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Can You Record on Peacock?

| Peacock |
Updated on May 30, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Are you looking for the answer to Can you record on Peacock? This guide not only contains the answer but initiates how to record on Peacock and download Peacock movies.

Peacock TV is a widely recognized platform that provides its users with the chance to enjoy TV series and movies via internet-based streaming. If your intention is to capture Peacock TV content, then it becomes imperative to make a recording to enable future offline watching.

Peacock TV

Recording TV shows while they are playing is an easy and fast way to save them for later viewing. It's an excellent choice if you don't have time to watch your favorite show on Peacock TV; you can save it to watch later. You can use the software on your computer or smartphone to watch your favorite Peacock shows without having to wait a long time if you have access to the internet. Read along the article to know more about can you record on Peacock and how to record on Peacock.

What is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is the name of the digital streaming service provided by NBCUniversal. This online site provides an extensive selection of NBCUniversal content combined in a user-friendly and all-inclusive package, showcasing an extensive library of NBC sitcoms and serious dramas, live athletic events, Universal Studios blockbusters, and creative, original content. Initially, Peacock offered a free option, but currently, users can select between two types of membership - Premium, which includes ads, and Premium Plus, with no ads.

Those who have subscribed to Peacock Premium Plus can access the live stream of their closest NBC broadcasting station. Although Premium plan members are not permitted to view NBC's live content, they do have authorization to tune into other live-streaming networks such as NBC Sports, NBC News Now, and Hallmark Channel.

Moreover, spectators have the opportunity to relish specialized channels that offer continuous broadcasts of programs from the same series. Read along to know about can you record on Peacock or can you record shows on Peacock.

Can You Record on Peacock?


One of the most frequently asked questions about the platform is; can you record on Peacock? Unfortunately, Peacock does not have a built-in recording function. Therefore, recording cannot be done on this specific video streaming service.

To resolve the issue at hand, it will be necessary to seek assistance from a robust application that can effectively record both on-screen activity and audio output. It is essential to follow the terms of service offered by the platform and adhere to copyright laws in your country. A violation that is illegal could occur in any other instance. This article will also teach you how you can record Peacock TV videos using different devices.

How to Record on Peacock?

Can you record Peacock TV videos or Peacock movies? As you now know, the answer to Can you record on Peacock? Let's dig deeper into how to record on Peacock—record streaming video on your Windows PC using a screen recording program such as EaseUS RecExperts.

You can readily enjoy top-notch online streaming services such as Peacock without any sacrifices. This tool for recording screen activities provides the advantage of being able to schedule recordings even if you are not present. Watching top-notch TV programs is hassle-free as long as you indicate the start and end times. To record Peacock content using EaseUs Rec Experts, the following steps can be followed.

  • Download and set up EaseUs Rec Experts.
  • Start the device and select a recording highlight. The "Full Screen" option would be appropriate if you frequently watch videos in full screen.
  • On the off chance that the web-based video plays in a window. Select Settings to change the default settings.
  • Click the Sound button when you return to the home screen after finishing configuring something. After that, activate the microphone or system sound.
  • Click OK to save the selected sound.
  • Right now, press REC to start recording.
  • Press the Stop button when you are done.
  • To view the recorded video, go to Records.

This screen recorder has stopped and modified split options. You can choose how big it is and how long it takes to finish; The recording should usually end when they are reached.

Here is how you can watch and download Peacock for free.

How to Record on Peacock – Android

Can you record shows on Peacock using your Android phone? Or can you record Peacock TV videos? Follow the steps below to learn how to record on Peacock if you are an Android user who has never recorded from Peacock TV before.

  • To get to Quick Settings, swipe up from the lower part of your mobile’s screen.
  • To begin recording, select Screen Record and confirm.
  • To record the video of your choice, open the Peacock app on your Android device.
  • By pressing the same button on the notification panel when you are finished, the recording can be stopped.
  • All of your recorded videos are in your Photo library.

How to Record on Peacock – iOS

Can you record shows on Peacock using your iPhone or an iOS device? If you use iOS, you don't have to download any recording software or instruments. You can undoubtedly record your Peacock shows with your iPhone's settings. Can you record Peacock TV videos? Accordingly, follow the means recorded underneath to realize whether you have at any point recorded Peacock TV.

  • Explore the Control place from the Settings menu.
  • Select the Add button option close to the option to record the screen.
  • When you come back to the Control Center option, press the gray recording button.
  • To begin recording, select Start Recording.
  • Click on the Stop button to quit recording.
  • The recordings are taken into the phone’s gallery.

Learn how to turn on and off closed captions on Peacock.

Download Peacock Movies with KeepStreams!

Downloading your favorite content from a great application called KeepStreams Peacock Downloader is the only thing we suggest to you for Peacock movie saving. This software allows users to download and save recordings, films, and network shows from a wide range of platforms. The best thing about KeepStreams is that it upholds a simple point of interaction, and the clients can use and work with the application efficiently.


KeepStreams Video Downloader has a lot more essential features

  • Enjoy films and TV programs without any interruptions from commercials.
  • The speed at which the download occurs is astonishingly fast.
  • Easily retrieve necessary information like titles, covers, and cast members, and promptly transfer the videos to any device of your choice.
  • You can rely on the safety and security of this product for your use.
  • Compatible formats of files.
  • Modern and high-end technology app.
  • Entirely safe and secure for use.
  • The batch mode of the software allows you to download a bunch of videos on the go!

This is how you can use KeepStreams to download Peacock videos:

  • To view Peacock's material, you need to download and install KeepStreams onto your device.
  • "Initiate the software once the installation process has been completed.
  • Introduce yourself to the Peacock TV streaming platform and choose which video, movie, or TV show you want to save locally.


This article gives you a complete insight into whether you can record on Peacock and how to record on Peacock. The most common question we have seen throughout is can you record shows on Peacock; hence we have answered the question in the given article.

You can watch and save Peacock movies along with the rest of its content with the help of KeepStreams Peacock Downloader. Read the full features and usage procedure given above to understand everything better.

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