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HBO Max Not Working? [Troubleshooting Guide 2021]

| HBO |
Published on Jul 14, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
HBO Max Not Working? Best Troubleshooting Guide for to solve all kinds of HBO error codes.

The climax scene of Goodfellas is about to end, and suddenly the error message 'HBO Max not working' appears. You lose your temper as the error and the climax scene drives you insane. This happens to every binge-watcher when unanticipated errors show up on their device screen.

You can either fix it yourself or you can leave the device alone and get on with your other tasks. These error codes are sent by HBO Max to notify you of specific issues.

You are not notified if something strange happens with your internet connection or network service. We viewers are affected regardless of the reason for the sudden popping-ups and disruptions to the viewing trail.

Here are some common solutions to common errors that you can try

Don't worry. We'll suggest some solutions that you can do yourself, depending on the severity and type of your error.

Let's check!

If the error code "HBO Max is not functioning" appears, turn off the device and wait for 1 to 2 minutes before turning it on again.

If you are considering an OTT plan, ensure that your internet service provider supports live streaming. Otherwise, you may get this error frequently during watch hours.

Place the router or modem on a table or desk to ensure that it receives the internet signal with no problems.

After unplugging the router/modem, plug it again and verify that the error is still there.

Clear your cache and cookies to clear your browsing history at a specific time interval. Or, if you have stored cookies or cache that prevents you from viewing your favorite shows on HBO Max, then clear cache and cookies.

These are the basic and standard solutions that you can use if no one is available for assistance. Some technical mistakes require expert assistance. We provide suggestions and help in the next section.

How to fix error codes in HBO Max

HBO Max Error code 420

What caused the error? The error code 420 may appear for one of two reasons. Either your HBO Max has not been updated. The error could also occur if your HBO server is overwhelmed.

Devices: Android devices and iOS devices

How do you fix it? If the error still appears after the update, you can wait for a few more minutes, or even hours, before you make the change. This is the HBO Max server problem. You will need to wait for them to fix it.

HBO Max Error Code 100

What caused the error to pop up? The error could be due to poor internet connectivity or you are using a VPN to watch HBO Max.

Devices: Android, iOS

How do you fix it? After waiting a few minutes, switch off the router/modem. Then turn it back on again. The router or modem should be placed at the top desk to receive the signal strength.

Close a Proxy or VPN server that you use. Do not use the server for more than a few hours. HBO Max will ban your account if they find a VPN server or proxy server connected to it. Be careful.

HBO Max Error Code 102

The reason the error occurred: Sometimes compatibility issues with your smart TV and HBO Max server can cause an error code 102 to pop up.

Devices: Samsung smart TV, Chromecast, etc.

How do you fix it? Check the router/modem for signal strength. Restart your router to verify that it is compatible with smart tv adaptor.

HBO Max Error Code 205.4

The error message: This error is due to an issue with the HBO Max app login.

Devices: Apple tv, iPad, iPod, etc.

How do you fix it? Apple users can follow these steps to correct the error.

Check out Apple TV settings.

Click on users and account.

Log out of your account by clicking on the TV provider.

Check out the channel app for details and don't log in again.

Continue to visit each app until you find the web address and any code for that channel app.

Log in to DirecTV using the unique code or web address.

Although it takes time, it is the only way to resolve the problem.

HBO Max Error Code 201

The error is caused by a sign-up problem that you can resolve on your own.

Devices: Apple TV, iPad, iPod, etc.

The solution is to log in using the AT&T user ID and password. This will allow you to access HBO Max.

HBO Max Error Code 321 Chromecast

The reason the error occurred: It is due to a poor network connection.

Devices: Android, Chromecast etc.

How do you fix it? Check the modem or router connectivity, then restart the device and wait for about a minute before switching on the router/modem. After rebooting your device, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again.

HBO Max Error Code 103

Why did the error appear?

Devices: Android, Smart TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

How do you fix it? Unplug your device for 2-3 minutes. Clear caches and cookies from the app and then uninstall it.

Set the DNS settings to 'automatic', and locate the apt-server of the HBO Max app.

After a few seconds, switch off your router or modem. Switch on your modem or router again and then start watching your HBO Max movie.

HBO Max Error Code Eli-1020

Why did the error occur?

Devices: Android TV and Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV

The solution? Turn off your device, and leave it unplugged for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

Plug the device in again and press the power button.

Log out of HBO Max, clear app cookies and cache, and then delete the app.

Reinstall the app and sign up for your HBO Max account.

