Explanation of limitations, download methods, and alternative software for the free version of UniConverter

| Published on Nov 04, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
The free version of UniConverter lacks certain features included in the paid version. Since each has its own limitations, this article describes the limitations of the free version of UniConverter, how to download it, and alternative software.

The free version of UniConverter offers a wide range of features, but its many limitations make its use very cumbersome. If you want unlimited access to all of these features, you must purchase the paid version. This article describes the limitations of the UniConverter free version, how to download it, and alternative software.

The limitations of the free version of UniConverter are

The following features are available in the UniConverter free version

Video Download, Video Editing, VR Converter, Screen Recording, Image Converter, GIF Maker, File Transfer, and more.

However, the free version of UniConverter lacks certain features included in the paid version. Please note that each of these has its own limitations.

  • When using the free version of UniConverter to download videos, you can only download one file.
  • You can use the features labeled "Video Editing," but you can only save up to one-third of the edited video.
  • If you want to convert a video to VR using the free version of UniConverter, you can only convert up to one-third of the video at a time.
  • Videos converted to other formats will be marked with a watermark.
  • GIF creation, file transfer, and other functions can process up to five files at a time.

However, even though UniConverter is free, there are a number of features that are fully available: the UniConverter Player, which allows you to playback your videos, the Voice Changer, Vocal Remover, Noise Removal, and more are fully available in the free version of UniConverter. The UniConverter Player is available for free.

How to download videos with UniConverter Free Edition

UniConverter has a video download function, and here we would like to explain how you can download videos. Note that the free version of UniConverter can download only one video, so you should use it only after carefully considering what kind of video you want to download.

1. open the UniConverter user interface on your PC, select the download function on the home page, and click on it.

2. Click on the button marked "File" on the next page.

3. Copy and paste the URL of the YOUTUBE video you want to download in the paste field. Then click the "Download" button.

The video will then begin downloading.

Alternatives to UniConverter

Videos from social networking video sharing sites such as YouTube can be downloaded using UniConverter's download function. However, downloads from subscription services such as NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc. are not available.

After downloading videos from these paid distribution sites, it is necessary to use the UniConverter's recording function.

However, since many video distribution services implement DRM (a technology that prevents unauthorized infringement of digital content copyrights and other rights), the playback screen generally turns black when recording.

Therefore, in order to save videos from video delivery systems such as NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Paravi, and U-NEXT, a method to remove DRM is required.

Is such software available?

Here we recommend KeepStreams Downloader.

You can download videos from NETFLIX, Disney+, Amazon Prime Bidde, huhu, HBO MAX, and other subscription services with KeepStreams Downloader. Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites, as well as download videos from these sites.

You can also download videos for free from adult-oriented sites like Pornhub, xnxx, and MissAV.

KeepStreams downloader also allows users to download videos in high definition (HD), full high definition (Full HD), and 4K quality, and to save audio with 320 kbps sound quality.

KeepStreams downloader is similar to UniConverter downloader in that there are free and paid versions, but KeepStreams downloader also offers a trial version that allows users to download three videos. It also allows downloading of any video, regardless of video streaming provider, quality, or time.

Finally, the price contrast between UniConverter and KeepStreams is as follows



One year plan: ¥5,380 (tax included)


Monthly plan:$19.99

Six-month plan:$41.94

Annual plan:$59.9

Perpetual license:8,280 yen (tax included)

(Can be used on one PC)

Lifetime Plan

Standard: $139.9 (can be used on 3 PCs)

Premium: $219.9 (available for 5 PCs)

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