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Why is Wondershare Uniconverter Not Downloading?

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Updated on Nov 17, 2023 | 3 Minutes Reading
This article provides a comprehensive explanation of why you cannot download videos with Wondershare Uniconverter and what to do about it. If you are confused about this, this is a must!

Wondershare UniConverter is often hailed as a versatile tool for video conversion and download. However, users have been frequently reporting an issue: they can't download videos using the UniConverter.

This problem can arise due to limitations inherent within Wondershare UniConverter itself, or because of external factors. This article aims to shed light on these issues and offers solutions to overcome them.

What is Wondershare Uniconverter?

Wondershare Uniconverter is a tool for downloading, recording, converting, and editing videos. But it can't download or record videos from subscription services like Netflix or Disney+. However, it works well with video sharing sites like Nico Nico Douga and social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Therefore, to download video from subscription services, you'll need different software.

If you want to know the usage of it, ​​​​​​please refer to how to use Wondershare Uniconverter.

Why Is Wondershare Uniconverter Not Downloading?

In addition to Wondershare Uniconverter's own causes, improper operation, use of a device, or Internet connection can also result in Wondershare Uniconverter failed to download. Understanding Wondershare Uniconverter's download limitations, the following causes must be taken care of.

1. DRM Security Specifications

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a technology that safeguards digital video from unwanted copying or usage. Essentially, the better the video quality, the stronger the DRM protection against illegal downloads.

Because of these protections, you might encounter difficulties when trying to use Wondershare Uniconverter to capture video from DRM-enabled sites. As an alternative, it might be worth considering programs that can bypass DRM.

2. Internet Failure

Wondershare Uniconverter requires a stable internet connection to function effectively. If you encounter issues with downloading videos, they could be due to a faulty URL or a spotty internet connection. Therefore, before installing Uniconverter, it's important to ensure your internet connection is robust and reliable.

3. Insufficient Storage Space

Before you begin downloading with Wondershare Uniconverter, ensure that your output directory has enough storage space. If it doesn't, your video download might not succeed. You may need to switch your storage location or decrease the storage space usage to avoid errors during the download process.

4. Cookies' Issue

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer by websites you visit and can sometimes cause issues with your browser's performance. One such issue could be with the Wondershare Uniconverter's inability to complete a video download. If a video site detects many cookies, it may prevent the video from loading properly. 

Frequent removal of your browser cookies can help improve this situation. Trying this might resolve the download problem you are facing with Wondershare Uniconverter.

What is the Best Wondershare Uniconverter Alternative?

KeepStreams and Wondershare UniConverter are both versatile tools for downloading videos from various platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Instagram. However, KeepStreams stands out because of its ability to download videos from subscription-based services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

KeepStreams not only allows high-quality video downloads but also supports multiple resolutions and formats, including 1080p resolution. This means you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in excellent quality.

Additionally, KeepStreams exhibits 10X faster speed and stability during the download and conversion process, adding another point to its reliability. Considering all these features, KeepStreams downloader is indeed a solid alternative to Wondershare UniConverter, especially when Wondershare Uniconverter failed to download.


In this article, we've outlined why Wondershare UniConverter can't download videos and how to address the issue. Despite its excellent video conversion and editing capabilities, Wondershare UniConverter lacks video downloading functionality. So, we suggest using KeepStreams Downloader instead, as it supports high-quality video downloads.

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