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Explanation of how to extract URLs for Japanese videos and save paid and archived subscriptions.

| Social Networks |
Updated on Mar 26, 2024 | 15 Minutes Reading
By downloading the Johnny's archive, you can watch any number of live and pay-per-view Japanese live broadcasts! Here are the details on how to easily save the Johnny's archive.

Since introducing the on-demand delivery service, popular Japanese idols such as SIXTONES, Snowman, Kanjani Eight, Hey! live, live broadcasts, and archived streaming online.

But what can you do if you miss your favorite idol's live Johnny's broadcast? Also, once is not enough, and many people want to enjoy the show over and over again. By recording or downloading a paid or archived Johnny's streaming service, you can enjoy live or online broadcasts anytime, anywhere. Here is how you can save the paid and archived feeds by simply using the site URL, which is compatible with the Johnny's distribution service.

Where is the archive of Johnny's delivered?

I would like to know where the archive of Johnny's is distributed. In order to save the live streaming of Johnny's, you must first get the URL of the Johnny's distribution. So, where is the live-streaming of Johnny's? Below is a list of entertainment sites that distribute Johnny's web videos, performances, family club videos, and archives.

Distribution site Features
Johnny's net online (Johnny's net online)
  • Ticket purchase and offline viewing of performances and archive distribution
  • Sales of Johnny's goods
Official Johnny's Jr.
  • Watch ISLAND TV for free
Johnny's net: Fan Club FC Videos
  • Members-only video distribution
  • Ticket priority application for members
  • Receive birthday cards on your birthday
  • Provision of newsletters
Johnny's Official YouTube Register and watch Johnny's channel on YouTube for free

Johnny's distribution service 1, Johnny's net Oneline

Johnny's distribution service 1, Johnny's net Oneline (Johnny's net Online)-1

Johnny's net Online is a video platform that allows you to enjoy Johnny's artists' stages and concerts online. To watch your favorite idol perform live, you can purchase tickets and enjoy the show on Johnny's net Online.

Usually, live performances held on Johnny's Net Online are not supposed to leave a playback video, but there are some special cases. For example, "Johnny's DREAM IsLAND 2020→2025 ? From This City I Love?" can be seen on Johnny's net online. This is because of a system failure that prevented some viewers from watching the video. However, this video is only available to those who initially purchased tickets.

To save the video streaming on Johnny's net online, you usually choose to extract the URL of the MPD video and use a professional tool to remove the DRM, and then record or download the video.

Johnny's net: Fan Club FC Video (JFC)

Johnny's Delivery Service 2, Johnny's net: Fan Club FC Video (JFC)-1

Johnny's net is a membership service. This service allows you to join a fan club (FC) of idols such as Takuya Kimura, Kanjani Eight, Shonen-tai, and Kinki kids to enjoy certain idol's delivery. After joining, you can watch the archived delivery live, so you can enjoy the video even after the delivery ends.

However, this service is membership-only, so you must first become a member in order to download the videos. There are many benefits for members, such as priority ticket application and lottery, and receiving a bulletin and birthday card.

If you want to save members-only videos from Johnny's Fan Club offline, you must first join the fan club membership, extract the URL, and use the conversion software to easily convert and save M3U8 videos to MP4/MKV format.

Johnny's streaming service 3, Johnny's Jr.

Johnny's Delivery Service 3, Johnny's Jr. Official-1

Official is the official website of Johnny's Jr. Johnny's Jr. is a group of talents belonging to Johnny's, including Kansai Johnny's Jr., Bishonen, and 7 Men Samurai. Official, you can enjoy live concert broadcasts and videos of the members' daily lives.

In general, live broadcasts are often not archived, but since ISLAND TV often features videos about the artists' lives, the videos here are usually preserved. (Note: As of August 2023, the original official ISLAND TV site has migrated to the official Johnny's Jr. entertainment site

As with the fan club FC videos, the videos are streamed in M3U8 format from Johnny's Jr. Official, so to save them, you must copy the video URL and use a conversion tool to save them.

Johnny's streaming service 4, Johnny's Official YouTube

Johnny's Distribution Service 4, Johnny's Official YouTube-1

On YouTube, you can watch videos of performances through the official accounts of artists such as "Johnny's official," "Johnny's Jr. channel," and "ARASHI," and some past performances may also be available for a limited time. You can save them while they are open to the public and watch them later at your leisure.

