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Why can't I download videos on 5Kplayer? Solution when video url fails to parse

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Published on Dec 22, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article will provide a summary of the causes of the inability to download videos with 5Kplayer, as well as solutions to this problem.

Recently, many people have been saying that 5Kplayer can't download videos. 5Kplayer is a supported streaming service, so why can't I download videos?

In this article, we would like to explain the causes of not being able to download videos on 5Kplayer, as well as a summary of the solutions to this problem.

What are the causes of not being able to download videos on 5Kplayer?

Causes of not being able to download videos (1) 5KPlayer analysis failure

When downloading streaming videos with 5KPlayer, failure to parse the video URL is the most major cause of not being able to download.

If the error message "Video URL parsing failed" appears during download, you will not be able to proceed to the next download. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to solve the "5KPlayer failed to parse" problem easily.


Solution to 5KPlayer analysis failure

You can check the version by starting 5KPlayer, pressing the arrow button in the upper right corner of the main interface to display the drop-down menu, selecting "Help" and then selecting "About" from the menu that appears at the end You can check the version by selecting "About" from the menu that appears at the end. If you are not currently using the latest version, you should download and install the latest update immediately.

Upgrading 5KPlayer to the latest version may solve the problem of not being able to download videos using the program.

Cause #2 of not being able to download the video: 5KPlayer is not a site that can handle the video.

Before using 5Kplayer to download videos, please check the sites that 5KPlayer can support. if 5Kplayer fails to download, the video site is not one that 5KPlayer can support.

At that time, check the video site that 5KPlayer can support. If the site is not supported, then you can't download it. At that time, try switching to another download software.

Causes of not being able to download (3) Problems with regional restrictions

Some streaming services have regional restrictions, so if you are not in the region that the service is limited to, you will not be able to view the content offered by this service. 5Kplayer will save the video for you, but you may not be able to download it.

At that time, please check your current region and try downloading the video again using a VPN.

What is the best alternative software when 5Kplayer does not allow me to download?

The fact that 5Kplayer does not support many video sites is the main reason for not being able to download. Also, 5Kplayer's slow updates to the software are one of the reasons for frequent video URL parsing failures and download failures.

Here, we recommend KeepStreams, a more feature-rich downloader that supports more video delivery services than 5Kplayer.

KeepStreams downloader supports Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, U-NEXT, GYAO! FANZA, MGS, and other adult sites, as well as various free video sites and social networking sites.

Below are some of the advantages of KeepStreams.

✅Priority to download videos in the highest Full HD resolution.

✅Save videos in versatile MP4 and MKV formats.

Download videos in EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio channels.

✅Download multilingual subtitles and voice-overs as SRT format.

✅Download multiple TV series at once.

✅ KeepStreams free version allows you to download 3 full videos and also allows you to set the quality, audio, subtitles, etc.

Furthermore, we will explain how to use KeepStreams using the example of downloading videos from Netflix with KeepStreams.

STEP1 Download KeepStreams from the official website, or click the button below to download.

>> KeepStreams

STEP2 After downloading & installing KeepStreams, run this software.

STEP3 Select "Netflix" from "VIP Services".

STEP4 Then go to Netflix, log in with your membership plan and the account you signed up for, and find the video you want to download.

STEP5 Once you find the video you want to download, select "Episode & More Info" to access the playback page.

STEP6 On the playback page, you will see "Analyzing video URL" and after a number of seconds, the video will be analyzed.

STEP7 Then, after selecting download settings such as "Quality," "Audio," and "Subtitle," click "Download Now," and the video download will begin.


In this article, we have explained the causes or solutions for not being able to download videos with 5Kplayer. At the moment, there are still only a few video sites that are supported by 5Kplayer, and the update speed is slow, so there are frequent situations where videos cannot be downloaded.

Therefore, we recommend KeepStreams as an alternative to 5Kplayer, a downloader with more features and more supported video distribution services.

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