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A comprehensive explanation of how to download the reputation and videos of BEXA's bar and preliminary exam courses.

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Updated on Oct 26, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
This article provides an overview of BEXA's bar and preliminary exam course, its reputation, and how to download videos.

I was wondering, "Is BEXA a bar exam prep school? What is its actual reputation?

Which is the most cost-effective, Ito Juku, Qualification Square or BEXA?

"Can I download BEXA's videos?"

Many people would like to solve these problems, right?

It is said that it generally takes about 3,000 hours of study to pass the bar exam or preliminary examination, and many people take preparatory courses at prep schools or through correspondence courses.

Under such circumstances, BEXA has emerged as a new-age learning platform that sets itself apart from conventional learning methods.

This article provides an overview of BEXA's bar and preliminary examination courses, their reputation, and how to download videos.

What is BEXA?

BEXA is a delivery platform for qualification exam preparation courses operated by BEXA Inc.

Lecturers of prep schools and correspondence courses, as well as people who have passed the exam, use BEXA to deliver their own lectures, and students can use BEXA to attend lectures of their choice, just like buying brand-name clothes on ZOZOTOWN.

About BEXA's reputation


Receive lectures at a low price

BEXA allows you to take lectures in one single class, so if you want to focus on the main points of the course, you can greatly reduce the cost.

With preparatory schools and correspondence courses, the plan may include more than what you want to learn, which can lead to higher costs, but with BEXA, there is almost no need to worry about this.

Costs that are not directly related to learning, such as building maintenance, textbook production, and enrollment fees, are also reduced, resulting in lower course fees.

Many of our courses have been well received

The quality of lectures offered by BEXA varies, but many of the popular lecturers and lectures introduced earlier have a good reputation.

If you try to study at a prep school or correspondence course, you may encounter lecturers who are not suitable for you or lectures that are difficult to understand, but BEXA makes it possible to carefully select only lectures with a good reputation.

High utilization and pass rate

BEXA is currently used by more than 30% of those who have passed the bar exam, and 516 of those who have used BEXA have passed the exam.

While it is unlikely that anyone has passed the bar exam using BEXA alone, many students find BEXA useful and use it efficiently.

More than just filling in the missing pieces, the day may come when you can pass the bar exam from scratch with BEXA alone.

How to download videos from BEXA [PC].

We mentioned earlier that BEXA videos can only be downloaded from the application, but there is actually a way to download BEXA videos to your PC. Here, we recommend KeepStreams Downloader, a program specialized in downloading BEXA videos.

What is KeepStreams Downloader?

KeepStreams is a high-speed downloader for videos distributed not only by BEXA, but also by TAC, the School of Certification, Study Supplement, and others. You can download in up to full HD, so you can view lectures and curriculum clearly.

KeepStreams allows you to download BEXA videos in MP4 format. You can easily convert them to other devices. Below are instructions on how to download BEXA videos with KeepStreams.

Steps to download videos from BEXA with KeepStreams

1. download KeepStreams to your PC

Search for KeepStreams in your PC browser and enter the official KeepStreams website.

Click "Free Download" and then click Download to PC (both Windows and MAC are supported).

2. launch KeepStreams and search for BEXA in the built-in browser.

After installation, launch KeepStreams. Paste the URL of BEXA's official website ( into the address bar of the built-in browser and tap ENT.

After accessing and logging into the official BEXA website, search for the video you wish to download from the purchased lectures.

3. Download the video from BEXA

Go to the playback page of the video you wish to download.

In the window that appears, download the video in the quality you wish to save (up to Full HD).

The video will now begin downloading, which should take about 5 minutes for a 1-hour video, so please be patient.


Downloading videos on your computer is even more economical than downloading BEXA videos on your smartphone. Why? BEXA videos downloaded on your computer can be saved in MP4 format and stored permanently, so you can watch them on a large-screen computer or convert them freely on a TV or other device. And since you can download multiple videos at once, you can download them to your computer without having to think about capacity. Use " KeepStreams Downloader.

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