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Wondering What Is ScreenRec Recording Limit? Read This!

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Updated on Jan 22, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Are you wondering what the ScreenRec recording limit is? In this article, we will uncover ScreenRec and share its recording limit. Give it a read!

ScreenRec is an amazing software used worldwide to record screens. Whether it is to show a demo of a newly built software or to create an online lecture for your students. ScreenRec is a tool that can be used everywhere in every single industry around us. The platform offers high-quality recording with many other features.

But like all screen recorders, you might wonder many questions like, "Is ScreenRec good?", "Is ScreenRec safe?" or even "what is ScreenRec recording limit?". If you want the answer to these questions, this article is just for you. Let's begin right away!

What Is ScreenRec?

Having a top-quality screen recorder that shoots in high definition and provides a variety of features is extremely important. That’s why ScreenRec is the best option when it comes to screen recording. ScreenRec is amazing, and on top of that, you can shoot your computer screen in HD quality. Recording ScreenRec to MP4 is super easy, and along with many top-of-the-line features, you can have a great user experience.


ScreenRec is perfect, even if you are a beginner. The learning curve is super low since all it takes is 3-4 clicks to start your recording. The platform is available for both Windows and Linux, with the macOS version to be released soon.

With ScreenRec, all you have to do is select a part of a screen, and it will do its magic. The best part is you can edit your screen as well! Are you looking for a ScreenRec review? Give this a quick read!


You might ask, "why is ScreenRec good?" Look at these flagship features to know why!

Not Just a Screen Recorder

ScreenRec is not just a screen recorder. It can also record your webcam, audio, and microphone. This is extremely helpful when you have to record different types of content.

Edit Your Screen

With ScreenRec, you have Annotated Screenshot feature. With this, you can add comments and important notes on your pc screen that helps explain certain parts of your screen.


ScreenRec lets you share your recording instantly with a link. Just copy it to the clipboard and save the file. This feature is amazing when it comes to ease of use. It’s easier to send your recording to whoever you wish with just one press of a button.


You might have the question that is ScreenRec safe or not. Well, ScreenRec is a platform with extreme levels of privacy. All your content is completely encrypted, and the user has complete control over who can access it.


With ScreenRec, you can check out the analytics for all your content. You have the ability to observe who watched it and what is the watch time.

Variety of Uses

The platform is developed while keeping in mind the various types of people that would use it, including teachers, programmers, sales managers etc.


How To Convert ScreenRec to MP4?

We understand that you are curious about how to convert ScreenRec to MP4. Well, don't worry. ScreenRec records in MP4 by default. Here’s to record on ScreenRec:

Step 1

Open ScreenRec on your PC. After that, you will observe a dialogue box right in the centre of the screen, which will show the shortcut to begin your recording. On the right, there will be some tools. Here you can record, take screenshots, and toggle into settings.

Step 2

Click on the settings option. Here you have the option to turn your microphone on or off. Now select the video quality that you prefer from either SD (standard), HD (high definition), or 4K. Select and close.

Step 3

Start recording The screen by pressing Alt + S. Click on either video or screenshot option. Select the area and begin recording.

Step 4

When done, hit the stop recording icon. You can either save the video on pc or share it through the URL.

What is ScreenRec Recording Limit?

ScreenRec recording limit is something that sets it apart from the crowd. It is a platform built for ease for its users in every way possible. This is why it offers an amazing user experience in all departments. If you are not logged in, the ScreenRec recording limit is 5 minutes.

This gives you ample time to check all the features of the platform, making it super convenient for people who are new and are looking to try out different platforms before they adjust to one. Moreover, this 5-minute ScreenRec recording limit is good enough for people who quickly just want to record something and don't have time to sign up.

How to Remove 5 min Limit in ScreenRec?

If you want to learn how to remove 5 min limit in ScreenRec, we have a solution. In order to remove the ScreenRec recording limit, all you have to do is create a free cloud account upon installation.

If you have registered a free account, you will not have to face any ScreenRec recording limit. This means you have an infinite amount of recording time. All it takes is just registration.

By simply creating an account with your basic credentials, you will not only remove the ScreenRec recording limit, but it will also allow you with the feature of instant and private sharing for your screenshots and screen recordings.

Are You Looking For A ScreenRec alternative? Try KeepStreams!

Are you looking for a platform that gives access to offline streaming without iposing any limitations like the ScreenRec recording limit? Well, worry not; we have the perfect solution to all your problems. KeepStreams Video Downloader!

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KeepStreams is the best platform out there to solve your stream downloading problems. Whether it is on Netflix or Amazon, KeepStreams has it covered. This offline video downloader has all the amazing features that make it the most desired platform for downloading your desired videos.

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KeepStreams knows what its customers want. It deliver the best, most seamless experience to its users. This is why building software of the best quality was the primary goal of KeepStreams. When it comes to video quality, it gives its customers the flexibility to download their content in 1080p HD, 4K, and even 8K. How good can it get?

Amazing Audio Experience

We understand that you want to feel the content you are watching. You want it to be as if you are personally present in the situation, which is why KeepStreams has incredible sound quality. You can record and download your screen, movies, and series with AC3 5.1, AAC 2.0, or EAC3 5.1 sound channels and enjoy an experience never felt before.

Batch Downloading

What's better than not having to download each piece of content again and again? KeepStreams gives you the solution! This platform lets you record more than one piece of content at the same time. All you have to do is just one click, and the software does it for you.

Removes Ads

Advertisement does nothing but take the fun out of the situation. They shake your attention span and make you uninterested in what you are watching. KeepStreams automatically deletes all the ads present in the video that it is recording. Just simply give the software the instructions to record and it will auto-detect commercials and delete them.

Covers Various Platforms

With KeepStreams, you don't have to worry whether your favourite website is accessible through it or not. The software has partnered with more than 100 websites and OTTs to leave no stone unturned. This means you can record your screen from wherever you like!

Built-in Browser

It has built-in browser that enables searching for content from all your desired platforms. Just insert the keyword into the designated search box and hit the Enter button. Your desired content will show up in the search results.

It’s Completely Free

With so many cool features, you might think that KeepStreams might be super expensive. Well, absolutely not! KeepStreams is 100% free of any costs! Yes, loaded with so many amazing features, the platform does not take any penny from its users. Simply log into KeepStreams and record your favourite content free of charge.

Wrapping It Up

ScreenRec is a recording platform that ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing you with quality service. It has various features that make sure you are having an amazing experience throughout. Recording on ScreenRec is super simple and easy, which is super useful if you are a newbie. Although there is a ScreenRec recording limit, all it takes is a sign-up to remove it.

Also, remember to give KeepStreams a shot if you are looking for a ScreenRec alternative. It is a premium offline stream recorder and downloader that makes your life stress-free. Its top-notch features make it one of the best platforms out there. On top of all this, the platform is completely free of charge!

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