaming, and broadcasting, or save playlists and videos from the Social Networks, KeepStreams has got you covered!

Batch Downloading

With KeepStreams, you can download multiple episodes or a whole series simultaneously at a relatively faster speed. This feature saves you from downloading each video one by one separately.

High-Quality Sound Options

It enables you to select your preferred audio and subtitles before downloading the video. Available audio tracks include AAC 2.0, AC3 5.1, and EAC3 5.1.

Saves Metadata of Videos

You can save the metadata of the videos you want and later organize them conveniently, making your own video library.

Transfer Downloaded Videos

Using KeepStreams, you can best manage your downloads and transfer them to any device you want to enjoy offline streaming anytime.

Built-in Browser

No need to search separately for the content you want to download when you can browse for it in the built-in browser of the KeepStreams.

How to Use KeepStreams for Error-free Streaming?

  • Download and install KeepStreams from the official website. Once installation completes, launch the software.
  • Go to the VIP section and select the streaming service from where you want to download the video.


  • Proceed with browsing for the video, select the audio video settings, and hit Download to begin downloading.

Useful Tips:

  1. You can also add your selected videos to the queue to search for others and download all of them together in a batch, utilizing the batch downloading feature of the KeepStreams.
  2. Navigate to the Downloading menu in the left bar to check for the progress of the downloading videos.

You have downloaded videos or videos on your device by this last step. Now, you can stream the downloaded content on the same device or transfer to any other of your choice to enjoy a non-stop error and ad-free streaming experience!

Wrapping Up

That was all about the PlayOn not Recording, PlayOn streaming issues, PlayOn problems, and more. Hope it cleared out all of your confusion regarding the topic. However, switch to the KeepStreams to get rid of PlayOn not recording or PlayOn streaming issues and enjoy non-stop streaming of your favorite content, making the most of your leisure time.

Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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