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​​FlixGrab Video Downloader Review: Is FlixGrab Safe to Use?

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Updated on Feb 24, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
FlixGrab can be a good solution if you’re looking for an entry or mid-level tool for your needs. However, if you’re after an advanced tool, KeepStreams is your answer.

With OTT streaming services becoming a norm, we tend to see more and more products that facilitate streaming and downloading content from such sites.

FlixGrab Video Downloader is one product that claims to offer users a seamless video downloading experience. But is FlixGrab safe to use? Does it include everything one might need in a downloader?

We have tested and reviewed each of its features to help you know its real worth.

FlixGrab Video Downloader Overview

FlixGrab Video Downloader is a premium third-party downloading software that downloads almost any video you wish to download from a wide range of websites and major OTT streaming platforms. Some of these websites and OTT streaming services include YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO, Instagram, and Twitter.

With FlixGrab Video Downloader, users not only can download short videos but also full-length movies, TV show episodes, documentaries, and pretty much any video you wish to download from your preferred streaming service.

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Features of FlixGrab Video Downloader

FlixGrab Video Downloader offers numerous features for its users to use.

But do these features actually work?

Read below as we share our experience with FlixGrab Video Downloader and all the features it offers:

Download from DRM-Protected Websites

Most video-on-demand streaming services are equipped with DRM protection, letting users consume content from the platform itself. This means you can’t download your videos from such DRM-protected websites directly.

However, FlixGrab Video Downloader downloads all your favorite videos, movies and TV show episodes from major OTT streaming platforms and websites with DRM protection.

Because not all video downloading tools come with this feature, this is something that definitely sets FlixGrab Video Downloader apart from other available solutions.

Download HD Quality Videos

While there are countless downloaders available on the market that promise to offer more or less the same features as FlixGrab Video Downloader, what most of them lack is the ability to download videos in prime quality.

But this isn’t the case with FlixGrab. It supports HD downloads, which means you can stream your desired videos in the highest video and audio quality possible.

Support Multiple Downloads

This is one of the most convenient and prominent features of FlixGrab Video Downloader. With this tool, you can easily download and save multiple videos at once. Do we even have to mention how much time and energy you could save using this feature?

Just queue up the entire TV series you wish to download with a single click, and you can binge-watch all those episodes without having to go through the downloading process repeatedly.

Enjoy Superior Audio Quality

Apart from the finest video resolution and clarity FlixGrab Video Downloader has to offer, the audio quality isn’t any less. FlixGrab Video Downloader supports downloading Dolby Digital Surround Audio 5.1, which means you can enjoy all your favorite movies and TV show episodes in the most premium sound quality out there!

Have Control over Your Downloads

Here is another practical feature of FlixGrab Video Downloader we found pretty convenient. FlixGrab Video Downloader lets you have control over all your downloading files. You can pause, stop, or resume your downloads according to your needs.

Usability of FlixGrab Video Downloader

Let’s now talk about the usability of FlixGrab Video Downloader.

1. To use FlixGrab Video Downloader, you must download this software on your Windows PC or laptop.

2. Launch the software when FlixGrab Video Downloader is finally installed on your computer. Select any video, movie, or TV show episode(s) you wish to download from your desired social channel or OTT streaming platform and copy its link.

3. Then, you’re required to head back to FlixGrab Video Downloader and paste the link into the “Paste” section. Choose the output quality for your video, and that’s it. Your selected video(s) will start downloading instantly.

4. As you can see, using FlixGrab Video Downloader is easier than you think. The steps are pretty straightforward, and you just need to repeat these steps to download any videos you wish to download. So, if you’re one of the non-tech-savvy ones, you’ll certainly like using this downloader.

Pros of FlixGrab Video Downloader

We listed down some pros and cons for this particular downloader so that you can be the ultimate judge yourself.

Here are a few things we like the most about FlixGrab Video Downloader…

  • A clean user interface allows beginners to download videos and movies with ease
  • HD downloads for a seamless binge-watching experience
  • The impressive audio quality for a theater-like experience at home
  • Subtitles are available
  • Multiple Downloads to help you save time and effort
  • Compatible file format so you can transfer or run your downloads on multiple devices
  • Control your downloads
  • Free version available

Cons of FlixGrab Video Downloader

FlixGrab Video Downloader can be a profitable investment for those who wish to watch their favorite movies and TV shows in offline mode with superior audio and video quality. However, there were certain aspects we thought FlixGrab Video Downloader should work on for improvement.

First, FlixGrab Video Downloader currently works on Windows only and not other operating systems such as Linux, Mac, or Android. This is a significant disadvantage for all those who don’t use Windows.

Second, while FlixGrab Video Downloader has a free version available, it lacks all those advanced features you might want to straighten out your binge-watching journey. To be able to download in high video and audio quality, you will have to use the paid version of FlixGrab Video Downloader. This means you should not expect much if you only want to stick to the free version of this tool.

We also think FlixGrab Video Downloader could also work on the downloading speed of this downloader. Some movies and TV shows take up more time downloading than they actually should.

Pricing of FlixGrab Video Downloader

Let’s now talk about the pricing of FlixGrab Video Downloader.

FlixGrab Video Downloader has a free version available for its users. Of course, this version will lack various features, but this is a great way to test this downloading software before committing to the paid version.

A one-year license of FlixGrab costs $44.99.

The Best Alternative to FlixGrab Video Downloader

After comparing the pros and cons of FlixGrab Video Downloader, we’re finally down to the conclusion that some other tools like KeepStreams come with more advanced features you won’t find in FlixGrab Video Downloader or any other tool currently available on the market.

Just like FlixGrab Video Downloader, KeepStreams also support multiple OTT platforms. It also lands with a bulk downloading feature, multiple language support for subtitles, etc.

But what makes it stand out is its ability to download videos quickly (it hardly takes 20-minutes to download a full-length movie or a show). Also, both Windows and Mac users can use KeepStreams to download videos from OTT platforms.

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Is FlixGrab Safe to Use?

The short answer is ‘Yes.’

Is this software legal?

Yes, absolutely.

Is there any better alternative to FlixGrab Video Downloader?

We’d say ‘KeepStreams.’


FlixGrab can be a good solution if you’re looking for an entry or mid-level tool for your needs. However, if you’re after an advanced tool, KeepStreams is your answer.

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