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Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic: a Head-to-head Comparison!

| Reviews |
Published on Jun 02, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Are you looking for a Soundiiz vs TuneMyMusic comparison? In this article, we have put both of them head to head to see which one is better!

When it comes to the world of multimedia, one thing that has got really massive is music. Back then, we used CDs, cassettes, and similar tools to store, transfer, and carry our music. In today's world, we have streaming sites and other forms of digital avenues to hear our favorite songs.

But the problem is that these sites don't let you transfer, store, or play your music offline. This article is an in-depth Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic comparison. They are platforms to help you transfer, store, and listen to your music files with ease. Should you choose Soundiiz or TunemyMusic? Let’s find out!

What is Soundiiz?

Soundiiz helps you transfer your playlists and favorite songs. It also lets you store all your songs and music files and listen to them for free of cost. Soundiiz also provides users with a one-stop solution to manage all their music.


With Soundiiz, you get a single interface on which you can synchronize all your platforms, such as Deezer, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, Spotify, and many more, so that it gets much easier to navigate and manage.

There are various reasons why a user will love to use Soundiiz. Here are some of the features:

  1. Convert: Convert your music files from one platform to another
  2. Synchronize: Automatically synchronize your songs between various platforms
  3. Sort: Sort your playlist by title, artist, album, and much more
  4. Import and Export: Import from various file types such as M3U, XSPF, iTunes, CSV, Web URL, and Plain text and export your playlists in all the popular formats
  5. Edit: Edit playlists with features such as merge, join, split, and shuffle
  6. Create, Update, and Clone: Create a new one, update it, or make a clone of an entire playlist
  7. Smart Links: Promote playlists and newly released content to increases your audience with Smart Links.

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What is TunemyMusic?

Transferring your songs and music files has been a difficult task. However, TunemyMusic makes it super easy and straightforward for you. It is an excellent option for you if you are looking to store, transfer, and play all your beloved songs.

With this platform, you can transfer your music library and playlists from any streaming service you use. Now you can keep your music even if you decide to use a different streaming service.


There are various cool features of TunemyMusic that can drop your jaws as soon as you use the service. Here are some of them:

  1. Transfer: Transfer your music playlist from one platform to another
  2. Synchronize: Synchronize multiple playlists so that you don't have to update each separately
  3. Backup: Backup your entire music and song library to a single file
  4. Share: Share your entire playlist
  5. Upload: Easily upload your music files. If you want to fill up your music library with songs that are kept in another file, you can do that by uploading it via TunemyMusic.

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Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic – How Do They Compare?

We need a Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic head-to-head comparison to determine which is better. In this comparison, we will make it easier for you to choose whether you should go for Soundiiz or TunemyMusic.

Soundiiz VS Tunemymusic

Free Version

First up in Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic comparison, we will examine the free versions. The free plan offered by TunemyMusic lets users convert up to 500 tracks with no automatic syncs. Soundiiz gives you 200 track converts per playlist and only one active sync. In this Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic comparison, it is essential to note that Soundiiz gives you extended features too.

It lets users connect all their favorite music platforms, convert playlists individually, and gives access to standard tools. Soundiiz wins this Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic.


The next TunemyMusic VS Soundiiz comparison is about the pricing of both these platforms.

When it comes to TunemyMusic, the paid service is offered for $2 a month billed annually, and $4.3 a month billed monthly. Talking about Soundiiz, the service can be availed for two plans. You can get a Premium version for €3 per month billed annually and a Creator version that you can avail for €6.25.

When speaking of being cheap, this Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic comparison is won by TunemyMusic. However, before choosing Soundiiz or TunemyMusic, make sure to look at the value for money.

Number of Features

Before deciding if you should choose Soundiiz or TunemyMusic, It is essential to consider what exactly is being offered by each service. While the basic features are somewhat the same, Soundiiz provides more options and features when put head-to-head. This TunemyMusic VS Soundiiz comparison is won by Soundiiz, hands down.

Ability to Edit

Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic will be incomplete without this. Soundiiz offers various features such as Merge, Join, Split, Replace, Shuffle, Clone, and Create that help you edit your playlist.

Whereas on the other hand, TuneMyMusic cannot do all this. As a result, this Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic comparison is awarded to Soundiiz.


When it comes to Soundiiz, the interface is something that shows a lot of features and options. This can be very overwhelming for an amateur. However, if you are a professional, this might be a benefit.

On the other hand, TunemyMusic offers a very basic and to-the-point interface that makes it simple to navigate. This TunemyMusic VS Soundiiz comparison is gifted to TunemyMusic because anyone can use it.

Feature for Creators

When it comes to Soundiiz, it has an entire category for creative professionals that they can purchase. It has a feature called Smart Links that lets you promote playlists and newly released content which in turn increases your audience. This part of the Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic debate goes to Soundiiz, hands down.

Platform Availability

This Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic comparison is more of a tie. Both of these platforms are available on most of the most famous platforms.


When it comes to backup, Soundiiz does not offer any specific service for this. However, TunemyMusic has a dedicated backup feature to keep your files safe.

Privacy and Security

Both of these services are highly safe and secure. TunemyMusic VS Soundiiz comparison is tied in this regard as well due to both of them being reliable.

Looking for an Alternative? Try KeepStreams!

We understand that all these platforms are amazing and let you do so much with various features. However, there might be instances where you might not like the features, the interface, or something else. Maybe the problem was the pricing. There isn’t always too much in the free version.

In such a situation, we recommend KeepStreams. You can download and store all your favorite music files there. You have no restrictions when it comes to how many music files you can download because KeepStreams gives you 300 download quota per day.

Features of KeepStreams

There are various reasons why KeepStreams is better than both of these platforms. Here are some of the flagship features of KeepStreams:

Batch Downloads

Yes, you love songs and music and you want to download them. However, you have a lot of music files and it will take hours to manually transfer them. With KeepStreams, you can download them in batches. Simply let the software know and it will automatically download multiple files for you.

Various Platforms

With KeepStreams, you can download from not just one but more than 100s of websites. The platform can easily find out where your music file is and download it easily. This ensures that you can easily find your music files. Moreover, it can even download movies and series from various platforms.

Outstanding Sound Quality

The most important part of any music or song is that it needs to be of high-end quality. The only way you can actually feel the emotion is touch is when the lyrics and music from the instrument is heard crisp and clear. With KeepStreams AC3 5.1, you can the most optimum sound quality you can find.


Another reason why KeepStreams is an amazing option is because it offers users an amazing interface. The user experience is astonishing. All the features and options are right in front of your eyes making sure you get to choose everything with ease without any complexity.

Wrapping It Up

Whether it comes to Soundiiz VS TunemyMusic, both of them are great platforms that offer incredible features for music lovers. However, if you were to choose one specific one, it has to be Soundiiz. The reason is that it provides way more features and lets you do so much more with your playlists.

Don't forget to check out KeepStreams. It is your perfect partner for all your audio recording, downloading, and storing needs. It covers 100s of platforms and gives you the best quality along with various unique features.

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Jessie Smith
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