HBO Max Sound Not Working

Why did the error occur? The error occurs when you're watching your favorite movies or shows and suddenly it isn't audible. This is also due to technical issues with the HBO Max server.

Devices: PC, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

How do you fix it? Check your volume and check whether the HBO Max server is up or down using a third-party tool. You must wait until the server is fixed before you can fix it.

If everything is working fine, you can visit the HBO Max app and clear browsing data, cookies, caches and log out of your account. Log in again and you can start watching your favorite HBO Max show.

HBO Max Buffering Issues

The error occurred because HBO Max buffering issues occur when the server overloads.

Devices: All the support devices from Max can be used to buffer.

How do you fix buffering? Log out of your HBO Max account whenever you experience buffering. Log in again and click the play button once more.

If you still get the buffer, click the settings and then click the update button. This will update the app, delete cache and cookies, uninstall it, and reinstall it.

HBO Max Errors in Devices

The error message is: This error indicates that the device compatibility has been misinterpreted. The error will appear if the device fails to update to HBO Max.

Devices: Android, Smart TV, Chromecast, etc

How do you fix it? Reboot your devices, clear caches and cookies from device settings, and log out of HBO Max. After a few minutes, uninstall the app. Log in to HBO Max.

HBO Max Can't Play Title Error 

What caused the error? The corrupted files found in the browsing history are the root cause of the HBO Max can't play title error.

Devices: Android, Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc

How can you fix it?

Go to the device settings.

Click on the Browse History button.

Clear browsing data

After you have deleted your browsing history, you can uninstall the program and then reinstall it within a few seconds.

Clearing browsing data from an Apple device requires you to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Log in to HBO Max to delete your browsing data. Restart to see whether HBO Max can't play title error has been solved.

What is the sum of all these errors?

We can conclude from all of these error codes that they cause a lot of trouble when you watch your favorite shows on HBO Max. The error codes can disrupt the viewing experience and ruin the mood.

Permanent remedy for error codes: KeepStreams HBO Max downloader

You can use a third-party program to download your HBO Max movies and shows offline if you are experiencing many problems.

keepstream hbo downloader

You can watch Jack Snyder's "Justice League" without any errors code disturbances by downloading KeepStreams HBO Max software. It is highly technical and offers a variety of live stream-acquainted features and functions.

High-quality features that allow you to watch uninterrupted offline

It is a wonderful experience to have elite features that are truly useful and allow you to watch movies or shows offline. Let's look at the elements and their benefits.

High-resolution image quality provides the best offline experience and enhances the quality of downloaded content. Based on the original content, you can adjust the resolution to 4K or 8K.

The batch download allows you to have complete control over the downloading of episodes and series. Automatically, the application will detect and do.

Downloading tasks at high speed takes less time. This allows you to focus on other important tasks.

You will not be disturbed by commercial ads or errors. This application prevents commercial ads and OTT stream errors from destroying your offline watch.

You will be able to better grasp the subject matter by using subtitles and meta information in your language, such as plot settings, production details, casting details, movie names, etc.

You can save metadata to the.SRT files, and you can share the downloaded content via a USB cable.

You can also download and save to 1000+ other websites.

All of these premium features can be found with KeepStreams HDTV Max downloader software. Without any error codes, you can easily install your offline watch and start enjoying it.

Pricing of the application

You have two options for payment: monthly or yearly. The software is affordable. Monthly packages start at $19.9 for a single license and support for one PC. The yearly package costs $59.9 for a single license and support for one PC. All features are available and both plans include free updates.

You can do the installation yourself and then you can start using it.

Install the app to get unlimited shows and movies from HBO Max.

Let's show you how to download the app and begin downloading HBO Max content.

Step 1: Go to the official website for KeepStreams HBO Max.

Visit the official website and click the Download button.

Step 2: Open the live streaming service window.

Open the window and click HBO Max to select the streaming service.

keepstreams streaming service

Step 3: Sign in using your email ID and password

Log in to your HBO Max account to view the movies and shows.

Step 4: Get the movie or show.

You can choose which movie or show you wish to download from the list.

Step 5: Click the subtitle and meta information language.

You can select the language box for subtitles and metadata information that best suits your preference.

Step 6: Click on the Download button.

You can click on the button to download the file and save it after you have made your language selection. It will detect whether the episode or series is being downloaded and will automatically download it accordingly.

Our service products are broad and can be streamlined to improve your offline watch experience.


These error codes cause temporary disruption and can break your watch trail. Install the KeepStreams HBO Max Downloader to permanently get rid of error codes. You can download your favorite movies, shows, and docus without any errors.

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