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Thorough explanation of how to use Johnny's net online and how to watch it on TV.

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Updated on Sep 20, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article summarizes how to use Johnny's net and how to watch it on TV. Johnny's net online is one of the video distribution services operated by Johnny's office, which allows you to watch concerts and live performances of celebrities online.

Johnny's net online is one of the video streaming services operated by Johnny's net online, which allows you to watch concerts and live performances of celebrities online. This article summarizes how to use Johnny's net, as well as how to watch it on TV.

ID for registration to Johnny's net online

Before using Johnny's net, new registration and login are required. If you are already registered, you can also use the following common user information

  • Johnny's net Online
  • Johnny's store online store
  • ARASHI EXHIBITION "JOURNEY" Traveling Arashi Exhibition Souvenir Shop ONLINE
  • V-Land

How to purchase tickets to watch the show

To watch a performance on Johnny's net online

1) Find the performance you want to watch from the SCHEDULE.

2) Confirm the outline of the performance and purchase tickets <There are tickets for FC members only and tickets for general audiences.

On the day of the performance, click "Watch the performance" under TODAY'S EVENT or MY TICKET to watch the performance.

Ticket Payment Methods

①Johnny's net online, ticket payment method

 Credit card, payment at convenience stores, Pay-easy, net banking

 *There may be restrictions on payment methods for some events.

Please confirm on the sales page.

 *Tickets cannot be cancelled after purchase.

 *Only one ticket can be purchased from one account and only one ticket can be used from that account.

About the live broadcast

Which devices (browsers) can be logged in at the same time?

You can log in to up to two devices (browsers) at the same time.

If a login is detected on a third or later terminal (browser)

The first device that logged in will be logged out.

Fast-forwarding and rewinding are not available during the live broadcast.

Once you start viewing, you will not be able to watch the portion of the broadcast.

About missed broadcasts

The missed broadcast is a function that allows you to watch the live broadcast at any time during a certain period of time after the end of the program for those who missed the live broadcast.

The period during which missed broadcasts can be viewed differs for each performance.

*Some performances may not be available for delivery. Please check with each performance.

Change in the usage environment

The recommended environment for using Johnny's Net Online has changed since November 9, 2021 (Tuesday).

Please check the recommended environment before purchasing tickets.

Please confirm that the test video can be played without any problem on your viewing environment and device.

Please confirm that the test video can be played back without any problems in your viewing environment and device.

Currently, there are reports that there is a problem with the OS on iOS 15.0 to 15.0.2.

If applicable, we recommend updating to the latest version 15.2.

To watch Johnny's net online on TV

PC and Smartphone] Watch Johnny's net online with the mirroring function.

For PCs

The first method is to watch Johnny's net online by connecting your PC to your TV.

Connect your PC to the TV with an HDMI cable, and the Johnny's net online video playing on your PC can be projected directly onto the TV.

Required items: 1.

  • Internet connection (WiFi)
  • HDMI cable
  • TV with HDMI port

Large home computers have HDMI ports as well as TVs, so connect the computer to the TV with an HDMI cable and set the computer's daytime playback setting to "Duplicate. Switch the TV input to HDMI and you are done. This is the same as using the TV as a monitor.

Computers are often equipped with a "Mini Display Port" or "USB Type-C (with Display Port)" port; if you convert the output with an HDMI cable, you can connect it to your TV.

[For smartphones

There is a way to view Johnny's net online by utilizing the mirroring function of your smartphone and connecting it to your TV.

Required items:.

  • Internet connection environment (WiFi)
  • HDMI cable
  • TV with HDMI terminal
  • Smartphone with mirroring function

As with a PC, use an HDMI cable to connect the smartphone to the TV and project the image on the TV monitor.

iPhone: Requires an HDMI cable to connect the smartphone to the TV and the Lightning - Digital AVAdapter sold by Apple.

There are also non-genuine HDMI cables with Lightning connectors that work similarly to Apple's adapter. All of these cables can be purchased on Amazon.

Android: Compatible Android cables vary by model. Check whether your phone is Type-C or microUSB, select a suitable HDMI cable, and connect it to your TV.

Watch Johnny's net online with Airplay function

On some TVs, if you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can connect to your smartphone simply by using Wi-Fi. The smartphone's screen can then be projected onto the TV using the smartphone's mirroring function.

For TVs that do not have a Wi-Fi connection, a set-top box is required.

If your TV supports Airplay, you can use the Airplay iPhone function to project your iPhone screen onto the TV, which is even more convenient.

Key points: 1.

1. Using the mirroring function of your smartphone is convenient.

2. Internet connection required

3. Some smartphones not supported

Watch Johnny's net online using Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast

Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast are media streaming devices (set-top boxes) with TV extensions. With a media streaming device, you can watch major streaming video services such as Johnny's net online, Yutube, and Netflix on your TV via WiFi.

Currently, the most cost-effective and popular set-top boxes are the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast.

Items you will need:.

  • Internet connection (WiFi)
  • TV with HDMI port
  • Media streaming device (Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast)

For Amazon Fire TV Stick

There are two models in the Fire TV series: the regular Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Stick 4KMax, which supports up to 4K picture quality. The Fire TV Stick comes with a remote control.

After a simple initial setup, you can set Johnny's Net online with the LiveTV app and watch Johnny's Net online with the same operation as the smartphone app.

[For Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a media streaming device developed by Google and designed to simply project content onto the screen of a smartphone or smart speaker. Operated via a smartphone app, the smartphone sends the URL of the content via WiFi, allowing the smartphone's video screen to be projected onto a TV in a more stable and convenient manner.

*Points: 1.

1. External device purchase required

2. Internet connection required

View Johnny's net online on a TV equipped with Android TV

Required items: 1.

  • Internet connection (WiFi)
  • Android TV

One way to enjoy Johnny's Net Online on a big screen TV is to get a Smart TV. Smart TVs are equipped with WiFi connectivity, but you can also install an app for streaming services and watch directly on your TV. Smart TVs that support the Johnny's Net Online app are listed below.

Watch Johnny's net online on your TV using KeepStreams

Watch Johnny's network on TV using KeepStreams

Finally, here is another convenient way to watch Johnny's Network online on your TV.

Download the mp4 video with KeepStreams downloader and watch it on a large TV with USB and HDMI cable.

KeepStreams is a downloader that allows you to save videos from Netflix, TVer, Hulu, and dozens of other streaming services to your computer. Downloaded videos can be played on any device.

Required items: 1.

  • TV with HDMI jack
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable

Below are brief instructions on how to use the KeepStreams downloader.

Step 1 Go to the PKeepStreams downloader home page, download KeepStreams, and launch it.

Step 2 Enter the address of Johnny's net online in the search bar at the top of the home screen and open Johnny's net online in the built-in browser. Here you can browse Johnny's net online videos and find the video you want to download.

Step 3) Click on the title of the video you wish to download, and the video playback screen will appear. The M3U8 address of the video file will be automatically detected in the upper left corner.

Step 4) In the pop-up window, make basic settings for the video to be uploaded. Confirm the quality, audio availability, subtitles, etc., and click "Download Now" to start downloading.

Step 5) The video being downloaded on the home page can be viewed on the top page; a 20-minute video will take about 5 minutes to download.

The downloaded video will be saved in MP4 format, so you can easily convert it to your devices.

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