Download Disney Plus Movies with KeepStreams!
Download Disney Plus Movies with KeepStreams!
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How do I download videos on Disney Plus? What are some of the more convenient download tools?

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Updated on Jun 14, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we described in detail, with screens, the functions and use of KeepStreams, a download tool that works well with Disney Plus. We also included the official Disney Plus download function.

Do you like Disney Plus movies and shows? If you have videos you want to save, how can you download videos from Disney Plus? This article will show you how to download videos from Disney Plus. We also recommend a more convenient tool without limitations.

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How to download videos on Disney Plus

STEP1 Open the Disney+ app on your Android or iOS device and find the video you want to download.

STEP2 Also jump to the details page of the work and check for the "Download" icon.

STEP3 If there is a "Download" icon, tap "Download". (When downloading, please download in an environment with WIFI, as downloading without WIFI will result in large communication costs).

STEP4 After downloading, click the "Download" icon in the category under the home page of the Disney+ application, and enter the "Downloaded" page to check the works that have been downloaded.

STEP5 The downloaded videos will be listed, and you can watch the videos offline by clicking on the "thumbnail image" of the work you want to watch.

Disadvantages of the Disney Plus download function

1. downloadable devices are Android and iOS only

Disney Plus only limits the devices that can download to Android and iOS. So you can download on Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads, but not on PC browsers or Fire TV.

2. not all video titles can be downloaded

There are some Disney Plus movies that are not eligible for download.

If the "Download" icon is not displayed on the movie page, you will not be able to download the movie. 3.

3. downloading of one Disney Plus movie is limited to 10 devices

You can download the same movie or the same episode of a show to a maximum of 10 devices. You should decide which device you are using when downloading.

Thus, the official download feature of Disney Plus will be inconvenient in many ways. To be honest, the official download function of Disney Plus is only an auxiliary function that allows you to watch videos in an offline environment. If you want to download the video contents that are no longer available on Disney Plus, but you can't download them anymore, many people are probably wondering what to do. Here, we recommend KeepStreams, a cost-effective and safe download tool.

What is KeepStreams?

KeepStreams is a cost-effective tool for downloading videos with guaranteed high speed and high quality that is compatible with many video streaming services.

KeepStreams has the following outstanding features

Download high quality videos

Many people suffer from poor quality of downloaded videos, but KeepStreams supports 1080p quality, so you can enjoy high quality videos.

Batch downloading and high speed

Downloading multiple videos at the same time with no restrictions reduces the time considerably!

Remove ads while downloading

∙ Subtitles can be downloaded as SRT files

Built-in browser for site search

Download videos in MP4 format

>> Official KeepStreams website

How to use KeepStreams for Disney

1. Download the application from the official website of KeepStreams for Disney.

> Official site: KeepStreams for Disney

KeepStreams for Disney is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Before downloading, please check your computer system. After confirming, click [Free Download].

2. Installation will be completed. Press "Agree" and click KeepStreams to launch it.

3. In the home page, select "VIP Services" from the category on the left, and click "Disney+".

4. Jump into the official website of Disney Plus and log in. Also, find the video you want to download.

5. then find the video you want to download and click "Play" to enter the viewing page. It will then recognize the data for that work. When the analysis is complete, you will see a dialog about that work.

In the dialog, select the episode you want to download, its quality, subtitles, and audio. 

6. if you want to download it right now, click "Download Now" and the download will begin. If you want to add other videos for batch download, click "Add to queue". If you want to check the video download status, click "Downloading" on the home page.

Purchase process for KeepStreams-Disney

Purchasing the Paid Version

(A free version is also available, but due to the limited number of downloads, we recommend purchasing the paid version.

>> KeepStreams Pricing Page

Monthly, annual, and lifetime plans are available, so you can choose the appropriate plan. Currently, a free trial is available, so if you are not sure about it again, please give it a try.

Clicking the "Buy Now" button will take you to the purchase page.

After entering your e-mail address and your location, choose a payment method and your purchase is complete.

How to start using the service after purchase

License Activation

Once you have purchased the paid version, you will need to login to the e-mail address you used to purchase KeepStreams for Disney and complete the activation process.

Click "Activate" and log in with the email address you used to purchase the paid version.


This is a detailed explanation of the functions and usage of KeepStreams, a download tool that works well with Disney Plus, with screenshots. We also included the official Disney Plus download function; if you have videos you want to keep permanently on Disney+, try KeepStreams.

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