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Watch "Chainsaw Man" for FREE! ANIME NEW (Anime NEW) details how to watch and save the anime.

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Published on Oct 20, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
You are probably looking for a way to watch "Chainsaw Man" for free. Here we recommend ANIME NEW, an anime information site that lists free anime sites, and we also show you how you can save the anime "Chainsaw Man" on your PC.

The animated hit "Chainsaw Man" is now available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, GYAO, and other video distribution services. However, since many services are membership-based services, you will need to pay to watch "Chainsaw Man.

So, you may be looking for a way to watch "Chainsaw Man" for free. Here, we recommend ANIME NEW, an anime information site that lists free anime sites and also shows you how you can save the anime "Chainsaw Man" on your PC.

Why watch anime on ANIME NEW (anime NEW)


Chainsaw Man" is available for free on ABEMA, GYAO! And the update date and time is 25 hours later than the subscription-based distribution service, so why wait another 25 hours after the latest episode has been released, it must be terrible.

So that you can watch "Chainsaw Man" free right after it is updated, only on ANIME NEW (anime NEW). Anime NEW is loaded with the latest and greatest hits. Here you can easily watch your favorite anime.

How can I watch ANIME NEW (Anime NEW)?

There are many commercials popping up on ANIME NEW (anime NEW) because it is an illegal pirated anime site.To make it easier for you to use ANIME NEW (anime NEW), here we will explain how to watch ANIME NEW (anime NEW) as well.

  • The latest updated anime will be posted on the ANIME NEW homepage.

  • Find the anime you like (Censorman) and click on it to go to the detail page. Here, the episodes and sites where you can watch the chainsaw man are listed. After trying many times, the five sites where Censorman is usually watched are [B9], [Bee], [hea], [GoGo], and [Ani]. All of them are pirated animation sites.

  • You can choose one of the five sites, navigate to it, and play the video to watch the anime for free.

How to download videos from Anime NEW

Sure, it would be convenient to have a site like Anime NEW where you can watch anime for free, however, due to the illegality and danger of these sites, there is a big chance that you will be infected by a virus if you watch for a long time. So here is the software that allows you to download "Censorman" from both pirate sites like Anime NEW and legitimate distribution services We recommend KeepStreams downloader.

What is KeepStreams?

KeepStreams was created as a download software for major streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, but now it also supports TVer, NHK PLUS, FOD, GYAO! It can also easily download videos from various illegal video sites, such as Anime NEW. Next, we will explain the advantages of KeepStreams.

Advantages of KeepStreams Downloader

  • Can store videos in HD, Full HD, and up to 4K quality
  • Easy downloading of videos with DRM
  • Download and save videos in MP4/MKV and convert to other devices
  • Once you add your favorite program series to the sugeejournal, you can start downloading the latest episodes as soon as they are released.

How to use KeepStreams Downloader

The following is an explanation of how to use KeepStreams, using the operation to download "Chainsaw Man" (Chainsaw Man) from GYAO!

1. first, go to the KeepStreams homepage and click the "Free Download" button to get this software.

2. Open KeepStreams downloader, click [VIP Services] on the left side, and select [GYAO!

3. find your favorite movie (Chainsawman) on the GYAO! web page.

4. Click on this video to play it. In the pop-up that appears, select the desired quality and click "Download Now"!

5. Then wait for a while until the download is finished.


Now we have explained in detail how to watch and download "Chainsaw Man" for free. What do you think? If you do watch the anime for free, then you can take advantage of ANIME NEW! However, you should not use it for a long time because of many pop-up commercials. And with both decision streaming service and ANIME NEW (Anime NEW), once you download "Chainsaw Man" (Chainsaw Man), you will have a safe and convenient download software! Please use KeepStreams downloader.

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