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How to Download myCANAL Videos? [2024]

| Tutorials |
Updated on May 21, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
This guide provides a simple step-by-step process for downloading myCANAL videos, allowing offline enjoyment of your favorite content.

Are you a myCANAL user with a passion for their vast collection of movies and shows? Do you desire the freedom to enjoy your favorite content offline or create a personalized video library? Your solution is right here.

This guide offers a straightforward, step-by-step process for downloading myCANAL videos. By following these steps, you can enjoy your favorite programs without the necessity of an internet connection.

What Is myCANAL?

What Is myCANAL?-1

Born from the vision of the Canal+ Group, myCANAL is a flexible French streaming service. It seamlessly grants users access to an array of live and on-demand content, including Canal+ Group channels and beloved free-to-air French TNT channels.

This platform boasts compatibility across a spectrum of devices, encompassing computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, and more. What began in France has now expanded its influence to encompass a multitude of European countries, transforming myCANAL into a global sensation that caters to entertainment enthusiasts worldwide.

How to Stream myCANAL in the USA?

As previously mentioned, myCANAL's availability is primarily confined to France and European countries due to distribution limitations. If you find yourself in the USA and desire to watch myCANAL videos, our top recommendation is to employ a VPN. Here's your step-by-step guide:

  • Begin by choosing a VPN that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Install your chosen VPN, complete the setup process, and establish a connection to a server located in France.
  • Once connected, you can effortlessly enjoy the entire myCANAL library directly from its website.

Following these steps, you'll unlock access to myCANAL's videos from the United States and you'll never miss your beloved shows and movies.

Wondering how to download movies on Netflix? This article will answer all your questions.

How to Download myCANAL Videos for Offline Viewing?

The great news is that myCANAL offers a download feature, allowing you to download videos for offline enjoyment. However, this feature was initially designed for mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

But don't worry, in this section, we'll guide you on downloading myCANAL videos on both mobile devices and computers. Then, you can enjoy your favorite content the way you prefer.

Downloading myCANAL Videos on Android and iOS

How to Download myCANAL Videos for Offline Viewing?-1

  • Begin by downloading and installing the myCANAL app on your mobile device.
  • Launch the myCANAL app and log in with your myCANAL account credentials.
  • Browse for the myCANAL video you wish to download.
  • Once you've found the video, simply tap on the download icon located on the video details page.

You must be wondering what should I do if I want to download myCANAL content to my laptop without using a VPN. Sounds a bit tricky? Don't worry, KeepStreams for myCANAL gets you covered!

KeepStreams for myCANAL

What is KeepStreams for myCANAL?

KeepStreams is a highly-rated video streaming platform. KeepStreams for myCANAL is one of KeepStreams' flagship products, dedicated only to myCANAL users. Driven by its philosophy of always being there for myCANAL viewers, KeepStreams for myCANAL seeks to transcend regional borders and enhance the video streaming experience.

Why KeepStreams for myCANAL?

What myCANAL cannot do
 Going beyond the allowed download limit will trigger an error message
 Some titles may no longer be available
 myCANAL subscription of simultaneous streaming is limited across various devices
Why KeepStreams for myCANAL is your ULTIMATE choice
 Unlimited download and uninterrupted viewing at any time and anywhere
 High-quality downloads in up to 1080p resolution
 Batch download entire TV series and multiple episodes at once
 Automatically download new content from your scheduled content

Downloading myCANAL Videos on Windows and macOS

  • Launch KeepStreams and select VIP Services on the left panel, then choose the CANAL+ logo.

Downloading myCANAL Videos on Windows and macOS-1

  • Log in to your myCANAL account and search for the video you want to download.

Downloading myCANAL Videos on Windows and macOS-2

  • Once you've found the video, play it, and KeepStreams will automatically start analyzing the content.

Downloading myCANAL Videos on Windows and macOS-3

  • Upon completion of the analysis, a window will appear where you can customize the download settings to your preference.

Downloading myCANAL Videos on Windows and macOS-4

  • After customizing your output settings, you can either click Download Now to begin the download or select Add to Queue to download the video at a later time.

Unbeatable Pricing Plans for KeepStreams for myCANAL

KeepStreams for myCANAl offers premium services to myCANAL viewers. Check out and use the most cost-effective myCANAL downloader!

pricing plans for myCANAL


myCANAL, with its captivating content, is a must-have platform for entertainment enthusiasts. While initially limited to France and Europe, our guide covers two crucial aspects: gaining access from the USA and downloading myCANAL videos.

If you're outside the service's available region, a VPN opens the door to myCANAL's content. For offline viewing, we've provided instructions for mobile devices and computers, ensuring you never miss your favorite shows.

With this guide, you will be ready to make the most of myCANAL's diverse offerings, whether you're at home or abroad. Enjoy the world of myCANAL, where entertainment knows no boundaries.

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