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Soundiiz Review: Is Soundiiz Safe?

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Updated on Jun 02, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Having all your favorite music from different applications and platforms under one surface is fantastic. Want to know how you can do this? Then this soundizz review article is for you.

Music – a place to unwind and a melody that holds a soothing effect for many. Music contains a diverse variety, and each person has their favorite genre. However, apart from this diverse variety, several platforms host these many music types.

So, while some songs people listen to on one platform, there are versions of a song that people like better from another forum. If you are someone in the same boat, how many times have you wished you could bring all your favorite music from different platforms under the same page? Many, right?

What if we tell you that this might be true now? Wondering how? Well, your answer lies below.

What is Soundiiz?


How easy would our life be if we all had the ability to bring our favorite music under one interface and then transfer our favorite melodies from one place to another? Well, what if we tell you this might be possible? How so? Through Soundiiz, of course! Need to know what is Soundiiz? 

Soundiiz is a platform that allows users to transfer and manage their playlists across many different musical platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Users will have to connect all their musical platform accounts under Soundiiz and the app will then show saved music from each app under separate boxes on its main interface.

Users can drag a piece of music from one box on the interface and then drop it into the box of the other one. The app is every music listener's dream comes too true, and if you haven't heard about it yet, it's about time you learn about it more. 

Want to know what the pros and cons of this app are? Hop on below to find out.

What are the Pros and Cons of Soundiiz?

Pros and Cons of Soundiiz

Music is a safe way out and one of the best therapies for many people. Hence, when making musical applications or platforms, the developer's sole aim is to make its interface an easy-to-use one.

Soundiiz comes with the same thought process and holds several benefits to it. Want to know some of them? Read below

Easy Sorting

Several music platforms hold exceptional music. However, for avid listeners, the problem is that they listen to all different kinds of music across other platforms. This can be a nuisance because sometimes, finding the music you want to listen to across any of these platforms can take time and effort.

Soundiiz makes it easier for users by offering an easy-to-sort feature for their music across various platforms. It assembles all your favorite music under one interface, allowing you to drag and drop it within your desired category.


We all love making mashups for our favorite songs to listen to on a loop without stopping in between, right? With Soundiiz making soundtracks or mashups has always been challenging.

The platform allows users to merge one music at the end of the other quickly. Hence, if you want to create any track or mashup, there is no better place than this one.

Import and Export

Where else will you find the ability to import and export content from one place to another if not here? Among the many benefits Soundiiz offers, giving its users the ability to import and export is one of them. Users can import music and content from various different platforms like M3U, iTunes, CSV, Web URL, etc.

Moreover, data export is also possible from soundiiz to mp3 and several other platforms, so if there is a platform with an easy interface and the ability to import and export, it's this one.

Create a Copy

Another exceptional benefit of the Soundiiz app or platform is the ability to create a copy of your musical data in one click. We all know how daunting developing copies and sending them to someone else can be. However, with Soundiiz this has never been easier.

What are the Cons of Soundiiz?

Soundiiz does come with many benefits, but the question is, does it have a con or drawback? While the Soundiiz holds exceptional benefits, it has yet to reveal any of its drawbacks. All users who have left a soundiiz review have always been satisfied with the platform and its working. Hence, once you start availing of the benefits of this service, we are sure you won't find any drawbacks which might bother you.

Is Soundiiz Safe to Use?

One of the essential questions all users search before hopping on or downloading any application is whether it is safe to use or not. The question is the same here, is soundiiz safe?

To answer your query, let us inform you that this platform operates on the highest data protection standards while working with your music data. The company is fully GDR Compliant, and all information, such as your name, User ID, and music library, would remain secure.

How to Get Soundiiz Premium?

Now that you know all the fantastic benefits Soundiiz offers and whether it is safe through this Soundiiz review, the next step would be hopping onto this musical bandwagon and opting for the soundiiz premium version. If you are in the same boat, the question is how to get soundiiz premium. Well, we got you covered on this as well.

The Soundiizz while comes in a free version by default; users can upgrade their subscription on the platform to the premium version as well. The premium version of Soundiiz premium costs €4.50 monthly if paid monthly. However, users would be charged €3 per month if they decided to take the annual subscription.

While the cost isn't much, and people would want to benefit from the premium version once they get hold of the platform, the question is, what extra benefits would Soundiiz premium users get? If you want to know the same, then here are some of the key benefits:

  • Transfer all your selected music data at one time
  • Keep your playlist in sync
  • Manages your songs based on Artists, Albums, and Tracks.

The premium version can be upgraded through the website. Moreover, users can cancel their subscription anytime they like and aren't bound to keep it for a standard time frame.

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Is Soundiiz Free to Use?

Soundiiz is a free tool that helps users synchronize playlists. However, the premium version of this platform can also be availed with a monthly or annual subscription.

Does Soundiiz Have a Limit?

The free version of Soundiiz, of course, holds some limitations to it when moving music from one place to another. While the service can work with several top music streaming services, the free version only allows users to move one playlist at a time. Moreover, each playlist will only be able to hold 200 tracks at a single time.

Is Soundiiz Reliable?

Before trusting any service people always want to ensure that the service is reliable and safe or not. With soundiiz, the concerns are the same.

The Soundiiz is a service that would tackle a vast majority of your musical data and will have access to your username and IDs. However, given the exceptional quality data protection standards, all your private information remains safe with the application.


Finding a perfect application that allows you to bring all your favorite music under one roof is complicated; however, with Soundiiz, this job has become more accessible. The application holds a simple interface and is easy to use with a safe and reliable operating and safety function.

So, if you have heard about Soundiiz and the exceptional features that it comes with, we hope this article was helpful for you.

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