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How to Fix AllToMp3 Not Working? (2023 Latest)

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Published on May 28, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
If your free music downloader AllToMp3 is not working, this article will definitely help you!

Even though you can't watch your favorite videos, movies, or shows while walking, running, traveling, or on your work break, your favorite music, audio story, or podcast is your all-time companion whenever you need them. Therefore, you always want to save your favorite audio playlist for your online dependency-free offline watch.

You tend to download your favorite audio world in the universal audio format Mp3 so that you can access them on any device and anytime. Even though bundles of music downloaders and Mp3 converters are available in the market, the Alltomp3 converter draws your attention with its free service and flexible features. However, sometimes you get disappointed with this app when Alltomp3 is not working properly to download your favorite music world.

You also can't explore the maximum benefits from your Spotify, Deezer, or other music app subscription if Alltomp3 not working Spotify or with other music apps. So, here you will get the best fixes to the Alltomp3 not downloading issue with the best Alltomp3 alternatives. To explore your favorite Spotify world with some other dimension, you must see the Drmare Spotify Music Converter Review.

What is Alltomp3 with Advantages & Disadvantages?

Alltomp3 is an open-source, free desktop application to download your favorite music world. With the built-in browsing option, this app will find and download your desired audio on your Windows/Mac/Linux computer. Let's see what advantages make this app high in demand to its users and what disadvantages lead you to face Alltomp3 not working problems.


Advantages of AllToMp3

  • This is a completely free music downloader.
  • It supports downloading from four major music websites Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, and SoundCloud.
  • Get Alltomp3 download in Mp3 format with 256kbps.
  • It saves audio content with ID3 tags like genre, title, artist, etc.
  • It lets you download albums, tracks, and your entire playlist.
  • It supports 5 languages such as English, Russian, Finnish, Arabic & Japanese.

Disadvantages of AllToMp3

  • The software crashes during the downloading process.
  • There could be instability in the real-time conversion process.
  • This app makes your system hang up during conversion.
  • Audio quality gets compromised.

Why is Alltomp3 Not Working With Fixes?

Since Alltomp3 is a free music-downloading app, you may face Alltomp3 not downloading on your desktop. So, until you find the reason behind Alltomp3 not working issue, you can't target the proper fixes for this problem. So, here you go with some common reasons why Alltomp3 not working Spotify or on other music apps, and get the fixes to bypass these issues.

1. Using Outdated Version

Being an open-source application, Alltomp3 is under development and constantly updates its version. In that case, you probably use the old and outdated version of the app, which leads to Alltomp3 not working issue. So you need to install the latest updated version of the app.

2. Copyright Protected Content

If you want to download music with copyright protection, Alltomp3 is the tool that lets you download such content on your computer. Therefore you may face Alltomp3 not working Spotify issue, as most of the subscription-based music apps won't allow you to download their content through any free third-party downloader. In that case, you need to find an alternative tool to remove copyright protection from your selected content, and then you can download the copyright-removed content through the Alltomp3 app.

3. System Firewall Prevent AllToMp3

The third-party security program of your system can cause AllToMp3 not working problem. In that situation, your system doesn't recognize the app, and you need to reset the security program to fix the AllToMp3 not downloading issue.

How to Avoid AllToMp3 Not Working With Best Alternatives?

If you frequently face AllToMp3 not working issues, it's time to try the best alternative to AllToMp3 Music downloader. In addition, you should also try this tool as one of the fixes to get rid of your AllToMp3 not downloading problem.

Try AllToMp3 Alternative: KeepStreams Spotify Converter


When AllToMp3 Spotify not working, you can't download your desired music or podcast from your favorite Spotify app despite having a Spotify paid subscription. And if you don't want to spend your time or energy fixing the AllToMp3 not working Spotify issue, KeepStream Spotify Converter is the best alternative. It allows you to enjoy hassle-free conversion of your entire Spotify playlist, album, or podcast on your Windows computer. This tool will give you the maximum customization in your conversion.


  • Get 100 million songs & 5 podcasts without advertisement from any free or premium Spotify subscription.
  • Get downloads in Mp3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV format to make them compatible with all devices.
  • It offers lossless conversion to enjoy offline listing in original audio quality.
  • Download songs, albums, and audiobooks with ID3 tags & metadata like artist, title, year, etc., to organize your offline library.
  • Enjoy auto-downloading of audio content from the subscribed playlist.
  • Enjoy batch downloading while keeping all of your desired audio content in the task queue.
  • You can download music with lyrics.
  • This software is available in 26 languages.


If you're considering using KeepStreams Spotify Converter, you can take advantage of its 3-time free trial option to explore its features. However, to fully maximize the advantages that KeepStreams Spotify Converter offers, it is advisable to choose their flexible and cost-effective plan. When compared to other music converters currently available in the market, KeepStreams provides the most economical and budget-friendly option.

  Monthly Plan

Biannual Plan

Annual Plan
KeepStreams Spotify Converter $13.99/month $6.67/month $5.00/month
KeepStreams Music One $39.99/month $16.67/month $13.33/month
KeepStreams Music & Video One $59.99/month $23.33/month $18.33/month

KeepStreams Spotify Converter is designed solely for downloading music from Spotify, whereas KeepStreams Music One has a more extensive range of features and can be used with all music streaming services that KeepStreams supports, including Spotify. Moreover, KeepStreams Music & Video One is a beneficial choice for individuals who prefer to download both music and video content from streaming platforms.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and compatibility across different platforms, the Annual Plan offered by KeepStreams Music & Video One stands out as the most economical option.

Spotify Content Converting Steps

Step 1: After launching the KeepStream software, you must select the "Music" option and then "Spotify" to log into your Spotify account.


Step 2: Next, find the Spotify content to download and play the content. After that, select the format and quality of your choice.


Step 3: Go for the "Download Now" option to finish the downloading immediately. Otherwise, you can download the content later by selecting the "Add to Queue" option.


What are the benefits of music or audio content downloader?

  • Enjoy audio content without the internet on any device.
  • Download different content from different websites and save them in one place.
  • Dot needs a continuous subscription to any music app.
  • Enjoy audio continuously without ads.
  • Share your favorite downloaded content with your friend or family.

What is trending on Spotify?

  • Calm Down (with Selena Gomez)Rema, Selena Gomez.
  • Escapism. RAYE, 070 Shake.
  • Kill BillSZA
  • Love AgainThe Kid LAROI
  • Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53Bizarrap, Shakira

What are the limitations of free music downloaders?

  • It doesn't get you copyrighted content to download.
  • Ads-free downloading is not possible.
  • There are very limited format and customization options.
  • Batch downloading & auto- downloading are not possible.
  • Get downloaded audio with compromised quality.


If you want to save your entire audio playlist on your system for your later repetitive and flexible offline listing on any device, you must know the best solution to AllToMp3 not working problem. This free music downloader won't give you enough freedom or flexibility in your music or other audio content downloading experience.

So, you must try the utmost flexibility of KeepStreams Spotify Converter to save the entire playlist of your Spotify account and enjoy your permanent downloads as long as you want.

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