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How to Remove or Bypass Hulu DRM Protection and Download Hulu Videos?

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Updated on Aug 06, 2023 | 3 Minutes Reading
What is Hulu DRM protection? Can you bypass it? This article dicusses the legality of Hulu DRM removal and recommend some safe Hulu Downloaders for you.

Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers a vast collection of TV shows, movies, and original content to its subscribers, but it restricts users from downloading videos for offline viewing. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on Hulu videos prevents users from downloading and saving them on their devices.

What is Hulu DRM? How Does it Work?

Hulu drm

Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects the copyright of digital content such as videos, music, and e-books. It ensures that only authorized users have access to the content and prevents illegal distribution and piracy.

Hulu DRM protection works by encrypting the video content and adding a digital signature to it. The encryption makes the video file unreadable by any player or downloader unless the user has the decryption key. The digital signature verifies the authenticity of the video content and ensures that it has not been tampered with or modified.

To watch Hulu videos, users need to have a valid subscription and a compatible device. Hulu's proprietary software and technology decrypt the video content and verify the user's credentials before allowing them to stream the video. However, if you want to download the video for offline viewing, the Hulu DRM protection comes into play.

Removing Hulu DRM protection requires breaking through the encryption and removing the digital signature, which is against Hulu's terms of service and may be illegal in some countries. There are several tools available, both free and paid, that claim to bypass Hulu DRM protection and allow users to download and save videos for offline viewing.

Is It Legal to Bypass Hulu DRM and Download Hulu Videos?

While the platform allows users to watch their favorite shows online, many people prefer to download videos for offline viewing. However, downloading Hulu videos is not as simple as it seems.

The question that arises here is whether Hulu DRM removal is legal or not. The answer is not simple because it depends on various factors. Firstly, it is essential to understand that circumventing DRM protection is generally considered illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in the United States. Hulu, being a licensed streaming service, is obliged to protect its content from piracy and other copyright violations.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you have legal rights to access the content, such as owning the DVD or Blu-ray version of the show, you can bypass Hulu's DRM protection to make personal backups. Similarly, if you are an authorized user of Hulu and download the videos for personal use, it is unlikely that you will face any legal consequences.

On the other hand, if you download Hulu videos without proper authorization or for commercial purposes, it may constitute copyright infringement, and you may be subject to legal action. Therefore, it is crucial to be cautious when downloading Hulu videos and ensure that you have legal rights to access the content before bypassing the DRM protection.

If you want to remove Hulu DRM, it is recommended to do so for personal use only and not for commercial purposes.

Popular Tools for Hulu DRM Removal

Fortunately, several screen recorders and Hulu downloaders can help bypass Hulu DRM protection and allow you to download videos for offline viewing. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. KeepStreams Hulu Downloader

KeepStreams Hulu Downloader is a versatile media server software that allows you to download 1080p videos from Hulu. With KeepStreams, you can easily bypass Hulu DRM protection and save your favorite shows and movies into compatible MP4 format. Moveover, KeepStreams is compatible with Windows and Mac. You do not have to worry about any hulu download limit with KeepStreams!

2. Audials One

Audials One is a powerful media management software that enables you to record videos and music from numerous sources, including Hulu. With Audials One, you can remove Hulu DRM protection and record hulu videos in batch. But the overall recording speed is not fast.

3. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a comprehensive video editing and conversion software that also supports downloading videos from various streaming services, including Hulu. With Wondershare UniConverter, you can bypass Hulu DRM protection, download videos, and convert them into different formats that suit your needs.
These tools provide a convenient solution for downloading Hulu videos for offline viewing.

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