What if I can avoid the DRM that is installed in the Japanese distribution video and save it?

Basically, there is a mechanism that prevents you from recording Johnny's video content on any device, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and hard disk recorders.

This restriction is due to a technology called DRM (Digital Rights Management), which is a mechanism to prevent unauthorized recording or viewing of video, making it difficult for third parties to copy or reuse the content in electronic devices and making the original data unavailable to certain software or hardware The DRM makes it difficult for third parties to duplicate or reuse the content in electronic devices and makes the original data available only with specific software or hardware. This serves to limit the unrestricted use of content.

DRM is an access-controlled copyright protection technology used in DVD sales and rentals, and is similar in principle to a technology called HDCP. It serves to encrypt streamed video and audio and prevent the viewing of recorded video.

Video on Demand (VOD) distribution services incorporate DRM technology into their video content to ensure that it cannot be easily copied. Similarly, recording software can only record the playback portion of the video due to DRM restrictions. We have tried various screen recording software, and some of them, including Wondershare DemoCreator, VideoProc, FonePaw, etc., end up recording only the black part of the video except for the playback part.

Therefore, what follows is a technique for downloading and saving videos by extracting the URLs of Japanese performances, archives, live broadcasts, and other pay-per-view videos, bypassing the DRM.

How to download and save Johnny's delivery explained

Here is a convenient way to download and save Johnny's paid and archived deliveries in MP4 format and transfer them to your TV for viewing. If you want to save the video, you need to use M3U8 converter software or MPD converter software to save the video.

Explanation of how to download and save the delivery of the janitorial service -1

KeepStreams One is a download software for Windows and MAC that supports streaming videos in M3U8 and MPD formats, allowing you to download streamed videos from various websites related to Johnny's.

KeepStreams One can download streaming videos from Johnny's Jr.OfficialandJohnny's net: fan club franchises, offering high quality videos up to 1080P. The videos are saved in mp4/mkv format, so you can watch the downloaded videos on other devices.

See the table below to see which Japanese subscriptions and other streaming services are supported by KeepStreams One.

Product Some of the supported services


KeepStreams One

Enjoy the most realistic viewing experience with full HD and diverse audio of Johnny's videos!

  • All Johnny's streaming services
    • Johnny's net Oneline
    • Johnny's Jr.
    • Johnny's net: Fan Club FC Videos
  • More than 40 top-class delivery services
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Disney Plus
    • U-NEXT
    • HBO
    • Hulu
  • Adult distribution service
    • FANZA
    • Onlyfans
    • MGStage
    • myfans
  • M3U8 and MPD video site
    • TVer
    • Bandai Channel
    • dAnime Store
    • WOWOW On Demand

If you are a first time user! Use it from the free trial for a great price!

In the following, we will show you how to use KeepStream One to Johnny's Jr. Officialand Johnny's Net Online The following is an explanation of the procedure for downloading the distribution of each of the following.

How to download Johnny's Jr. Official videos

How to download Johnny's Jr. Official video -1

With KeepStreams One, you can extract video URL from Johnny 's Jr. Official and analyze and download it automatically. And you can easily convert and save M3U8 videos to MP4/MKV format. The download speed is fast, and the batch download function allows you to download and save a huge number of Johnny's distribution contents at once.

Operating environment of KeepStreams

  • Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 (32/64 bit) / macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey
  • 4GB RAM or higher
  • 40GB free hard disk space or more

Step 1. Program Installation & Download

Go to the KeepStreams Downloader homepage, select and download the applicable version according to your OS, and launch the program after downloading. (There is a 30-day free trial available, so try it out first.)

Step 2. Copy and paste the URL of the japanese distribution site

Official site in the search bar at the top of the home screen, open it with the built-in browser, browse videos, and find the video you want to download.

Step 2. Copy and paste the URL of the japanese distribution site-1

Step 3. Confirm the video you want to download

Confirm the title of the streaming video you wish to download and click directly on it without copying the URL, and the video will appear on the playback screen. The M3U8 address of the video file will be automatically detected, just click "DRM M3U8" in the upper left corner.

Step 3. Confirm the video you want to download-1

Step 4. Set output format

In the Download Settings pop-up window, do the basic information for the video you wish to download. After confirming the quality and other details, click "Download Now" to start downloading!

Step 4. Set output format-1

Step 5. Downloading begins.

