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Thorough explanation of the list of causes of Spotify "This song cannot be played" and how to remedy the problem.

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Updated on Sep 08, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
"If you are having the "Can't Play Spotify" problem, this is a must-see guide that lists the causes of Spotify's "Can't Play This Song" message and thoroughly explains how to remedy the problem. The perfect guide to enjoying your music without hassle."

When listening to Sopotify, you may occasionally see "This song cannot be played" on the screen. We will now elucidate in detail the various causes of these errors!

The app version is out of date

The Spotify app must match the version of your current phone tablet or computer. If the app version is too low, the music will not play!

Solution: You can check directly in the app store to see if you have the latest version of spotify.

You can also check the version of spotify directly in the spotify settings.

If the version is out of date, please update the program in the app store of Google play or Apple Atore.

Your device has an outdated system.

Below are the systems to which spotify is adapted.


Supported versions


iOS14 or later


Android OS 5.0 or later

OS X 10.13 or later

OS X 10.13 or later


Windows 10 or later

Solution: Open your phone's settings and go to "General" or "System and Updates" to check your system version. When prompted to update, update your system to the latest version and you should be able to use Spotify. If you are unable to download the latest system due to your device model, KeepBeats Spotify Converter can help. 3 format regardless of your system version. You can easily listen to Spotify music regardless of your system version.

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KeepBeats Usage Instructions

  • Download and install KeepBeats from the official KeepBeats website.
  • Select Spotify for KeepBeats.

  • Select the music of your choice.

  • Select the sound quality on the pop-up.

Offline mode."

Spotify's Offline Mode prevents the use of unnecessary traffic. When offline mode is turned on, only downloaded music and podcasts can be played. Therefore, you cannot listen to songs online while in offline mode.


  • Press the installation button in "Home" of Spotify.

  • Turn off "offline mode."

Terminal count limit has been reached.

Except for Family and Duo plans, SpotifyFree and Spotify Premium allow only one device per account. Therefore, when using more than two devices, the songs cannot be played!

Workaround: open settings, check the devices using this account in the devices section, delete the other device or log out on the other device and you will be able to use spotify on your current device.

If you cannot log out of this account on another device, you can also change the password for your account, which will automatically log you out of spotify on the other device and log you back in on the device you wish to use with the new password.

Artist or song is blocked

Spotify's block feature allows you to block artists and songs you don't like. Advantage Monkey songs may not play because you have blocked this song or this artist.

Examples of blocked songs and singers.

Coping: Press the block button and you will be able to listen to the blocked song or singer's work again.

Distribution Restrictions

Spotify content is restricted by region and time, and may not be played.

  1. Spotify Free cannot playback songs that have been used overseas for more than 15 days.
  2. Content has exceeded the time limit and cannot be played.
  3. It cannot be played in your current region.
  4. The song may not play due to copyright or song ownership issues.

Fix: You can listen to unlimited Spotify music abroad by purchasing a premium membership, and KeepBeats Spotify Converter not only ignores the 15-day international limit, but also allows you to log in to other music platforms and find music that has been unsubscribed on Spotify. Spotify, but you can also log in to other music platforms to find music that has been


The following is a summary of "Causes of "This song cannot be played" message on Spotify. The causes include an outdated version of the app or system, offline mode turned on, reaching the limit for the number of devices, blocked artists or songs, or delivery restrictions based on region or time zone. As a remedy, you can fix the problem by updating Spotify or your system, turning off Spotify's offline mode, managing the number of devices properly, unblocking, or purchasing a premium membership if necessary. Please take this opportunity to review how to use Spotify properly and enjoy a more pleasant music life.

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