You can check the progress of the video download under "Downloading. Downloaded videos are saved in MP4 format, so you can easily play Johnny's videos on your TV.

Step 5. Downloading begins.

How to save the streaming video of Janis Net Online with URL

How to save the streaming video of Janis Net Online with URL -1

KeepStreams One is a storage software specialized for recording and downloading performances and archived streaming videos from Johnny 's Net Online and various event pages held by Johnny's (e.g. ALL Johnnys' Jr. 2023 Wasshoi CAMP! It can record and save MPD streaming videos as MP4 with ACC2.0 audio track up to full HD quality for both Windows and MAC.

If you don't want to miss your favorite idol's performance and want to watch it anytime, anywhere, please try the free trial of MPD Downloader and save up to 3 delivery videos for free. Below are the instructions on how to use MPD Downloader.

Step 1. Install the applicable software for your OS

Go to the KeepStreams One website, install and download the version applicable to your OS, and launch the program.

Step 2. Enter the official site URL to navigate and login

Copy and paste the official site URL of Janis Net Online into the search bar at the top of the home screen to navigate. Log in to your Johnny's account, check the performances you have purchased, and select the delivery you wish to save.

Step 2. Enter the official website URL and navigate, login-1

Step 3. Select the delivery content you wish to purchase

Please download the content at the time of the live or missed delivery. Click on the title of the streaming video and the video will appear on the playback screen. The address of the video file will be automatically detected and click "Ready to Download" in the upper left corner.

Step 3. Select the delivery content you wish to purchase-1

Step 4. Set the output format of the recording

Then set the recording settings to the output format of the video you wish to download, check the quality, audio track, etc., and click "Download Now" to start the download!

Step 4. Set the output format of the recording-1

Step 5. Make a high-speed recording

When saving live streaming, you have to record while watching, whereas when saving archived streaming or missed streaming, you can save a video of 2 hours or more in about 10 minutes.

The secret to downloading videos from all the Japanese-language distribution services--KeepStreams One

If you want to download videos from all the distribution sites related to Johnny's introduced above, we recommend KeepStreams One, which has the most powerful functions. You can download videos not only from Johnny's, but also from other major video distribution services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, Disney+ and Hulu. We offer the best service for all single products together. It will be easy for you to get all the Japanese streaming videos.

Compatible with Windows and MAC, you can download the best Full HD videos, download multiple videos at once, and save multilingual subtitles of SRT files. With a free trial, you can download 3 video files (with the highest quality, sound, and SRT subtitles) from over 40 sites, so try it for free!

If you are a first time user! Start with a free trial!

Notes on saving paid subscriptions to Johnny's

Copyright of Johnny's distribution contents

Johnny's net online andJohnny's net: Fan Club FC videos are on-demand delivery services, and most of the content provided is copyright protected. According to the revision of the Copyright Act, recording or recording "paid works, etc." may be a violation of the law, so please check the content thoroughly before recording or downloading.

Caution 2. Purpose of preservation of japanese distribution

Content recorded or downloaded from Johnny's Net Online or other on-demand delivery services must be used only for private purposes within the scope of personal use. Please be careful not to transmit the saved videos to others. This is important to prevent infringement of copyright and neighboring rights.

Caution 3. When blacking out smartphone recordings

If you use your phone's screen recording function to record Johnny's distribution content screen, the playback screen will turn black because the Johnny's distribution service is equipped with DRM-like technology, so if you cannot record with your phone, try downloading with PC software.


So far, we have detailed how to download videos from websites related to Johnny's. Johnny's content is available in a variety of formats, such as M3U8 videos and MPD videos, which are often protected by DRM technology. However, in order to bypass this DRM and download content such as Johnny's performances, archived or paid subscriptions, it is recommended to use KeepStreams. This is a product that supports all Johnny's distribution services and can store various types of videos in high quality. A free trial is also available, so be sure to give it a try.

KeepStreams One

Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 or macOS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey
Get all KeepStreams Video Downloader in one downloader that supports over 35 video subscription services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, U-NEXT, and more than 1,000 other video download sites. KeepStreams is an all-in-one downloader that supports more than 1,000 video sites, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HB Max, UNEXT, and more, so you can download your favorite streaming videos with no hassles. KeepStreams also offers a free trial, so we encourage you to visit the official website to experience it for yourself.
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